You'll Want To Try Out These 4 Yellow Lipsticks

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As noted by Verywell Mind, the color yellow exudes a vibrant, cheerful vibe, which can affect your mood when you see it. Wearing yellow can make you appear more energetic and help you get more attention, too. So, why not put on a yellow outfit if you want to come across as more upbeat and noticeable?


There are also a plethora of inspiring makeup ideas to experiment with if your favorite color is yellow. While you may first think of sunny, yellow eyeshadow or eyeliner, wearing yellow lipstick is another fun way to implement this gleeful hue into your look. Anyone who wants to see plenty of ways to rock this bold look can find endless examples on Instagram.

Maire Claire notes that yellow lipstick is a stylish trend that's fun to explore for everyone, so there shouldn't be any fear in trying it. After all, flaunting a wild yellow lip will likely help you command attention at all the hottest nightclubs, parties, concerts, and even work events if you're feeling dauntless. If you're on the hunt for the best yellow lipsticks, we have a couple of exceptional options for you to consider.


Jolie Cosmetics Vivid Colors Bold Effect Lemon Drop Lipstick

Stylecraze rounded up some of its favorite yellow lipsticks, and the Jolie Vivid Colors Bold Effect Lipstick in Lemon Drop was at the top of the list. The outlet recommends purchasing this bright product because it's super noticeable and is vegan and cruelty-free. It also doesn't have any gluten, so you won't need to worry if you have a gluten allergy. Stylecraze likes this vivid lipstick so much that it couldn't even think of a single downside when reviewing it.


This exciting lipstick is available on Amazon for less than $20 and has an impressive four-star rating. Anyone who wants to invest in an excellent yellow lipstick to pair with a bold outfit for an event or activity or just wants to add a fun pop of color to their look should consider this product for a splash of brightness.

Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Luxe Yellow Twist Stick

If you're searching for another intriguing yellow lipstick, Top10Best.How suggests the yellow Fran Wilson Moodmatcher Luxe Twist Stick. It gave this product an outstanding review of 9.6 out of 10.

Available on Amazon, the lipstick seems like a steal for around $10. While it initially comes in yellow, it actually changes color based on who's wearing it to create a one-of-a-kind hue for each wearer, so you won't know exactly what you'll get until you try it. This item is perfect for brave shoppers who enjoy surprises and a bit of mystery!


Plus, Amazon notes that the lipstick can last for as many as 12 hours, so you won't need to worry about it smearing or coming off throughout your day or night. With more than 100 reviews and counting, this yellow lipstick has 4.5 stars out of five, making it a beloved product.

NYX Cosmetics Macaron Lippies in Citron

According to Marie Claire, the Citron Macaron Lippies lipstick is one of the best yellow lipsticks you'll find on the market. You can purchase this NYX lipstick on Amazon for a low price of around $8. Between the budget-friendly price and the splendid 4-star rating, we don't think you can go wrong with this daring option. After all, how can you say no to such a specific and fun beauty product with a reasonable price tag and stellar reviews?


Speaking of reviews, many customers seem to enjoy using this item. One happy reviewer described this lipstick as "wonderful," writing, "I loved the yellow it actually looked wonderful on my dark skin. I had been looking for a great yellow and I found it with this lipstick. Will try other NYX colors." Meanwhile, another pleased consumer described the texture as "super smooth and creamy," so it looks and feels great on your lips.

Intense Yellow Lipstick by Moon Glow

Last but not least, we had to include the Moon Glow Neon UV Lipstick in Intense Yellow (via Stylecraze). This lipstick's neon yellow hue even has a fluorescent pigment so that it can glow in certain atmospheres. Stylecraze loves this product because it's not toxic, lasts for long periods, and is cruelty-free, making it an excellent choice for animal lovers. They couldn't think of any negative aspects of this product, so it must be awesome.


Selling on Amazon for below $10, this radiant Moon Glow lipstick seems to be a terrific deal, considering how it can make your lips look so cool. Who wouldn't want to try a lipstick that literally glows? This unique lipstick can help you take any going-out look to the next level.

We just can't get enough of these bold, cheerful lipsticks! So, which one(s) do you think you want to buy first?