The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Ready-To-Fight To Perfectly Peaceful

Few people enjoy arguing or disagreeing with someone else, especially if that person is a friend or partner, but as most of us know... these things happen. It can be helpful to understand how each sign of the zodiac argues, especially if you are in a disagreement with someone under a sign that is known to be a little incendiary. 


While astrology might not be for everyone, it's still fun to read through what makes each sign tick and what doesn't, just in case. After all, no matter how great your relationship of any kind is, at some point or another you are likely to argue with your parent, child, friend, or partner. Knowing a little bit about why a Taurus is so stubborn, a Capricorn so prone to black-and-white thinking, or why a Libra tends to keep things close to the chest can't hurt.

Here's a look at how each zodiac sign argues, and what to prepare for if you find yourself in hot water.

Leo: prefer to even the score

If there's one thing to know about Leos, it's that these members of the zodiac are definitely all about celebrating themselves (via Allure). This can be a super positive thing, as it can be tough to be around a Leo and not feel a little worth celebrating too, but it does make getting into an argument with a Leo a bit challenging. 


For starters, as explained by Siddhantika, it can be tough for Leos to be willing to share the spotlight, which could lead to disagreements between friends, parents and children, and even romantic partners. Leos also typically don't appreciate being ignored or being interrupted, since both acts take the attention away from themselves (and they prefer to keep it centered on yours truly, thank you very much). 

Making up with a Leo can also be tough, especially if they feel betrayed. If you find yourself in a battle with a Leo, just be prepared: It might be tough to come out of this one unscathed.

Scorpio: tends to hold on to things

Scorpios are known for a few different key traits. They love building connections but are also protective of themselves and their inner circle. As PureWow puts it, this emotion-driven sign will likely keep their social media profiles on friends-only, as they don't like to broadcast the details of their lives to just anyone. Scorpios are also known for their ability to strike back quickly once provoked, much like the arachnid they are similarly named for.


This can mean that Scorpios might be tough opponents in an argument, especially as they often have a hard time letting something go. You might think that the fight is over, the issue forgotten, and all is forgiven, but then your Scorpio counterpart comes back for round two, three, and maybe even four. However, as a partner, the Scorpio just might be the most dedicated sign. PureWow notes, "Once you're together, it takes a lot for them to give up on the relationship, even if it's clear that things are never going to resolve."

Taurus: often displays a stubborn streak

It likely comes as no surprise that Tauruses are known for their healthy stubborn streak — after all, the sign is represented by the bull. Astrologer Rachel Lang told Bustle that the Taurus value making their own decisions no matter what, a trait that can make them a reliable partner and friend, especially if you generally agree with the choices they make.


However, that insistence on coming up with solutions on their own can also mean that a Taurus can be very frustrating during an argument or disagreement. A Taurus can sometimes stop communicating completely when they feel backed up against a wall, which can be tough for the other person in the room. But if you can push through the problem with your Taurus, then you'll likely get to a very secure place on the other side — that same stubborn streak means that a Taurus is unlikely to just give up on any kind of relationship if they believe they can make it work.

Cancer: can be an emotional roller coaster

To know a Cancer is to know one thing: The sign is a little, or maybe a lot, emotional pretty much on a daily basis. Cancers are notoriously sensitive, which definitely isn't a bad thing. On one hand, most Cancers are intuitive and very nurturing, but on the other, their emotional needs can be a lot for other signs to take on (via Elite Daily). 


A lot of Cancers are really just out there looking for emotional security from the people who are the most important in their lives. They are also known for being very protective of the people who mean the most to them, which can lead to the sense that they're loving someone a little too hard.

In an argument, a Cancer might take any kind of criticism well, even if it's constructive and meant with the best intentions. As PrepScholar points out, Cancers are also prone to overthinking and even brooding about what went wrong in an argument, which can cause them to get too hung up on the smaller details.

Sagittarius: may struggle to admit they were wrong

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius get a lot of credit for being ethical and the type of person to make decisions based on what is right to do. While these are definitely noble traits that can help someone who is a Sagittarius in a lot of ways, if you are in an argument with an archer, you might have a very difficult time convincing them that their side of the events isn't exactly right.


LiveAbout also notes that a Sagittarius sparring partner is likely to be physically engaged and animated throughout any kind of tension. The site notes, "They'll jump around, gesticulate, show data, act out a situation or vent about the imbeciles in their midst." 

The Sagittarius is also prone to being flexible, which means that tense moments can dissipate into discussions about mutual growth. As Allure writes, the sign is "associated with adaptability and flexibility. This perfectly reflects the archers' deep-rooted desire for change."

Aries: tends to act before thinking

Many an Aries is known for acting on their most fire-based impulses from time to time, which means that in a tense disagreement, an Aries might be a little reactive. While the passionate nature often associated with Aries is attractive, points out that during an argument, all that passion can equal out to a pretty short fuse. In fact, the site also suggests approaching an Aries a little gently so you can avoid setting off their more impulsive side.


