Picking The Perfect Falsies For Your Eye Shape Just Got Easier

Whether you're going for glam or enhancing a natural look, false eyelashes are the way to go. With a variety of styles, volumes, and lengths, you can find a false lash for any look you're after. For many people, lashes finish off their makeup, offering a bold detail that helps draw attention to the eyes.

False eyelashes can also be better than mascara for your natural lashes, claims Eni Lashes. False lashes don't coat your lashes in wax, which can make your natural lashes brittle. The moist environment can also cause bacterial growth, which can lead to lash loss. Removing mascara can also irritate the eyes and the skin around them. That doesn't mean you should quit mascara, but if you're looking for an alternative, false eyelashes could be the way to go.

But if you're new to false lashes, all the options can be overwhelming. And it can be even more difficult trying to find the most flattering false lashes for your eye shape. However, it's not as difficult as it may seem once you know what to look for.

How to find your eye shape

The first step to finding the perfect lashes, of course, is identifying your eye shape. You'll want to start by looking in the mirror straight on. "Before you begin, it's helpful to know you may not just have one eye shape. The key is to pinpoint the most prominent features in your eye area," makeup artist Anne Marie Nicolet tells Ipsy. You'll want to look for a visible crease along the lid and below the brow bone. If you don't have a crease on the lid or brow bone, you probably have a monolid. But if you do have a heavy crease, you may have hooded eyes.

If neither of these matches your eye shape, make an invisible line across your eyes and focus on the outer corners. If the outer corner is above that line, you probably have upturned eyes, below the line, your eyes have a downturned shape. Still, if none of these fit exactly, there are two more eye shape options.

Do you see the whites of your eye both above and below the iris? If so, you probably have round eyes. And if you can't see any of the whites, you have almond eyes. Remember that you can have a combination of eye shapes, but the feature that's the most prominent is the most important.

The right falsies

When looking for false eyelashes, you're looking to create balance. Most makeup looks are meant to draw the outer corner of the eyes upward to look more feminine. Almond-shaped eyes are the most versatile, according to Model Rocket Lashes, and can wear nearly any style in a flattering way. But if you're looking to highlight this eye shape, look for lashes that are evenly distributed across the lash and have uniform volume and length.

Monolids will benefit from a false lash with a curl or ones with criss-cross layers, both of which can help make the eyes appear more open. To draw round eyes upwards, look for lashes that are heftier and longer in the outer corners. But avoid all-over volume since this style can be too heavy for round eyes. Hooded eyes are the opposite; you want the length and volume in the middle of the lash line to open the eyes up. 

Highlight upturned eyes with lashes that have a gradual flare and thin band, per Lilac St. You have naturally fox-shaped eyes, but the thin band will allow you to adhere the lashes more easily to your lash line. Meanwhile, the trick with downturned eyes is to elongate them, so look for thinner false lashes with length that flares outwards While these suggestions are a good place to start, feel free to play around to find the lashes you like the best.