What Tattoo You Should Get, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever wanted a tattoo but don't know what to get? That tends to be a common issue for most first-time tattoo getters, but have no fear: we might have an answer for you.

If you're anything like us, you, too, might be obsessed with astrology. If you know your stuff about astrology, then you know that every zodiac sign has a glyph — a symbol that represents it at its core. By this point, you probably know where we're going with this.


Our solution is simple: get an astrology-related tattoo. Big or small, zodiac tattoos are an easy go-to, and the good news is that if you want to get a zodiac tattoo but don't want it just to be your zodiac sign's symbol, there are animals and images that people find their zodiac signs resonate with. If you still aren't convinced we've decided to give you a few options to be impulsive and get inked.


The go-to for almost all of the zodiac signs is their glyph. Aries means "ram" in Latin, so it only makes sense that their glyph looks like a ram's horns. If you're looking for something simple, then the Aries symbol might be for you.


Now, if that's not something you can see yourself getting, the next best would be the Aries constellation (via Bustle). Similar to the Aries glyph, the constellation is also can also be simple, unless you decide to spice it up with some flowers or even combine it with the glyph, which we 10/10 recommend.

If these sound far too simple or boring to you, then why not just get a tattoo of a ram? A ram portrait can be a total statement piece and vary from person to person. It can be detailed and intricate or small and simple, truly a win-win for everyone. Plus, its meaning could be symbolic rather than straightforwardly meaning Aries.

Whatever you choose, Aries is definitely known for placing their tattoos somewhere visible, because why wouldn't a fire sign want to show off some new ink (via Insider)? This means Aries often get tattoos on their forearms, front and center on their thighs, or anywhere that might catch the attention of others, which will then lead to a conversation about it.



Speaking of animals with horns, Taurus is represented by the bull and tends to be what most Taurus babes get, and we can't blame them because they look super cool (via PopSugar). A bull tat is also something that can vary in intricacy, whether it's an accurate representation of a bull or an abstract, geometric one. This just means you can always consider adding your own flare, which is definitely something we recommend. 


For those who think bull tattoos are cliché, the goddess Venus may also be a contender (via Stylecraze). Why Venus, you might ask? It turns out that Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty and love. 

A Venus tattoo could be even better if your Venus sign is in Taurus. Since Venus is the goddess of beauty and love, your Venus sign in your astrological chart is what influences your relationships. According to astrologer Catherine Urban, "Venus in Taurus appreciates luxurious scents; long dinners and baths; plush pillows; and whipped chocolate mousse. While Venus is in Taurus, we are encouraged to slow down" (via PopSugar). The same could be applied to other zodiac signs and the gods and goddesses that represent them; they may make the perfect tattoos.


We ultimately think Taurus should go with a Venus tattoo since it's a more unique choice in comparison to the others. Why do something that won't make you stand out? Granted, now that we've let you in on this secret, more Taurus might get this tat — sorry in advance. (Seriously, though, you'll thank us later.)


Gemini probably have some of the best tattoo concepts in our opinion. Despite being seen as a "two-faced" sign, the imagery itself when it comes to two faces can be beautiful, especially since it can be interpreted differently depending on the individual. A popular variation is a dichotomy between an angel and a devil, which is a pretty common tattoo, but if you add the Gemini glyph, it can feel a bit more personal (via Refinery29).


If the twin/dual faces aren't your vibe, you could also go in the direction of Mercury-related tattoos since Gemini is a sign ruled by Mercury (via Our Mindful Life). We can only imagine what Mercury in retrograde is like for Gemini. When Mercury is in retrograde, our trickster planet — like Loki levels of trickster — is moving backward and everything in our personal lives tends to get wonky (via InStyle). Astrologer Stephanie N. Campos explained to Well + Good what Gemini deal with when Mercury is in retrograde, saying, "We get communication issues. We get misunderstandings. We get extra gossip." Perhaps there are underlying tattoo ideas there, too!

Some will also opt to get the Gemini glyph or the glyph representing air since this is the sign's element.



We'd say it's pretty safe to assume that water signs tend to get water-inspired tattoos. Naturally, Cancer's crab symbol tends to be a go-to tattoo (via Your Tango). However, we totally understand if you don't want a crab on your body because it can be, well, an acquired taste. However, if you still want something water-related, you can always go with waves.


