What Is It Like To Date An NFL Player? Our Dating Expert Breaks Down The Good (& Ugly)

These days, WAGs are getting as much — if not more — attention than their NFL boos. Brittany Mahomes dazzles fans with her game-day looks and has amassed a large following since marrying Patrick Mahomes. And Kylie McDevitt rose to even more fame after being tied to Taylor Swift through the Kelce brothers. Of course, many big-name celebrities are tied to football stars such as Swift and Ciara, who only elevated their partners' status.


Dating an NFL player is bound to be glamorous. You get not only VIP seats to countless games (plus the Superbowl if your BF's team makes it) but also the chance to attend fun events like the ESPY Awards and the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions. However, there are other elements to being involved with a footballer that aren't as dazzling, and according to our exclusive chat with Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking, there are both pros and cons to dating an NFL star.

Football always comes first

It's no secret NFL players are able to date some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. "When they are one of the top stars, they have access to a lot of models, actresses, etc., and the more their star power, the more wattage they attract," Susan Trombetti exclusively told Glam. The dating expert then used quarterback Tom Brady and his failed marriage with supermodel Gisele Bündchen as an example of how the sport can affect celebrity couples. "You take a back seat to football. The more involved you are, the more you come behind football. Sunday football doesn't get rescheduled because it's a special day for you and your boyfriend."


Amid Brady and Bündchen's split were rumors that the Victoria's Secret model was fed up with his hectic schedule. To dispute them, she told Vanity Fair back in March 2023, "Listen, I have always cheered for him, and I would continue forever. If there's one person I want to be the happiest in the world, it's him, believe me. I want him to achieve and to conquer." Despite Bündchen's words, Trombetti told us that "unfortunately, you come in second many times." It's a sad truth, but it simply comes with the territory.

Dating a football player has lots of pros, though

Although their schedules are demanding, there are quite a few perks to dating an NFL player besides their impressive salaries and access to all the games. Susan Trombetti exclusively mentioned to Glam that the pluses of having an NFL boyfriend include him being in peak physical shape. After all, attraction is a big deal, even if potentially superficial. 


And while we doubt Taylor Swift has trouble getting invitations, the matchmaker also stated, "You have fun going to high-end events because your boyfriend or husband is always getting an invite to the latest movie premiere or front row seat at some special event." Traveling is also a step up, as many football pros fly private or first-class, and WAGs often accompany them to out-of-state games. Because of this, they get to see the country, all while supporting their partners.

As we've seen with Swift and Brittany Mahomes, dating someone in the NFL means making new friends with fellow WAGs. On this, Trombetti shared, "[You get a] built-in friends circle because you make friends with the other football wives and girlfriends. They will support you through the cons of dating an NFL person." Another pro is that if you're not a mega-star yet, you can be by being connected to a football player. Moreover, you can use your platform to score deals or pursue your own endeavors. "You can become famous in your own right because it's a glamorous lifestyle in the limelight," Trombetti told Glam.


The cons of dating a football player are real, too

Dating an NFL star has a lot of challenges, but add a family to the mix and it's even harder. Susan Trombetti pointed out that couples with children have to make sacrifices, and these usually fall onto the mom. "Someone needs to remain with the children and do the heavy lifting while they are traveling with the team six months out of the year," she exclusively told Glam. Trombetti went on to say, "If one of you has emergency surgery on game day, they can't be there unless you are dying. It's not like they don't want to, and it doesn't weigh [heavily], but they are under intense pressure to win."


While football is fun to watch, the pressures that the players feel can take over the relationship, Trombetti added. Additionally, if you have your own career, you may be forced to choose between work and being with your guy. Moreover, a not-so-uncommon con is the unwanted attention your beau most likely receives from other women. "Let me not forget the fact that other women are constantly vying for your man's attention and trying to cheat with him. It must be exhausting," the love expert declared.

Tips for sustaining a relationship with an NFL player

As with all relationships, communication is important for keeping the spark alive with an NFL star. "There can't be any games, and there must be a commitment for an investment of time for when they are off the field," Susan Trombetti exclusively told Glam. "At first, spending time is easy when you are on the high of a new relationship, but you need ground rules for when it gets to every day." During the off-season, she specified, it's important for the couple to spend quality time together.


Additionally, one needs to be pretty independent when dating a football player, which Taylor Swift has proven. "In this case, both need to compare schedules and work out their time together as much as possible around their work demands," Trombetti explained. To keep the romance going during busy times, her tip is committing to "lots of video chats, flirty texts, and phone calls," as they will "be sustaining" for the relationship.

You must consistently support each other

Being in a public relationship is not easy by any means, and it's important to be each other's person. On this, matchmaker Susan Trombetti exclusively warned Glam, "You always have to be discreet with their secrets, hopes, and dreams. You should always have each other's back and be a strong support system." WAGs also need to be understanding when their significant others have a bad day on the field or suffer a big game loss. "They could be the kicker [who] missed the kick and just lost the game or the one who fumbled the ball. It happens, but it could mean their job, so understand their fears," she explained.


For instance, fans — along with Taylor Swift — saw Travis Kelce throw his helmet in frustration on the field during a Chiefs vs. Raiders game on December 25, 2023. A source told Life & Style, "He snapped at Taylor and they had their first fight. He apologized after but Taylor definitely felt hurt and confused. It was rough." The insider added, "Brittany [Mahomes] told Taylor to let Travis lick his wounds, but it wasn't easy."

While Mahomes' advice as a fellow WAG was solid, Trombetti suggested, "Make sure to always have a date planned that you both can look forward to and be able to understand them when they feel horrible over a bad loss. It happens, and it's their job." With this in mind, we might finally understand these high-profile relationships a little better.