Removing Falsies Couldn't Be Easier With The Vaseline Trick

False lashes are fantastic, for sure. However, taking them off isn't quite as fun when your natural lashes and the sensitive skin of your eyelids fall victim to the synthetic glues and products cementing the falsies to your lids. Whether you're a falsies fanatic or a first-time user of fake lashes, proper technique is vital for prioritizing eye safety and keeping your natural lash line intact. The removal process can be tricky and sticky, especially since an adhesive is used to bond faux lashes to lids. Foremost, don't ever yank or forcefully pull fake eyelashes off, as you'll be certain to regret doing so nearly immediately. Instead, there's an easier way to remove falsies using a single product that's likely already in your bathroom.

Available in full rows of lashes or individual faux hairs, false eyelashes utilize specially curated eyelash glue for semi-permanent placement onto eyelid edges, either just above or in between natural lashes. Many risks associated with falsies concern adhesives used in at-home kits, so knowing how to safely remove fake lashes while preventing damage to the eye area is paramount in preventing natural lashes from coming off with the falsies, reveals AMR Hair & Beauty. This is where the simple ingredient of petroleum jelly, otherwise known by the brand name Vaseline, comes into play as a DIY dissolvent of lash glue that will have your faux lashes sliding off instead of ripping from your lids. 

Incorporate some steam

When donning a set of fake lashes, placing the falsies onto the tender area of your eyelids without accidentally getting the adhesive onto other parts of your eye area can be difficult enough without the hassle of removal at the end of the night. Fortunately, falsies fun doesn't have to conclude in painful eyelash glue removal as your day draws to a close since Vaseline is your superhero product here to save the day — and your lashes!

Women's Health advises that successfully taking off falsies without risking damage to natural lashes or irritating the skin around your eyes requires the use of a product that serves as a slip between fake lashes and your skin. In this context, the term 'slip' means to create natural movement between the two entities so that falsies essentially slip off of your lash line instead of requiring yanking or painful tugging. Household products that can create this slip outcome include coconut oil, baby oil, and, of course, Vaseline. As you remove your falsies, it's recommended to begin by taking a hot shower to allow the adhesive to be exposed to steam, which can naturally pull a percentage of the glue from your skin. Approximately 10 minutes of steam exposure will do the trick, which you can also achieve by holding a warm washcloth to your eye area or taking an end-of-evening relaxing bath warm enough to produce steam. This technique is helpful for any inadvertently placed adhesive, too. 

Next comes valiant Vaseline

After allowing several minutes of steam exposure to utilize hot water molecules to commence the loosening of lash adhesive, the next step is to bring in the super product of Vaseline, which is the slip in this process of removing falsies via this DIY beauty hack. Vaseline is a form of petroleum jelly that is triple refined, making it the safest solution for use around the eyes, per PMU Hub. Like magic, Vaseline goes to work breaking through eyelash glue molecules. Using just a tiny bit of Vaseline on a cotton swab, the gel dispels the adhesive and slowly begins to permit falsies to be gently wiggled loose from your lash line. Rather than pull loose falsies free from your eyelids with your fingers, which may cause natural lashes to be pulled out in the process, use a disposable mascara applicator brush. Preferably, purchase a bulk set of clean, unused applicator brushes rather than using a mascara brush with any lingering product on it so that the bristles can be gently stroked through your lashes to loosen the fake hairs recently freed from the dissolved lash glue. 

Finally, to remove excess Vaseline and any straggler falsies, use a pure cotton ball to gently wipe your eyelids clean of the petroleum jelly slip, or wash your eye area with a gentle cleanser and warm water. Better yet, use a cotton swab for the remaining falsies, followed by a thorough, tender cleansing of your eyelids. Voila, Vaseline!