Another popular option is lunar tattoos. Like pop music legend Ariana Grande, you, too, could have a moon tattoo. If you take it a step further and get it on your hand as she did, we applaud you because that can prove painful. Phases of the moon can also be the perfect tattoo for Cancer. Just think: you can have not one but eight little moon tats (via Refinery29). A tattoo like that can definitely tell a story.

You may be asking, "What does the moon have to do with a sign that's very crab related?" Allow us to break it down for you. The moon rules Cancer. Moon signs are what rule your emotional reactions. A Moon in Cancer, therefore, amplifies all of our lunar qualities: emotions, empathy, and intuition (via Your Tango). Ultimately, lunar tattoos match up all too well with Cancer.



Lions. Every Leo tattoo is almost always a lion (via Elle). We can't blame them, either, because lions are rather powerful, beautiful creatures that really serve Leo's energy. Yeah, you could get the Leo glyph, but why would you choose that over a lion?


It doesn't even have to be a classic lion — why not spice it up? You could get any lion from "The Lion King" to Alex from "Madagascar." Some other TV and film lions include Aslan from "The Chronicles of Narnia," the Cowardly Lion from "The Wizard of Oz," and Kimba from the much-speculated-about original version of "The Lion King" called "Kimba the White Lion." The point is simply that there are several other options to choose from if a generic lion isn't for you. 

To those who feel like lions are overrated, you can lean more into the fire element of Leo energy. Fire signs usually want everyone to know they're a fire sign, so getting an actual flame or element glyph would be super on the nose — but also super on brand (via Glamour). After all, why wouldn't a Leo want others to know how spicy they can be?



To make a long story short, Virgo should stick to simple tattoo styles. Whether that be the Virgo constellation or wheat and morning glories, most Virgo gravitate to a clean line design, which screams their energy perfectly (via Nylon).


Now, we know that not all Virgo are the same and there might be some out there that want more than simple line work and that's totally understandable. If you're into astrology, you may be into tarot, too, and there is a whole word of tarot-inspired tattoos waiting for you.

Virgo's tarot card is the High Priestess, which isn't a bad draw. The High Priestess card embodies spirituality and wisdom, which is a spot-on way to describe any Virgo you may know (via The Tarot Guide). Another tarot card option is The Hermit, which is also pretty fitting. The Hermit card represents spiritual insight and knowledge that comes from within, so it's not as bad as it sounds. After all, a hermit isn't typically a great thing to be called (via Cosmopolitan).


If you're still on the High Priestess wave, then there might be some other women that'll pique your interest. The Maiden (also sometimes called The Virgin) might also be an appealing choice (via Our Mindful Life). The Maiden is seen as representing a "lady in waiting," but it's less about celibacy and more about naivete (via Cafe Astrology). Overall, we simply love how feminine this earth sign is.


Libra are all about balance, which probably explains all this sign's scale imagery. While you don't necessarily have to get a scale tattoo — and we're not judging people that do have them (pun intended) — there are several other options.


Even though Libra is an air sign, a lot of Libra tattoos have an earth element to them. In fact, astrologer Donna Stellhorn explains, "Libra may gravitate to [tattoos of] pretty images like flowers and swans" (via Insider). Some Libra might also get tattoos of baby's breath, which is perfect because it's not only beautiful but also ties together airiness and earthiness (via Cosmopolitan). What can we say? Flowers are a pretty popular go-to for almost every sign, but Libra often love them more than most. We don't blame them; there's a lovely quality to a good floral tattoo.

Still not sold on a Libra-inspired tattoo? Maybe we can pique your interest by adding crystals into the mix. Just imagine the Libra glyph within a crystal of your choice, although we suggest a classic rose quartz or amethyst because they're well known for being crystals of balance (via Crystals and Joy). Crystals mesh pretty well with astrology and tarot, too. In fact, it's not uncommon for a tarot reader to have crystals nearby for a more powerful reading (via Tarot Luv).



Just like most Leos get a lion, most Scorpios get a scorpion. That can't be much of a surprise, though, seeing that Scorpio means "scorpion" in Latin. We can't hate on a classic scorpion tattoo because, well, they look really cool. This style of tattoo is pretty popular with men because scorpions are a creature that is feared but also respected. This animal also represents loyalty and strength (via The Trend Spotter). However, this isn't to say that other genders shouldn't get this tattoo. Men don't own it!


