The Best Kindle Accessories To Enhance Your Reading Experience, According To User Reviewers

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If there's anything readers love as much as the smell of books, it's crafting the perfect reading experience. Whether you're working through the inspirational list of Meghan Markle's favorite books or finally starting the "A Court of Thorns and Roses" series, you want your reading time to be a smooth, uninterrupted escape into the narrative. Maybe that means a cozy blanket, fresh coffee, and twinkling fairy lights. Or perhaps you're lying in a pool of sunshine with your latest read with waves lapping in the distance. Maybe you're even in the bath! Wherever you like to read, personalizing your e-reader is a quick way to elevate your experience every time you sit down with a book.


From tweaking your device's built-in settings to suit your preferences, like getting your Kindle to automatically adjust its brightness, to customizing its cover to make a reading break even more tempting, e-readers are a blank canvas ready to be molded to your needs. Fortunately for Kindle users, there are plenty of cool accessories to help your device be its very best self. To help you narrow down which add-ons will complement your unique reading style, Glam has compiled a list of the best Kindle accessories to aid your escape into e-book bliss based on user reviews and ratings (but more on that later).

Best hands-free accessory: SK Syukuyu RF Remote Control Page-Turner

Want to simplify your reading experience? This best-selling remote makes turning the digital pages of your Kindle even easier. Just attach a clip to your device, and voilà — with the click of a button, your book will continue to the next page, letting you get comfy for reading time without having to position yourself to manually swipe your e-reader. Better yet, this remote page-turner can work on multiple devices, accommodating Kindles, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. And because the remote has a long-lasting USB charge, you don't have to worry about batteries or plugging it in every night. Overall, it's a convenient way to streamline your reading habit.


Purchase the SK Syukuyu RF Remote Control Page Turner on Amazon for $33.99.

Best accessory for reading in bed: Magipea Tablet Stand Holder

Readers have gone crazy for this goose-neck tablet holder, which attaches directly to your nightstand or other furniture and can be stretched or swiveled into your ideal positioning. Nearly 14,000 Amazon ratings have come through with a 4.3-star average on this useful gadget, which works with a plethora of devices, Kindle included. "Secure and easy to install," wrote one reviewer. "This clip-on tablet holder was exactly what I needed to hold up my Kindle Paperwhite in bed. ... The arm is very sturdy and does not move easily, so it's perfect for my nightly reading habit."


For even more effortless reading time, you can also combine this handy stand with the above remote page-turner. This combo is especially useful for anyone who has grip or mobility issues, making e-reading easy and enjoyable without requiring hands-on holding and page-swiping.

Purchase the Magipea Tablet Stand Holder on Amazon for $22.48.

Best bag to bring your Kindle everywhere: The Bookish Belt Bag

One of the best parts of owning a Kindle is carrying an entire library in one device. That's why so many readers love taking their faithful Kindle anywhere and everywhere — on a plane, to the coffee shop, out for a picnic, you name it. But if you're a light traveler who likes to sling on a small bag and go, it can be frustrating that most belt bags and fanny packs aren't big enough to accommodate Kindles (or even a regular paperback). Enter The Bookish Belt Bag, designed at a size just large enough to carry your vital reading materials. Available in black, white, cranberry, or sage and with two options for strap length, this durable nylon bag is both practical and cute. Excuse us while we and our Kindles become fully attached at the hip.


Purchase The Bookish Belt Bag at The Bookish Goods for $36.99.

Best accessory for an extra handhold: PopSockets PopGrip

PopSockets rose to prominence as a tool for holding on to slippery smartphones, but TikTok is full of ingenious readers who have repurposed them for their Kindles. For a quick solution, you can simply stick it on your e-reader and have a collapsible handle at the ready. Or, one popular trick is to make your preferred PopGrip magnetic and removable by pairing it with a magnetic base like the one from Metisinno. This allows you to switch your favorite PopGrip between devices or apply a new PopGrip when your Kindle needs a design refresh. For instance, we love a cheeky, book-themed PopGrip to bring some BRE: big reader energy.


