How Each Of The Zodiac Signs Deals With Breakups

Breakups can be hard, but each zodiac sign has their own way of dealing with it. For some signs, the end of a relationship is just another part of life; for others, it may take over their life for a long time. In other words, certain signs are known for their capacity to be emotional and manage those emotions, like water signs, while others may be known more for bold displays of emotion, like fire signs. Earth signs, however, may have a lot of feelings but might not show them outwardly, and air signs, well, may or may not be feeling anything too deeply at all.


Of course, just because your sun sign might indicate you'd react a certain way to a breakup, that doesn't always paint a full picture. After all, there are many other things in your astrological chart that can impact how you deal with setbacks (like breakups) and the tough emotions that come with them. That said, digging in and taking a look at how you might react to a breakup as well as what can help you heal, can be interesting and might even help you find ways to get over a breakup more effectively.

Aries pushes through the pain

As the leaders of the zodiac, fiery Aries tend to act fast, for better or worse. This can apply in a lot of situations, including breakups. An Aries will likely react with some anger and won't be scared to tell their new ex exactly what they're thinking. According to astrologer Stina Garbis, who spoke with Bustle, "No one shoots fireballs out of their eyes quite like an Aries during a breakup. They'll get upset and boldly explain why they aren't in the wrong — and that's how they react whether they're doing the dumping or getting dumped."


High-energy Aries's first instinct might be to act out after a breakup by doing something impulsive, like jumping into a new relationship and promptly bragging about it on social media. Of course, moving fast after a breakup doesn't mean that an Aries is moving on fast. If Aries are looking for a constructive way to channel their energy, they'll need to be intentional about what they do after a breakup. In other words, finding a positive outlet for their energy, like a new high-intensity workout routine, might help wear them out and put them in a better headspace to heal their emotions.

Taurus can find comfort in routine

As lovers of routine, Taurus will be thrown off balance by a breakup, big time. This is especially true if the break is sudden. Not only do Taurus love routine, but they like being in relationships, too. "Tauruses love being in relationships and, for the most part, it's a sign that functions better when connecting with someone," according to Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer for and, who spoke with Women's Health. As a pleasure and comfort-seeking sign, a Taurus may not just feel like they enjoy being in love, it might feel like a necessity. Therefore, breakups might cause them to feel particularly lost, especially since they are commitment-valuing earth signs.


However, that doesn't mean a Taurus is doomed to misery because of a breakup. While a Taurus may feel a strong need for love in their life, they are still very in tune with all the other pleasures, like a good meal or some soft sheets. Indulging in the things they find the most luxurious can help them feel more like themselves. Plus, ultimately, while a Taurus attachment to a routine may be what makes them feel most off balance when a relationship ends, it can also be their saving grace. Starting new routines as soon as possible, whether an elaborate skincare routine or a high-quality homemade coffee every morning, can help a Taurus get back on track and feel a sense of equilibrium again.

Gemini won't be down for long

Gemini are some of the fastest movers of the zodiac and some of the most naturally flirty, too. These air signs have a proclivity for short-lived flings and brief but fun romances, so breakups are all part of the cycle for them. In fact, they might find themselves on a new date the same day as a breakup or may even have some overlapping relationships.


That said, immediately after a breakup, Gemini might feel panicked and unsure of themselves. They might spend a lot of time figuring out where things went wrong, especially if the breakup caught them off guard. While they might get hung up for a moment, a Gemini isn't likely to ruminate about a past relationship for long. As astrologer and author of "Modern Day Magic," Rachel Lang tells Women's Health, "[Gemini] get restless if they feel like they're staying in place for too long."

While Gemini tends to flirt a lot and move on quickly, that doesn't mean they'll get over the end of a long-term relationship in a snap. If a Gemini needs to process something, verbalizing may be ideal for them, like talking to a close friend or writing their feelings in a journal.


Cancer will do the healing work

As water signs, Cancers are deeply emotional. Not only that, but they are also one of the most nurturing signs. They love hard and care deeply about the comfort of those around them, including their significant other. Because of this, a breakup is likely to hit them pretty hard, especially since they work so hard to maintain harmonious relationships. The AstroTwins, Ophira and Tali Edut, told Mindbodygreen, "They really know how to work with the energy of difficult, charged emotions that can come up in relationships or a group setting."


