What's Really Going On With Bunnie Xo's Hair?

As a podcaster and model, Bunnie Xo likely invests a considerable amount of time and effort into maintaining her appearance. Her celebrity status comes with certain expectations, especially as the wife of popular country music artist Jelly Roll, but the YouTuber has proven time and time again that she is dedicated to putting her best foot forward for the camera. Although Bunnie Xo looks just as fabulous makeup-free, the rising star does rely on a highly talented team of beauty professionals to help her shine during all her sexiest style moments.


One of the key members of her hair and makeup team is celebrity hair stylist Meme Shahan, who is responsible for creating Bunnie Xo's distinguishable hairstyle. Fans can thank Bunnie Xo's hairstylist for helping her build her trademark look, including Bunnie's glamorous platinum-blond hair and signature mini ponytail. The online personality has established her own unique style through her distinctive hair and, as they say down South, it requires a whole lot of work, complete with extensions, a curling iron, and braiding skills. 

Bunnie Xo is a lifelong lover of blond extensions

Despite being known as a blond bombshell, Bunnie Xo does not have naturally blond hair. Therefore, the most important aspect of haircare for the "Dumb Blonde" podcaster is maintaining her platinum strands. Bunnie Xo's preferred shade of blond is an icy silver hue that falls on the cooler side of the color spectrum. This particular shade is similar to "pearl blond," a dynamic platinum that suits those with cool undertones.



Long hair, don't care by my amazing hairstylist/Manager/Biz Partner @luckycharmswtf #TikTokGGT #hairtransformation

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Additionally, a TikTok video posted by Bunnie in 2022 revealed that the podcaster rarely rocks her natural hair, which sits at shoulder length. The stepmother of two clearly has a love for long hair and always wears extensions that reach down to her lower back. In a 2020 YouTube video shared by Bunnie Xo, stylist Meme Shahan revealed that she uses tape-in hair extensions from the brand Donna Bella to achieve Bunnie Xo's desired look. Bunnie's stylist used two types of hair extensions in the video, including platinum blond and a version that contains caramel notes, which she applied to the bottom layer of her hair. In total, she used seven packs of extensions. While this might seem like an overkill to some, seven packs is clearly necessary to create Bunnie Xo's sexy ponytail look, so it's worth the effort. If the blond-and-caramel combo isn't your thing, the bubbly podcaster also shared a behind-the-scenes TikTok video back in 2021 showing Shahan weaving strands of black throughout for a fun country-rockstar look.


How to recreate Bunnie Xo's high ponytail

In the 2020 YouTube video shared by Bunnie Xo, Meme Shahan began the process of doing her hair once she'd detangled it, but prior to curling it. Bunnie Xo already had tape-in extensions attached here, so Shahan went straight in with the curling iron. She curled Bunnie's hair in alternating directions to ensure the strands didn't all clump together, but she made sure to curl away from the face once she reached the face-framing pieces.


After styling, Shahn waited a few moments until the curls felt cool to the touch. She then started with the ponytail — the highlight of Bunnie Xo's iconic hairstyle — by taking an even section at the top and creating an optional three-part Dutch braid. Note that French and Dutch braids are slightly different, with Dutch braids requiring an inverse or underhand braiding technique. Alternatively, you could comb this top section back into the pony and leave out the first few inches around the middle part. 

Next, Shahan tied the braid in place with a clear elastic band and carefully loosened the knots at the corners to give the illusion of fuller hair. She then tightened the front section of the ponytail by pulling upward and forward to create the voluminous fountain effect. Shahan finished the pony by teasing or backcombing the bottom strands to fill in the gaps. Lastly, Bunnie Xo's stylist combed through the curls to create a lived-in look, and she used oil to reduce frizz and also smooth out any flyaways. She teased the bottom layers to add volume and finished the look with hairspray.