The 5 Best Press-On Nails For Larger Nail Beds

If you want to explore all the hottest nail art trends everyone is asking for but don't want to take the time to go to a nail salon or paint your nails, press-on nails are an excellent option. According to Scratch Magazine, press-on nails were a beloved choice in the late 1990s and the Y2K era. Press-on nails are convenient because they don't require you to use nail polish, and you can apply them at home for an easy manicure. Furthermore, you can typically remove them if you get tired of them, so you're not bound to them for too long if you don't want to be.


When choosing your press-on nails, you should be sure to consider whether you have smaller or larger nail beds. You must keep your nail beds healthy, as Nailboo explained, "The nail bed is actually a layer of tissue and the hard surface of the nail itself." Plenty of people choose to keep their nails long for an elegant look, while other people may naturally have longer and wider nail beds than others. Luckily, we know all the best press-on nails for anyone with long, wide nails.

Pink Tiger Marmalade press-on nails are a perfect option

According to Glamour, Marmalade's Pink Tiger nails are an excellent choice for people who have larger nail beds, and they have a striking, shiny look that will be sure to turn heads. You can purchase these press-on nails on Marmalade's website for $18, and the rich, shimmery dark magenta hue makes them look much more expensive. They come in an almond and stiletto shape, and the website states that it only takes five minutes to apply them, and they typically last for two weeks.


Additionally, Marmalade states that this product won't damage your nails, and it even comes with a tool to remove them if you want, as well as a nail file, glue, a manicure stick, and a guide to help you with the process. This set has a perfect five-star rating, with lots of praise from customers. One reviewer raved about the product, writing, "These nails are beautiful! The way the light catches them is hypnotizing and almost magical. I got so many compliments on them. Definitely will buy again!"

Have fun with Facile press-on nails

Allure included press-on nails by Facile in their round-up of their favorite press-on nail products. In fact, the outlet explained that Facile's products come in different lengths and shapes to choose from; if you have large nail beds, you can opt for a long or even extra-long length and whichever shape you desire, whether that be almond, coffin, oval, round, square, squoval, or stiletto.


Looking at Facile's website, many of its long options sell for $22 and come in different shapes and color choices. For instance, the long Chai There option comes in a stiletto shape and a neutral color, while the Pinky Promise kit features pink, oval-shaped press-on nails. Furthermore, they offer a plethora of extra-long choices to explore. For instance, we love their neon yellow Hi-liter nails for wild nights out, but we also enjoy the more subtle Peachy Keen option for professional or family events. On the other hand, the extra-long Nero press-on manicure is perfect for giving a sleek, edgy vibe.

Almond Pop-On Manicure Set by Static Nails adds a pop of style to your nails

Are you looking for some cute press-on nails but have trouble finding choices in the correct sizes for your nail beds? If so, Static Nails has you (and your nails) covered. According to Women's Health, the Almond Pop-On Manicure Set comes in a long length and 12 sizes to choose from, so it should be appropriate for everyone.


This nail kit is available at Nordstrom, with its website explaining that these press-on nails will work for you whether you have small, average, or large nail beds. In addition to the sophisticated almond shape, these press-on nails come in different colors, including the alluring, glossy Fetish, mature Toasted Sugar, light, elegant Mademoiselle, and playful Peach French for a modern twist on the classic French manicure. Nordstrom also noted that these products are vegan and cruelty-free; thus, they're a great option for animal lovers.

ManiMe's products will fit you to perfection

If you're looking for glueless press-on nails that are literally made to fit you, Byrdie notes that you've got to check out ManiMe's custom products. "First, you take five photos of your hand; the brand uses that 3D scan to create a press-on mani that's custom-fit precisely to your nails and your nails only," the outlet explains of ManiMe's process. From there, you decide how you want the stick-on manicure to look, and they'll send you the product. This futuristic concept is perfect for people with larger nail beds who are looking for something that they'll be 100% sure will fit them.


ManiMe has over 80,000 followers on Instagram, and its website notes that it even uses laser cutting technology when creating its products. The brand offers a plethora of designs to choose from, and you can even pick styles from specific designers (via ManiMe). There are so many different looks that you can even shop by categories, some of which include "Wedding edit," "Floral edit," "Euphoria-inspired," and "Zodiac edit."

Get cuter nails with Kuticle

Are you on the hunt for press-on nails that accurately fit your larger nail beds? According to Insider, Kuticle can provide you with a sizing kit to ensure that they'll look and feel right on your nails. Although Insider stated that these press-on nails don't last super long, it also noted that the products are beautiful.


Available on Kuticle's website, the edgy Black Swan set sells for $55 and is unbelievably striking. Not only can you choose between small, medium, or large sizes, but you can also pick a specific length and style, including XL options. Or, you can opt for a custom size or request the sizing kit. Plus, Kuticle even has a sizing page for assistance, which will be very convenient for anyone with larger nail beds who feels nervous about ordering press-on nails online.

So, which of these products are you going to buy first?