After a breakup, a Cancer's first instinct will most likely be to turn inward and hide from the world, and once they're alone, the tears will flow. A Cancer shouldn't be surprised if they find themselves doing all of the stereotypical breakup activities, like bawling into a pint of ice cream or listening to a super sad breakup playlist on repeat. The upside is that even though a Cancer may take the end of even a short fling hard, they are great at getting themselves back on track again, too. Their keen emotional awareness means they're deeply in tune with themselves and will likely have a great sense of what to do to heal emotionally and move on in an honest, healthy way.

Leo will get creative to get over it

Leo's are all about loyalty and may even be loyal to a fault at times. They may stay in a relationship long past its expiration date or keep breaking up and getting back together with the same person, even if it's obvious it's not going to work. That said, just because Leo values loyalty doesn't mean they'll cling to a bad relationship forever or try to chase after someone who's dumped them. They often have a strong desire to be the center of attention, so the thought that someone would want to shove them to the side can be particularly wounding.


Either way, this fire sign tends to take a walk on the dramatic side from time to time, including during a breakup. Stina Garbis told Bustle, "They'll be angry and offended, but then they'll bag on you. They'll start talking trash and saying how awful you are and how you'll regret your decision."

For Leos who don't want to waste their energy focusing on trashing an ex or flirting with anyone and everyone just for some attention, turning to your creative endeavors can be a great release. In other words, putting effort and energy into things that help them express themselves, like painting or playing an instrument, can be regenerative for them while they're working through a breakup.

Virgo heals by ditching the over-thinking

Out of all the signs, earthy Virgo is one of the most analytical, which can be great for problem-solving, but could be a problem during a breakup. As natural perfectionists, Virgos might blame themselves for a breakup, even if they're not at fault. Because they are so hard on themselves, they'll likely take the breakup personally and might spend a little too much time ruminating on where they went wrong.


Of course, they could go the other direction, as well, and make sure they let their ex (and everyone they know) know exactly what's wrong with them, as a detail-oriented Virgo will likely remember all of their former partner's flaws, both big and small. As Renée Watt, an astrologer, told USA Today, "A Virgo in a relationship is going to be really blunt and honest and transparent." So, it follows they would be the same during a breakup, too.

If Virgo needs an extra push to get over a breakup, the best thing they can do is cut themselves a break. Although Virgo's tendency to turn inward can help them understand things and grow from past experiences, they could get stuck in a rut if not careful. By making time to socialize, as well as making sure the time they spend looking inward is constructive by doing something like reading a self-help book, Virgos can get themselves on the road to emotional healing.


Libra finds balance in the beautiful

Libras are generally even-keeled and fair-minded, but when a breakup shakes their world, they could feel seriously out of whack. With Venus as a ruling planet, Libras are all about love, and finding themselves suddenly alone could feel like a shock. A lonely Libra is at risk of getting themselves into serious trouble, whether in the form of rebounding too fast or dipping into a depression.


The good news for Libra is that they likely won't let themselves wallow for too long. They have a natural tendency to seek balance and harmony. Focusing on bringing more beauty into their life can be a great way to occupy their minds while they are going through the healing process. Redecorating a room or taking an interest in Feng Shui can be great for a Libra after a breakup. In the same vein, pampering themselves can also be beneficial, whether with something like a facial or a few new wardrobe pieces.

Another plus for Libra: no matter how hard a breakup is for them, once they've moved on, they've truly moved on and are likely to see the breakup as a learning experience. As Syd Robinson, author of "Who do the Stars Say You Are?" says in conversation with Today, "[Libras are] known for their strong moral compass and natural ability to see both sides of every argument."


Scorpio moves on by finding a new obsession

Water sign Scorpios are known for their intensity and their ability to feel things incredibly deeply, which can make breakups hard. In fact, a Scorpio may even be at risk of obsessing over their ex for a long time. If they're not careful, those feelings could take over their life and prevent them from healing. Also, as one of the more sensual signs, Scorpios might be more inclined to patch over their aching heart with a fling. However, the reality is Scorpios like to commit, which could lead them into another relationship that might not be right for them. As celebrity astrologer Kyle Thomas says in a conversation with People, "Scorpios are 'all or nothing' kinds of people."