Furthermore, just because other Scorpio are getting scorpions doesn't mean you have to jump on the bandwagon. In fact, why not go down a darker path and get a tattoo of the Scorpio goddess Kali. She's the goddess of destruction, and what Scorpio do you know that doesn't like a little bit, if not a lot a bit, of chaos (via Nylon)? There's nothing wrong with admitting you're a little chaotic, Scorpio; we love you just the way you are.

You could even get a Drake-scorpion hybrid creature we found on Instagram. This tattoo is nightmare fuel for some and beloved by others, so we'll leave that up to you. After all, you know what they say: different strokes for different folks. 


We're low-key jealous of Sagittarius because this sign's symbol is absolutely iconic. If you aren't in the know on zodiac lore, Sagittarius is represented by a centaur — a half-horse, half-man being from Greek mythology — who is also an archer (via Styles at Life). You can also add an anime twist with the Sagittarius character from the popular anime "Fairy Tail." In fact, being inspired by the media you like is always a great way to make a tattoo your own. Lots of Sagittarius have a centaur, but only you would have one that combines this being with your favorite show. Even if you don't want the centaur, you can still get a bow and arrow, and that's still just as cool.


For those who want to scrap the centaur and archer imagery entirely, Sagittarius constellation tattoos are also a great choice. They aren't as cool of a choice to some since they're more basic, but they're still pretty. Like any other constellation tattoo, you can make it uniquely your own (via Popsugar). Yes, the base of the tattoo will be the same as the rest, but you can add flowers, geometric shapes, and even a bow. In this case, why not apply the earlier trick and incorporate Cheryl Blossom from "Riverdale" in your bow imagery?


We've made our way back to a horned animal, as Capricorn is represented by a goat. You heard us right: a goat. It's not represented by just any old goat, though, but rather a sea goat. (We didn't even know that was a thing or how an earth sign ended up with a water sign vibe, but we'll digress.) We suppose there's something about this mythical creature that's pleasing to the eye, but it's still a goat with a mermaid tail, and we know not everyone is about that goat life. 


However, people do love a good gemstone, which is where the garnet stone comes into play. We know the garnet gem is more specifically for Capricorn signs born in January because this gem is January's birthstone, but don't worry, December Caps, because turquoise stones are also a popular choice (via Bustle). 

Anatomical hearts are also a massive hit with the Capricorn crowd. There's no clear reason why, but anatomical heart tattoos are always pretty memorable, especially if you get them in red ink (via Cosmopolitan).


Aquarius fully embrace the water sign energy and typically get tattoos of anything and everything water-adjacent. For example, an Aquarian water bearer pouring out the Aquarius glyph is a classic (via Cosmopolitan).


Mermaids are a personal favorite for this sign because who doesn't love a mermaid? You could even make it Ariel from "The Little Mermaid" if you're into water-based tattoos and you're a Disney adult. However, if you aren't into princesses or mermaids, you might enjoy a siren tattoo instead. Find yourself wanting something simpler? Minimalistic tattoos will do the trick. These can span from the Aquarius glyph to small, crashing waves (via Your Tango).

Whether it's simple or intricate, why not jazz it up with some color? Can you guess what color we're going to suggest? If you guessed blue, then you're right on the money. Nothing screams water signs like the color blue. A pop of color never hurts, and you could even benefit from some watercolors — not because water's in the name but more so because of the soft, calming tones most watercolors offer.



Don't think we forgot about you, Pisces.

You already know the drill about water signs and water-related tattoos, so we're not going to repeat ourselves. A common theme throughout most Pisces tattoos is fish mirroring one another (via Cafe Mom). It cannot be just any fish, though. The most popular fish breed for Pisces is specifically koi fish.


We've all seen a koi pond at some point in our lives, so we know how beautiful this type of fish is. It's no wonder that they've become a tattoo idea Pisces gravitate toward. Not a big fan of the mirrored fish? We've got you covered. A solo fish is also a really cute vibe, especially when it comes to the black moor goldfish (via Refinery29).

Trying to avoid fish altogether? That's totally fine. There's nothing wrong with the classic constellation or the Pisces glyph. After all, less is more sometimes — at least that's what they tell us (via Your Tango). Still, Pisces is a creative sign, so anyone who falls under it should never be afraid to get artsy with their tattoos.