10 Nail Colors You'll See Everywhere In Summer 2022

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Summer is absolutely upon us, and for a lot of people, the season inspires a bit of self-care in the form of beauty treatments. Manicures might not be for everyone, but those who love them are a dedicated crowd.

Seasons can absolutely influence the colors that spring to mind when it's time to choose a shade or design for your nails, and summer certainly does so. Whether your plans include trips to the beach or hanging out near home, there's no reason why your nails can't be themed to go with the weather and ambiance around you.

One of the best things about getting your nails done regularly is that you can change up the look as frequently as you want to... which also means you can try out more than one of these shades before summer ends. Here are 10 nail polish shades that will be absolutely everywhere throughout summer 2022.

Barbie pink nails will be everywhere

If there is one color that is topping just about everyone's to-try manicure list, it's hot pink. The color screams summer fun, and Cosmopolitan has even dubbed it as the "official color" of this year's season. There are a lot of fun ways to wear the color, including incredible nail designs, but sometimes just sticking with a shade and nothing else is the best.

Creamsicle nails pour on the nostalgia

As much as you might have fond memories of Creamsicles coinciding with summer, matching that bright hue with a nail polish is no small feat. Luckily, the beauty website This You Need has found what site author Sarah insists is the ideal creamsicle shade: Essie's Tart Deco. Add a thin white line to the top to complete the look!

Sunshine yellow is a summer classic

When it comes to capturing those summer vibes, few colors are as on the nose as sunshine yellow. After all, what is summer if not a season of an abundance of warmth and glow? Cruelty-free nail polish brand ORLY has a shade called Claim to Fame that will end your quest for the perfect summer yellow.

Rainbow nails always spark joy

Sure, rainbow isn't a color — but when it comes to your nails, it can be! It's fitting that June kicks off Pride Month in the United States and in many parts of the world, as a rainbow manicure is a festive and fun way to usher in the warmer months in general.

Purple nails are perfect for vacation

If you're heading out of town this summer and want to give your trip an added royal vibe, a purple manicure is the way to go. As Let's Eat Cake covers, this purple shade from Essie practically screams, "I'm the queen of the Singapore Slings," which might be exactly the kind of vacation you're trying to have in the first place. Want another option? ORLY's Crash the Party is leek and beautiful.

Citrus nails evoke summer fun

If you had to pick a type of fruit to associate with summer, odds are it would be citrus, or at least something closely related. Why not add a bit of a fizz to your summer manicure by going for a shade of green that will conjure up visions of lemon-lime fun? As Pear Nova's founder and CEO explained to MindBodyGreen, "Bright oranges, yellows, and greens create a great go-to palette for summer."

Ocean blue will make every day feel like vacay

If you are getting ready to head to the ocean this summer to bask in the sea and sun, finding the exact shade of blue to match your watery surroundings is a must. If you're not visiting the ocean this year, an ocean blue manicure can still help you feel like you're basically there.

Deep pinks bring to mind summer sunsets

Sure, hot pink is definitely going to be big all throughout summer 2022, but there are other shades of pink worth exploring, too. Try a deep shade of the rosy hue if you're feeling particularly romantic, as the shade can definitely call to mind the quiet perfection of summertime dusk.

Ombre French nails are perfect for weddings

While the Ombre French manicure technically requires two colors to make it work, the overall effect is gorgeous and the style is absolutely ideal for all those summer weddings you are probably attending, either as a member of the wedding party or as a guest. 

More than one color is always a fun option

If you can't quite settle on one color for your summer 2022 manicure, why not try the all at the same time? Sometimes, summer means that you just have to jump off the ship and choose chaos, because you might end up absolutely loving the result.