5 Times Kate Hudson Went Makeup-Free And Looked Flawless

Kate Hudson is known for her laid-back, yet ethereal look, and while she gets glam for red carpet events, she is perfectly comfortable showing off her bare face in her downtime. She doesn't need too much help in the makeup department, as her skin always looks fresh and dewy. To keep looking luminous, Hudson stays away from harmful ingredients in her skincare products, like parabens, according to Glamour. "Environmentally there's a shift, and it's contributing to certain illnesses and diseases. I decided, whatever I can control, I'm going to change the way that I approach it. And so skincare and makeup is number one," the "Glass Onion" actor shared. Hudson revealed that she doesn't usually wash her face in the morning unless she has gone out and had a few drinks. However, her skincare ritual involves a nightly double cleanse and a steam a few times a week.


With her dedication to maintaining her healthy skin, it's no wonder Hudson isn't shy about going sans makeup. This holiday season, she stepped out in Los Angeles in a simple sweatsuit and showed fans exactly how she looks with absolutely no cosmetics. It's certainly not the only time Hudson has wowed us with her bare face. Filterless and flawless, we couldn't be more in awe of her natural beauty. 

Kate Hudson enjoyed family time in Capri

Who needs makeup when you're basking in the Mediterranean Sea? Not Kate Hudson! In July 2022, she shared a carousel of pics on Instagram of her enjoying a trip to Capri, Italy with her family. In one shot, she showed off a makeup-free selfie, along with her mini-me, daughter Rani, whom she shares with her fiancé Danny Fujikawa. Hudson is seen lounging on a yacht wearing a peach bathing suit, with her neck adorned by layers of gold jewelry. Another snap showed her blowing a kiss at the camera. There's not a lick of makeup on her face but if anyone could pull it off, it's Hudson.


Back in 2013, the actor shared her secret for staying beautiful, and it has nothing to do with products. "The best beauty tip is about learning how to deal with and manage stress. You can cover up with makeup, but if you're not managing your optimism or joy levels then it will affect your skin," she told the Vancouver Sun. It's no wonder Hudson has such a namaste attitude!

Kate Hudson shared her step-by-step beauty routine

If you want to emulate Kate Hudson's glow, you're in luck — she revealed what products she uses when sharing her get-ready routine with Vogue in 2022. Proving that she was completely makeup-free, Hudson started off by cleansing her face with an African Botanics facial cleanser. Next, she applied a few pumps of facial oil, while telling the camera, "I've always had some kind of routine and I enjoy it more now that I'm older ... I think because I love product so much, that keeps me playing with my skincare routine." The three things that keep her looking youthful? "Sleep, hydration, and supplement[s]," she said.


"Had so much fun talking to @vogue about my beauty and wellness routine. Check it out now through the link in my Stories!" Hudson announced on Instagram. "I love you!!! The realest of real in Hollywood by far," a fan wrote. "Love your bare face," another gushed. Many commented on how the "Almost Famous" actor's genetics contribute to her perfect skin, referring to her iconic actor-mom, Goldie Hawn, who is also a natural beauty.

Kate Hudson spent more time in Italy

Vacation-Kate Hudson is living her life exploring the sights rather than worrying about putting on makeup. On another trip to Italy in 2023 — Sicily this time — Hudson posted an Instagram pic of herself with a bare face and her daughter Rani on her back. Another pic showed her sunbathing, wearing a burnt orange bikini top. "Happiness and pasta. Not mutually exclusive. Exploring with my favorite humans," she captioned.


Those who want in on Hudson's favorite moisturizer will have to splurge quite a bit. In 2022, she shared with People that her go-to is La Mer's moisturizing cool gel cream. "This cream has a light consistency and cooling sensation that soothes and calms my skin," the 44-year-old stated. She also uses the brand's face masks when traveling, which is something it seems she does often. "When I'm on a plane, I always apply one of these masks. People think you're crazy, but who cares? Just enjoy it," she advised. We'll take the recommendation if we can look just as fresh-faced without makeup.

Kate Hudson went completely makeup-free during quarantine

Kate Hudson proves she's just like us. Even the uber-famous celebrity has had to deal with toddler meltdowns and she's not always about making her life appear picture-perfect. In a hilarious 2020 Instagram post, she's seen wearing clear round glasses, looking at the camera with a befuddled expression on her face. She's clearly trying to read a newspaper while a young Rani is standing next to her crying. "Monday," Hudson captioned with a shrugging shoulder emoji.


Perhaps it was the strain of the COVID-19 quarantine that had Hudson's youngest child in tears. As reported by Today, the "Raising Helen" star shared an Instagram Story a few months prior to the crying Rani post and stated, "I know what you're gonna think. I know what you're thinking already. What am I doing in bed at 7:50 drinking a margarita?" The video showed Hudson barefaced, sipping from an icy glass while she told her viewers that she had no plans of putting on makeup while in lockdown. Totally relatable.

Kate Hudon's TikToks are often makeup-free

Kate Hudson has jumped on the TikTok train and she uses the platform to share everything from recipes to getting glammed up for an event. While she sports makeup for some of her videos, many others are of her sans cosmetics. During a night at home without kids, Hudson took a video of herself lounging in a silky robe and told viewers, "I'm a nightgown person. I like my nighties, I like my PJs, I like my slips." She went on to say, "I just feel so cute, sitting at home, listening to jazz ... I'm just alone, and I feel cute." No need to apologize for vibing yourself, Kate!


While she might treat herself to a cup of coffee now and then, her number-one drink is H20 and lots of it. When it comes to Hudson's skincare, she told Women's Health: "I usually just drink a ton of water." And for extra help, she goes to an esthetician for a laser treatment. "That is like the greatest thing on the planet. It just makes my skin gets [sic] really excited," she claimed. Facials, La Mer, and quenching your skin with water from the inside — that's your secret to looking like Kate Hudson.