One of the easiest ways for Scorpio to stop obsessing is to keep obsessing, just over something besides their ex. Taking on a complicated project or tackling something big, like learning a new language, could be an ideal way for a Scorpio to channel their mental energy. Something else that might help a Scorpio: getting involved with their community. Whether volunteering or going to a local trivia night, connecting with others in group settings can help shake Scorpios out of their shell and appreciate other kinds of relationships.

Seeing new sights helps Sagittarius let go

An energetic and explorational Sag is likely to break up with someone than be the dumpee. They like to keep moving and learning and don't have patience for relationships that aren't working out. However, if they do get broken up with, it may hit them pretty hard, especially since they aren't used to being the ones getting dumped. They might even respond with harsh words, according to Desiree Roby Antila, the author of "Sun Signs in Love," who spoke to Today. "Archers will usually speak before thinking, shooting arrows of truth from their mouths. They are not interested in sugarcoating what they have to say." Sag also tends to look on the bright side of things, which might cause them to only remember the great parts of their failed relationship, even if it wasn't so rosy in reality.


While this fire sign might have a strong emotional response when their relationship first ends, Sagittarius won't sit still for long. The upside of them always being on the move is that it may make it easier for them to move on. In other words, getting back into the dating scene with some casual dates might help them feel more like themselves, but if a Sag truly wants to recover, going on a trip might be their best bet. Exploring new sights can be regenerative and help them gain some perspective on what they've just been through and where they're going next.

Capricorn will heal by having more fun

A workaholic Capricorn might not show emotion on the outside, but internally, it could take them quite a while to heal from a breakup. This earth sign takes commitments very seriously and will do just about anything to make it work with someone they see value in. "They're not going to invest their heart or their energy into a relationship that's not going to yield a return," Rachel Lang told Women's Health. Since Capricorns don't tend to have lots of flings or short relationships, a breakup often means the end of a serious, long-term partnership and likely the plans they had for their future.


Even though Capricorns will probably throw themselves into their work and keep going as if nothing happened, that won't mean they're over it. If a Cap truly wants to heal from a breakup in a healthy way, they'll need to cut themselves some slack and slow down for a bit. Leaning on trusted friends and family for support can help them feel less alone. And, even though they may not feel like it, prioritizing fun can make a big difference for them, whether fun for them means doing something low-key, like relaxing and reading a book at a new coffee shop, or something more intense, like a wild night out with friends.

Aquarius rediscovers their purpose with new goals

Airy Aquarians are free thinkers and don't like to get too bogged down with emotions. But that doesn't mean they don't have any. Although they tend to be somewhat emotionally detached, a breakup can still get to them. Aquarius may not process emotions in a predictable way. In fact, feeling any kind of emotions about the breakup could be confusing and stressful for Aquarius, causing them to feel anxious and directionless.


While this uncomfortable state could be profoundly troubling to them, there are ways for them to get past this feeling. As Matthias Dettmann, founder of tarot card-reading website Valaros, tells Pure Wow, "Aquarians have a strong sense of social justice and a desire to make the world a better place." Therefore, getting back in tune with their natural drive for purpose will help Aquarius feel like themselves again.

If they're simply too addled to figure out what they want, doing things like Kundalini yoga or tai chi could help an Aquarius get out of their head and back in touch with their physical body and emotions. Writing down the goals that are the most meaningful to them can also help them cut through any mental static they might be experiencing and move on.


Pisces are pros at working through their emotions

Water sign Pisces may have a reputation for being one of the more sensitive and emotional signs of the zodiac. However, deep down, they can be pretty tough, too. Pisces are constantly working through their feelings, and dealing with a breakup likely won't be any different. That said, Pisces tends to be sentimental and are at risk of hanging onto a relationship longer than is beneficial for them. If they cave into these feelings, a Pisces could spend a long time wallowing in sadness. Another reason Pisces might struggle: they sometimes lose themselves in their relationships. As expert astrologer Imani Quinn tells Mindbodygreen, "They're a water sign, and they're a mutable sign, so that can make them very impressionable in love. They can kind of take on the personality of the person they're dating, especially if the person they're dating has a stronger personality."


While Pisces might have some trouble getting back in touch with themselves after the end of a relationship, their natural emotional resilience will help them understand what they need and how to move through their dark times. In some cases, if Pisces finds themselves stuck in a dream world or thinking too much about the past, doing something simple and healing to get back in touch with the physical world might help. In other words, going on a nature walk, hiking, or spending time around a natural body of water can all be healing activities for Pisces.