How To Know If You Are Bored In Your Relationship

Are you questioning whether your relationship is healthy? If you're in this situation, Everyday Health wants you to know some green flags to look for in your relationship. For instance, if you and your partner trust each other, respect each other's differing opinions, support each other's dreams, and understand each other's boundaries, you're probably in a healthy relationship. But what does it mean if your relationship checks all these boxes and more but you haven't been feeling it lately?

We've all heard of those "good on paper" relationships where you and your partner treat each other with the utmost respect and seem to be doing everything right, but that special spark seems to be missing. According to Glamour, one indication that you're in a "good on paper" relationship but maybe don't match includes a lack of eagerness to kiss your partner. After all, kissing should give you butterflies in your tummy. Another sign of an unsatisfying relationship could be consistently forgetting to respond to their messages or even blowing them off. Not only is this an indication that you're losing interest, but it's not fair to your partner. These are just a few signs that you could be getting bored in your relationship.

You aren't enjoying the relationship

Being in a relationship should be fun! Most relationships aren't perfect, but you shouldn't feel like your relationship is boring. One significant sign that you're getting bored is if you don't look forward to going on dates with your partner anymore (via Elite Daily). Plus, as mentioned before, feeling neutral about kissing is a prominent indication of boredom; the same goes for sex. Another indicator of boredom is throwing yourself into work more than usual. It's great to care about your career, but if you've never spent so much time working before, you may unknowingly be looking for excuses to avoid your partner. One last sign of being bored is constantly thinking about other people romantically or sexually.

If you're getting bored in your relationship, don't panic yet. Before thinking about ending the relationship, try to find ways to make your relationship more exciting. To start, try planning something fun to do together, whether that be a date night, an adventure, or a creative hobby (via Bustle). And why not try something different together, whether you're in the kitchen or the bedroom? Plus, try getting nostalgic and think back to the passionate days of your relationship.

While these tips should help, sometimes a partner doesn't want to put in the effort. If you truly believe that's the case and your relationship isn't worth saving, you probably haven't found your soulmate just yet — and your best option might be a breakup. Just remember to take it easy when try to begin dating again after a breakup.