TikTok's Favorite Reading Challenges Will Help You Read More Books In 2024

Take your reading habit to the next level this year by participating in one of TikTok's 2024 reading challenges. Following along with one of the many challenges on BookTok is a foolproof way to tackle more reads, tick off more books from your to-be-read (TBR) list, and reach your goal for the new year. Unlike standard reading challenges, TikTok brings a creative twist to the mix by suggesting prompts, buzzwords, checklists, and more to help you create a healthy habit that you'll genuinely enjoy.


You're also more likely to stay motivated throughout the year if you stick to a reading challenge, as it helps you stay accountable when you join in a challenge that your friends in the BookTok community are also following. Pre-determined prompts or lists also help you stay on track with your reading goal, while making it difficult to fall into a dreaded reading slump. Follow TikTok's favorite challenges if you want to start reading more and develop a consistent habit that will last throughout the year.

Try a checklist with monthly prompts

A popular TikTok video posted by The Novel Neighbor with close to 30,000 views shares a classic BookTok challenge that makes choosing your reads easier than ever: the monthly checklist. To join in on this reading challenge, you select your 2024 reads based on set prompts. Typically, you follow one prompt per month for a total of 12 books per year. What's more, you can choose from a list of prompts or even themed checklists. You may come across prompts with varying levels of specificity. For instance, if you want to check out a new genre in 2024, look for a checklist with prompts associated with that specific genre to help you discover unfamiliar titles and authors.


However, note that you're free to mix and match the prompts to suit your personal preference. A reading challenge should be enjoyable and exciting, so feel free to be as flexible as you want with the prompt order and theme of whichever checklist challenge you choose to partake in.

Go on a blind date with a book

Another way to help you read more books is to join a "blind date with a book" subscription service that chooses your next read for you. This is a great challenge for those who prefer to dive headfirst into a new book without preconceptions, expectations, or time-consuming research. A mystery book service also removes the need to scour the shelves of your local bookstore in search of your next read, which saves you both time and effort. This challenge also introduces you to new authors, series, and genres that you otherwise may not have known about.


There are many book subscription services to choose from, but they all follow a similar process wherein you purchase either a one-time delivery or monthly subscription from an online shop that sends you a book based on the genre, trope, or theme of your choice. Select shops may even include surprise gifts, such as stickers or stationary, to accompany your mystery book, as shown in a video from YellowRiverCo with over 4.5 million views on TikTok.

The buzzword challenge

This challenge is for playful readers who don't care to read solely based on mood. The buzzword challenge involves a collection of select keywords that must be present in the title of your book. However, some buzzwords may also refer to a theme or idea as opposed to specific words.


For instance, in a video shared by BookToker @vicandbooks, they explain that the buzzword or prompt for February 2024 is "positive words." This is a broad prompt, and it allows you to choose any book as long as the title feels positive or uplifting to you. On the other hand, the buzzword could also be something more specific, such as the word "every," in which case you would select a book with a title that contains this exact buzzword.

In the TikTok video, they list twelve buzzwords originally shared in a video by YouTuber @BooksandLaLa. However, you can also pick and choose the buzzwords you'd like to use for the year based on your to-be-read list (TBR) or reading goals.

You can't go wrong with prompt cards

If you prefer a more hands-on reading challenge, physical prompt cards may be right up your alley. Prompt card decks help you decide on your reads for the year in a fun and interactive way. As with the monthly checklist, you can also shuffle the prompt cards and tailor your reads based on preference. Therefore, this challenge works well for individuals who prefer to read based on mood, as you can shuffle until you find a prompt that catches your interest each month. In this regard, prompt cards are a more flexible version of the standard checklist challenge.


For the prompt card challenge, look for a card deck similar to the one used by BookToker @furtherthantheblurb in their TikTok video, or try your hand at creating your own prompt deck. To create DIY prompt cards, look for ideas on online reading communities or reading-oriented websites, such as Goodreads. Or, brainstorm prompts based on your TBR list to assemble a prompt deck that fuels your excitement and motivates you to start your 2024 reading journey.

Brainstorm your own soft challenge

If these challenges seem too daunting for you — either because you're new to reading or unable to commit to reading one book per month — then perhaps try following a soft challenge. Following a soft reading challenge removes the pressure that comes with having to follow a strict pace every month and, instead, focuses on setting a general goal that you hope to meet by the end of the year.


For example, TikToker @authorsele shared a video in which she suggests soft prompts, such as "read more books outside your favorite genre" or "read more books by female authors." These casual prompts are a fun way to challenge yourself without contributing to any pre-existing stress or time constraints you may experience in your daily life, while still giving you a goal that feels attainable throughout the year. The idea behind this challenge is to develop a sustainable reading habit full of meaningful reads.

Plow through your TBR

This last challenge is based on a TikTok video shared by @rianriareeee and functions as a much-needed push to help you chip away at the unread books currently collecting dust on your bookshelf. To follow this challenge, assemble a list of all the books you wish to read in 2024. Next, print out the titles or covers of your 2024 reads and cut them out. Shuffle well, as once you have a pile of your books, the next step involves blindly choosing your next read for the month — and sticking by it.


To ensure you follow through with this challenge, try to fill in the gaps on your bookshelf and purchase the books you don't yet own but plan to read. This way, you feel more obligated to follow through with your chosen book. Similarly, borrow an eBook online or take out a book at your library to set a time limit and keep you accountable for the month.

Opt for this simple reading challenge if you want to spend the new year working your way through your ever-growing TBR list so you can start with a fresh list the following year.