Why It's Never Okay To Ask A Woman If She's Pregnant

How much do you weigh? When are you getting married? These are some invasive and uncomfortable questions people often get asked, which puts us in an awkward position. You don't want to be rude by not responding, but the other person isn't respecting your boundaries. Boundaries are necessary for relationships and are an "invisible line" for undesirable behaviors, whether physical or emotional (via UIC Wellness Center). It comes down to respect when someone does or says things that cross these boundaries. Imagine someone touching your waist to move you over to walk past you; that's likely an invasion of a boundary. Setting boundaries is important because it's a way of taking care of yourself and letting others know if something is unacceptable.

According to Psych Central, people who are "manipulative, narcissistic, and have a poor sense of self" often cross these invisible lines. While it's human to make mistakes, it's unacceptable to violate those boundaries repeatedly. Some people are unaware of boundaries, while others upset you intentionally. Regarding asking personal questions, there are some areas you shouldn't ever touch unless you know the person well; in that case, you already know the answer. 

More shared that questions like "how much money do you make?" and "why don't you want/have kids?" should never be asked. Furthermore, one question you shouldn't ever ask a woman is "are you pregnant?"

Reasons why shouldn't ask if someone is pregnant

Pregnancy is a personal journey, and while some people love to share the news, others prefer to keep it private, but there's more to that. First of all, it can be super "embarrassing" or "uncomfortable" for the person — and the one asking — as there's a possibility that there's no pregnancy (via Family Education). The question is based on appearance, and no one ever has the right to comment on someone else's body.

Weight can be a sensitive topic for people, especially women, with the amount of societal pressure placed upon them to look a certain way. When someone is already having a difficult time with self-esteem issues regarding weight, being asked if you're pregnant can make them feel worse, and it's simply rude. According to More, the person you're asking could be bloated, have ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, or "undergoing in vitro fertilization" to have a baby.

According to the Mayo Clinic, most people wait to share the news because about "20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage" in the first trimester, so they wait until the second trimester to make the announcement. Maybe the person was pregnant and lost the baby, which is a difficult period, and asking such a question can only hurt them more, per Scary Mommy. Finally, some women are unable to bear children, and asking can only make them feel worse or guilty about it. Ultimately, it's none of your business.