Astrologer Kim Tigar agrees, telling that the best course of action with an argumentative Aries might be just to take a step back and let them explain to you how they feel — if they're up for it. Tigar says, "They like to be in charge, so you should let them lead the conversation. If you try to take it over, they'll get more upset."

Aquarius: Possesses a passive-aggressive streak

Those who fall under the sign of Aquarius are generally credited with being open-minded, and Allure describes them as "intellectual, curious, and deeply social." But the sign is also known for a few things that can make disagreements difficult to handle. For starters, the Aquarius typically hates to spend their time engaged in small talk or anything they feel is insignificant, including gossip. 


The sign is also known for being a little stubborn and even obstinate, and they aren't always known for being open to compromise, especially if they don't agree with the purpose behind it (via Allure). While the Aquarius is typically celebrated for their intellect, that can sometimes give way to a bit of passive-aggressiveness when engaged in a discussion they don't like, or that they don't want to be part of. As astrology consultant Sofia Adler tells Yahoo! Life, "Aquarius is likely to not even bother addressing an issue because they don't think it (or you) is worth their time."

Capricorn: likes to keep things black and white

Capricorns are often described as one of the most practical signs in the zodiac, and those who fall under Capricorn tend to be ambitious and proud of the work they produce. Their negative traits exist, and a Capricorn can be both unforgiving and stubborn as all out (via Nylon). 


A Capricorn often takes on a mentor-esque role in all of their relationships, whether they are platonic, parent and child, or romantic. The sign also might have a hard time relaxing, and Nylon notes, "In pleasure Capricorn takes a businesslike approach, viewing every one of their endeavors as a project with many steps that must be taken in a specific succession." 

An argument with a Capricorn can be an exhausting experience, especially since they can be stubborn to the point of being unable to see anything other than their own point. However, many Capricorns have a lot of patience, and they're willing to stick something out if it feels worth it.

Gemini: doesn't get angry very easily

If you find yourself arguing with a Gemini, odds are things won't be too tough on either of you. Allure points out that Geminis are often assumed to be two-faced (they are represented by twins, after all), but the reality is that many of those born under the sign often don't have anything hidden under the surface — they're just busy trying to balance all of their interests and passions, including their work, friendships, and social life.


YourTango points out that if you do find yourself in a heated discussion with a Gemini, it's probably only after that person has thought long and hard about why they're mad at you in the first place. The horoscope site also states that if a Gemini is especially angry with you, they are likely to try to exclude you from your shared friend circles and to try to get others to understand their side of things first. In short, the best thing you can do is to not try to argue with a Gemini in the first place, which is also what they prefer.

Virgo: will be more concerned about how they hurt you

Of all the signs to be born under, Virgos just might be the ones who overthink the most. Astrologer Nina Kahn writes on Bustle that while overthinking doesn't always have to be a bad thing, it can make relationships with a Virgo challenging. As Kahn puts it, "But if gone unchecked, this habit can wreak havoc on a romantic relationship, as it can lead to constant future-tripping or second-guessing their partner."


Kahn also goes on to write that Virgos tend to be massive worriers, which can make arguing with them easier on you. Your Virgo counterpart is more likely to blame themselves than they are to blame you in the first place, something that is difficult in a relationship with a Virgo, especially as "they often end up worrying about every little thing that could go wrong in a relationship" (via Bustle).

In short, as puts it, a Virgo might not be a dramatic person to argue with, but they could end up dragging things out as they analyze and re-analyze each step along the way — something that might encourage you to avoid the argument completely.

Libra: will need help coaxing out their true feelings

Getting into an argument with a Libra can be a little frustrating only because many people born under the sign are prone to becoming closed off when anger is expressed toward them. As astrologer Kim Tigar tells, "You have to fight clean with a Libra. You should approach it softly and thoughtfully while remembering to be loving and reassuring."


YourTango elaborates on this trait, noting that when it comes to arguing with a Libra, it's important to keep in mind that people born under the sign sometimes get caught up in their feelings and don't want to express them at all. You could even spend more time trying to figure out what your Libra counterpart is feeling than you actually do arguing in the first place, which doesn't always have to be a bad thing. Just watch out for one thing: when a Libra does decide to talk about everything, they often do so in a quick outburst, which might totally catch you off guard.

Pisces: unlikely to blame you at all

If you ever actually end up in an argument with a Pisces, it's going to be a total surprise. Of all the signs, the Pisces is probably the least likely to ever want to get into a fight with anyone. As Thought Catalog points out, the only thing that will rile up a Pisces is outright meanness or cruelty. Once engaged, the Pisces is likely to still try to keep the argument as low-key as possible. Thought Catalog notes, "They are selfless and during an argument will always be attempting to understand the other person's point of view."


Part of the reason why Pisces is so quick to avoid fighting is that the sign is one of the most emotional in the entire zodiac. Refinery29 explains that while many a Pisces is asked for advice to address life's problems and woes, those born under the sign also sometimes "get a bad rap for being too wrapped up in their own feelings and flights of fancy."