This TikTok Tip Will Totally Change Your Productivity During The Day

Getting work done can be difficult as it is, let alone when you have no motivation. That's why each productivity trick that pops up seems to be the latest craze. We are all sp obsessed with these tips and tricks that #productivityhacks has reached 156.3 million views on TikTok. The latest productivity method made popular on TikTok is the four quarters method. The four quarters method, which sees you managing your day in four equal sections, is supposed to help with not only time management but making sure you are getting your best work done in that time (via Refinery29).


According to Headspace mental health expert Zoë Aston, the four quarters method is meant to make our day more manageable and easier to handle. After all, dividing anything into manageable chunks makes it more approachable. Although this method has become popular thanks to TikTok, it has been used before in therapy as a time management and motivation skill. Aston adds that, when implemented correctly, this method can also be beneficial in improving your mental health (via Metro).

What is the four quarters method?

The four quarters method involves splitting your work day into four sections: morning, late morning, afternoon, and evening. The morning section takes place between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m.; the late morning is from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; the afternoon section is between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.; and the evening section is the rest of the day after 7 p.m. Instead of working continuously, you split up your work hours into sections. With this technique, you're always starting fresh in a new quarter of the day with renewed motivation (via Refinery29).


According to Forbes, the four quarters method is based on two factors known to motivate the brain. One of them is the time limitation aspect. Since you block off each segment, your brain is motivated to beat the clock and finish your task before the time is up. The other factor is the idea of constantly starting new in each section. If your previous segment was not as productive as you would like, the next segment gives you a new opportunity to turn it around. This logic is the same one applied to most sports, where if you have a slow first section, you still have another one to win the game.

Is the four quarters method useful?

Like many tips you read on the internet, it can be easy to doubt their validity at first. However, according to PureWow, the four quarters method is the perfect one if you constantly need a burst of energy at your job. With four new beginnings of the day, you get to start with that same motivation and inspiration as when you come back from a break. Although on TikTok the four quarters have been established during specific times, you can easily adjust any segment to better suit your day. This technique is especially beneficial for those who work from home and need to find that extra push to get work done throughout the day. 


The four quarters method is useful because it makes sure you are well taken care of before continuing to your next task. As noted by Glamour, the four quarters method's segments let you take a quick rest before you begin again, preventing you from burning out quickly. To fully feel the refresh from your breaks, it's best to leave your work behind and spend your break away from what you're working on. Another benefit of working in four quarters is that it teaches you to prioritize tasks for the best time management. Since you're working in segments, this method teaches you to leave tasks that require more energy towards the beginning of your sections.