How Emu Oil Benefits Your Skin

With the beauty world quickly returning to forgotten skin care practices, it's leaving no stone unturned. From Korean snail mucin and charcoal skin detoxing, the world is now rediscovering the ancient cure of emu oil. An old Aboriginal favorite, it's been used for centuries to heal skin, moisturize, and even act as a sunscreen. Packed with omega acids and antioxidants, it's no wonder why Aussies adore this all-natural skin rejuvenator. Derived from the back fat of an emu, a large Australian native bird, it goes through a filtration and clarification process to remove any toxins and bacteria before it's ready for commercial use (via Byrdie). 


If you are vegan or interested in cruelty-free products, this may not be your first pick for skin hydration. However, you can check to ensure your emu oil has been certified by the American Emu Association, verifying the oil's purity and that the emus lived happy, abuse-free lives (via Medical News Today). Now, let's dive into why you may want to use it to begin with.

Emu oil is rich in fatty acids that can hydrate and heal skin

Emu oil is amazingly rich in fatty acids and antioxidants like oleic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acids that penetrate deep into the skin and help fight inflammation and dryness (via Healthline). Because of its hydrating fattiness, it's great for moisturizing and keeping skin buoyant and hydrated. Use it topically to encourage collagen production, reduce wrinkles, and protect from sun damage. Emu oil can even relieve symptoms of arthritis, a disease that stems from inflammation. Its painkilling power extends to healing cuts and bruises with a magical ability to go deep into the skin's layer and begin repair (via Medical News Today)


Additionally, due to its high absorption rate and ability to increase healthy skin cells, emu oil can encourage the skin's ability to repair sun damage or acne scars. It's a great option for those with dry skin wanting to hydrate, moisturize, and improve wrinkles. However, like other oil-based beauty products, anyone with oily, acne-prone skin should be careful as it has the potential to increase oil production and clog pores.

The benefits go beyond skin

Like with many all-natural beauty products, especially organic oils, emu oil has that inner-outer glow effect. You can achieve incredible health benefits, including an internal tune-up, by incorporating this oil into your routine. If you prefer not to use the oil topically, you can ingest the oil in pill form and still reap many benefits. Available in capsule form, its fatty acids can contribute to greater digestive health and possibly even a smaller waistline (via Healthline). 


You can trade your fish oil for emu if you're sensitive to seafood or not a fan of the fishy smell. By doing so, you'll make huge strides in your gut health as its anti-inflammation properties have the ability to heal the intestinal tract and prevent intestinal bowel syndrome (via Medical News Today). Its omega-fatty acids can even help grow your hair and nails when you opt to add it to your supplement cabinet (via Cosmopolitan). Whether you decide to use it as a body and face moisturizer or an internal beauty vitamin, this ancient skin cure has proven itself a timeless skin rejuvenator.