Purchase the "Leave Me Alone, I'm Reading" PopSockets PopGrip on Amazon for $14.99.

Best accessory for effortless grip: Strapsicle E-Reader Holder

Cute, customizable PopSockets may be de rigueur on BookTok, but they aren't the only option for extra grip. As much as we love those cute add-ons, they may not be well-suited for readers with dexterity issues like arthritis or nerve damage. Let us present a comfortable alternative: the Strapsicle hand strap. These silicone straps offer a tight grip and gentle stretch so you can securely hold your device with a flat palm, helping prevent accidental drops and pesky hand cramps.


Simple and practical, it's no wonder that Strapsicle's straps have garnered a 4.4-star average from nearly 800 Amazon reviews. "This is a life-changer and everything I want for my Kindle," wrote one reviewer. "I feel like this was absolutely made for me. ... Great texture, light weight, great stretchiness. It's perfect." Strapsicle's hand strap sets are available for both 10th and 11th-generation Kindle Paperwhites and come in a range of 14 different colors to suit any taste. The only downside? Strapsicle straps cushion the corners but don't fit over most Kindle cases, so you may have to buy a compatible Strapsicle case for more complete device protection.

Purchase the Strapsicle E-Reader Holder on Amazon for $20.90.


Best case for endless redecorating: CoBak Clear Case

The Kindle lifestyle doesn't end with your digital library — Kindle babes have turned this reading obsession into a whole aesthetic. On TikTok, the hashtag #decoratemykindle has thousands of posts and over 12 million views, inspiring book lovers to personalize their e-readers for a little extra fun and flair. One of the most versatile methods is to arrange a collage of stickers — paper still attached — across the back of your Kindle and then lock them in place under a clear case. Since you kept the papers on, you can switch the stickers out at any time without leaving residue. 


With over 2,000 ratings on Amazon and a stellar 4.8-star average, the CoBak Clear Case is a well-loved option for this technique. Designed to fit snugly onto the 6.8" 11th-generation Kindle Paperwhite, it even has extra options for customization, including cases with glitter or built-in hand straps. Pick up your favorite variation, and dig out your unused sticker collection to design (and endlessly redesign) a cute collage for your device.

Purchase the CoBak Clear Case for Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon for $8.99.

Best luxury case: Harber London Sleeve Case

For readers seeking a more upscale option for their Kindle, the Harber London Sleeve Case is a sleek, refined answer. Ideal for minimalists, quiet luxury looks, or anyone who wants to subtly and professionally carry their Kindle into work, this wool and leather sleeve is a gorgeous piece of device protection. The gray felt is accented with a front pocket in tan or black, and the slim silhouette is easy to tuck into a tote, briefcase, or backpack.


While the price point isn't cheap, neither is the quality. Handcrafted in Spain, the Harber London Sleeve Case is built to last, making it worth the slightly higher investment. As one reviewer wrote, "I bought this sleeve to go with my new Kindle Paperwhite. It was more expensive than the covers I usually buy for Kindles but it's worth every penny. Gorgeously soft leather, very high-quality design and finish. I am delighted with it."

Purchase the Sleeve Case at Harber London for $64.

How we selected products

To find today's must-have accessories for Kindles and other e-readers, we began by considering the basic goals and needs of all the voracious book lovers out there. Ultimately, e-book aficionados want to read in comfort, ease, and style wherever they are, whether at home or on the go, so we dug into the best hacks, solutions, and cool gadgets to bring that breezy reading experience to life.


Of course, there are a lot of accessories on the market. When choosing specific products, we evaluated trends on BookTok, product ratings, item descriptions, customer reviews, and recommendations from trusted experts to select winners in each category. The resulting list should provide eager readers with the perfect launchpad to augment and personalize their Kindles for peak enjoyment.