TikTok's Viral '8 Point System' Will Change How You Get Dressed

Influencers make putting together a 'Gram-worthy outfit look easy, but for the average person, styling yourself to perfection can be tricky. If you're like most people, you may struggle with striking a healthy balance between creating a lackluster outfit, and one that's over the top. And when you take into account your own personal preferences, whether you lean more towards minimalist or maximalist outfits, it's especially difficult to come up with an ensemble that's just right. But a new TikTok hack may have the answer.


The eight point system gives us a reliable framework off which we can base our outfits. The basic idea is that each part of your outfit is given one or more points, and you set yourself a point target to hit by incorporating enough of those different elements. By hitting a target of between six and eight points with your clothes and accessories, you'll guarantee that your 'fit isn't boring, while also not being too much.

How to follow the point system

The eight point system is set out in detail in fashion guru Marissa Fair's TikTok video. As she explains, every item of clothing and every accessory, including shoes and jewelry, is attributed a point value. She has allocated one point for each top, bottom, piece of jewelry, pair of shoes, pair of socks, belt, hat, and hair accessory. Meanwhile, dresses, patterns, and overcoats get two points. Following this system, she creates an outfit that has a value of between six and eight points to end up with a look that has enough interesting elements without being overwhelming.


In the video, Fair demonstrates how following the hack transforms her basic jeans, T-shirt, and sneakers outfit into something that seems much more intentional and put together by adding a plaid blazer, necklace, and handbag to the ensemble.

Though it may take a while to get the hang of at first, as you cross-reference back to your point system, you'll soon become familiar with how many points all the items in your closet are worth. Hopefully, using the system will help you to develop a natural instinct for understanding how different items build and complete different outfits, which makes it a great beginner's tip.

Tailoring the hack to your style

While Marissa Fair has included the eight point system that she uses in her TikTok video, there's nothing to say that you can't develop your own system that lines up with your particular style. If you do lean more towards minimalist dressing, you might decide that patterns and bold colors are worth three points rather than two, for example. Or if you prefer a maximalist look, you might attribute fewer points to those elements so you can incorporate more of them into the final outfit. But if you're still not sure where you feel the most comfortable, Fair's point system is a great neutral place to start. 


Fashion blogger Brianna Harvey recommends also taking into account the context of your outfit when deciding whether to aim for six or eight points (via BriStylz). For low-key events, you'll usually be okay with hitting a six, but for more formal events, you'll likely need eight points to complete your outfit.

Ultimately, even if you are new to the world of conscious self-styling, it's important to trust your own judgment. Rather than thinking of the eight point system as a rigid rule you aren't allowed to break, use it to guide you to a place where you're more aware of how different pieces affect your outfit, and how adding and removing items can make all the difference. This hack should liberate you as a fashionista, not hold you back.