Shop LC's Winter 2024 Gift Guide Delivers High-Quality Jewelry With Purpose

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New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, and birthdays, among other special events and holidays, call for extra-special gifts to commemorate life, love, and joy, and what better way is there to celebrate these things than with high-quality jewelry? Enter Shop LC, which you might also know by its former names: The Jewelry Channel and Liquidation Channel.


As explained on the brand's About page, "Shop LC offers a unique shopping experience through vertical integration," meaning that it's not purchasing jewelry from outside sources and then selling it to you. Rather, most of Shop LC's products are manufactured by parent company Vaibhav Global Limited, which means you're not getting the same ol' jewelry that you can find at mainstream retailers. This is made even better by the brand's reasonable prices, which are made possible because it avoids "the traditional middleman markup." As if that weren't enough, Shop LC — whose tagline is "Delivering Joy" — uses some of its revenue to feed children worldwide through strategic partnerships with non-governmental organizations focused on ending global hunger. "By 2031, we will provide these kids one million meals per day, and we'd love your help," the brand notes.


Now, you may be wondering how you can know which product is right for you (and help do some good in the process). To that end, we've curated a Shop LC gift guide — from watches to rings, earrings, and more — to help connect you with the pieces that can make you and your loved ones happy for a long time.

The Tanzanite Jewelry Set features a rare gemstone at a rarer price

If you're looking for a perfect winter gift, look no further. The Tanzanite Jewelry Set retails for just $89.99 despite having an estimated retail value of $449.99, and it includes a sterling silver pendant, pair of earrings, and ring — all decked out with stunning blue gemstones. If that weren't enough, the gems come in four different cuts (marquise, trillion, oval, and pear) for a truly customizable experience. Plus, tanzanite gets its name from being exclusively mined in Tanzania, so you can't beat getting this rare stone at this price.


This set is crafted with wearers in mind. The pieces "are designed for sensitive skin, offering comfortable and worry-free wear thanks to their noble metal composition," according to Shop LC. As such, it's no surprise that reviewers love this set, with one writing, "Very pleasantly surprised by the color and clarity of this set. Great quality for the cost. Highly recommend." Sounds to us like a perfect (and heartfelt) anniversary, birthday, or special occasion gift for the exceptional person in your life.

Purchase the Tanzanite Jewelry Set at Shop LC for $89.99.

The Rachel Galley Swiss Movement Watch is the perfect quiet-luxury gift

Nothing screams "New Year's Eve" or quiet luxury (one of the year's biggest trends) like gold and silver everything, meaning that Shop LC's Rachel Galley Swiss Movement Watch might just need to move up your shopping list this year. This rings especially true at the time of writing, as the watch is marked down from $414.99 to $207.50. In addition to its price, you may fall in love with its modern minimalist design, which features a simple, easy-to-read Roman numeral dial.


This watch is extra stunning thanks to its bangle bracelet strap, which sets it apart from other watches while offering increased durability. (This also makes it the perfect gift for any Ms. Marvel fan.) Just make sure to clean it gently with a dry cloth (not a wet one) to keep it in tip-top shape, and you'll be set to tell time at a glance with its complete hours and second marks for a long time to come.

Purchase the Rachel Galley Swiss Movement Watch at Shop LC on clearance for $207.50.

The Bali Legacy Leaf Rings are what ruby and sapphire dreams are made of

Want to feel like you just stepped out of your favorite fantasy movie (while still looking practical, not costume-y)? The Bali Legacy Niassa Ruby Leaf Ring is for you. The Bali in this piece's name is symbolic of the ring's luster, as this sterling silver jewelry's sheen evokes the glistening waters that Bali is known for. However, don't take this to mean that the ring is flimsy or malleable. On the contrary, Shop LC's Bali Legacy rings are durable and made to last. And if this stunning ruby isn't your vibe, you can opt for the same sterling silver Leaf Ring in the Madagascar Blue Sapphire variant instead. The leaf design makes these rings particularly perfect for spring.


Shop LC describes the Bali Legacy collection as "detailed artistry rendered in simple elegance." Essentially, these rings feel like you've won a treasure hunt, and reviewers agree, with one writing, "Who doesn't love Bali Legacy!! Great silverware, beautiful ruby. Win win."

Purchase the Bali Legacy Niassa Ruby Leaf Ring at Shop LC for $79.99.

The Bali Legacy Tanzanite Ring is a 'daily go-to' for many

Shop LC's mission of bringing affordable jewelry within reach of everyday people has never been clearer than with its Bali Legacy Tanzanite Ring. This sterling silver ring retails for just $19.99 despite its estimated retail value of $249.99, making it a tantalizing gift for budget-savvy shoppers. Don't worry, no one will ever know you got it for such a good deal!


Carrying on the Bali Legacy trend of exceptional sheen, this sterling silver ring is hypoallergenic and reflects light like few others. Talk about sunset-on-the-ocean vibes; the tanzanite here is oval-shaped, and its blue and violet palette complements the vision of Balinese water beautifully. This ring boasts a 4.9-star rating, with reviewers adoring "the color of the Tanzanite gem" and its "nice metal work." One even wrote, "Yes, this may be on the simpler side, but it's a daily go-to for me. I absolutely love it!"

Purchase the Bali Legacy Tanzanite Ring at Shop LC for $19.99.

The Teal Grandidierite and Zircon Halo Pendant Necklace is perfectly on trend for 2024

XXL jewelry is trending for 2024, so we recommend Shop LC's London Blue Topaz and Moissanite Celestial Crescent Moon Necklace, which the brand is selling for $87.99 despite its estimated retail value of $649.99. In addition to eye-catching jewelry, 2024 is all about empowering oneself and feeling confident in your body. This pendant necklace from Shop LC evokes powerful moon goddess vibes. Who's ever been more confident in themselves than a goddess?


This necklace is 18 inches in length, and its stunning blue topaz gemstones are surrounded by smaller moissanite gems, making it extremely eye-catching and light-reflecting. What's more, Shop LC describes this necklace as "perfect for those seeking a blend of opulence and refinement in their jewelry collection," so if this sounds like you, this necklace may be your ideal jewelry match. It's even the perfect necklace for those who need something they can wear to the office during the day and then for drinks at night, as it pairs well with any vibe and outfit. Factor in the item's excellent craftsmanship and price, and you have a gift that will look stunning and elegant for years to come.

Purchase the London Blue Topaz and Moissanite Celestial Crescent Moon Necklace at Shop LC for $87.99.


The LucyQ Freshwater Peach Cultured Pearl and White Zircon Bracelet is for the Barbiecore babes

Finally, Shop LC's LucyQ Freshwater Peach Cultured Pearl and White Zircon Bracelet combines two trends that don't seem to be going anywhere in 2024: Barbiecore and pearl jewelry. For rose gold, this sterling silver piece is the crème de la crème, boasting three rows of beautiful pink stones. Shop LC notes that this bracelet "is made for keeping your inner fashionista alive," something we at Glam can very much get behind. This is enhanced by the pearls' sway as you walk, making this another piece that keeps you the center of attention in every room.


This piece is beautiful, but its price is what actually might make your eyes water. Its estimated retail value comes in at $879.99, but Shop LC's price is just $184.99, which constitutes savings of approximately 79%. Buyers love this ring because of both its price and quality, with it having a 4.8-star rating overall. "ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Photos often are enhanced, (as women know), well not for this bracelet," one reviewer wrote. "Just as sparkly, colorful and a dark beauty as shown. Gorgeous!"

Purchase the LucyQ Freshwater Peach Cultured Pearl and White Zircon Bracelet at Shop LC for $184.99.