The 2022 Astrological Event That You Need To Know About

Among 2022's biggest astrological events is the energy surrounding the ever-anticipated Taurus-Scorpio eclipses across the moon's lunar nodes, which will usher in a new era of self-worth, personal values, and individual freedom. During eclipses, the collective energy shifts on a personal and societal level, bringing in themes that are closely associated with restructuring our lives, expanding our dreams, and dealing with sudden changes (via Cosmopolitan). 


Now, after a few months of relative calm from the lunar nodes, there will be cosmic conjunction between Uranus and the North Node that promises to flip the script on social convention and expectations once again. This celestial showdown will create an explosive energetic pairing that highlights our struggle for independence and the need to be free. When the planets involved in a conjunction work well together, it can be a great aspect full of potential for high energy and action––meaning now is the time to make your move and get sh*t done.

Here's what you need to know about the most anticipated astrological event of the summer.

The spiritual meaning the Uranus-North Node conjunction

On July 31, there will be a conjunction between Uranus and the North Node, as well as Uranus and Mars — a transit that will encourage breakthrough spiritual growth and the end of karmic cycles. Any time Uranus — the planet of rebellion and innovation — is involved alongside the North Node in transit, you can expect truly life-changing moments. "When Uranus and Mars get together, they tend to trigger shocks and disruption. Uranus is unpredictable and electrifying, while Mars brings heat and anger. Add the North Node into the mix and everything becomes intensified," astrologer Jessica Davidson explains. The exact conjunction of these two fated placements will occur on July 31 at 3:04 p.m. ET, and the energy of values-focused Taurus will also have you defining your personal boundaries, relationship with money, and sense of value.


"The North Node represents your soul purpose and soul destiny in this lifetime. So, this is a huge opportunity to figure out which career moves you should be making. This is about aligning to your dream reality, which takes the hard work of Mars," explains TheCosmicLatte in a TikTok video. Venus in Cancer will also be lending her intuitive wisdom and luck to this transit when it forms a pleasant sextile aspect to the rare pairing of Uranus and the North Node. This additional energy will expand your creative and imaginative thinking, especially around manifesting and money.

How the Uranus-North Node conjunction will affect your career

With Uranus opening your eyes to the failure of the systems around you and encouraging you to reach toward the future and the North Node clarifying the steps you need to take to get there, astrologers warn that their meet-up in the key will be a life-defining moment for many. On the eve of this collision, there will be a defining energy among the masses who have been quietly putting up with less than favorable working conditions for the last few years (via Nylon).


After months of putting up with the same empty promises and slowly moving towards making new goals happen, this transit will be the final push many people need to re-envision what they want for their futures. Plus, with the added energy of Venus, which aids our manifestation rituals, you can expect additional luck in your job search (via StyleCaster).

How the Uranus-North Node conjunction will affect the collective

As a generational planet, Uranus tends to shape movements on a global scale. From late July to mid-August, Uranus will conjunct the North Node of the Moon and Mars in Taurus. These transits typically coincide with major geopolitical and civil events, so expect changes in established leadership in large corporations and governments, as well as events that may trigger a sudden restructuring of established leadership and organizational reshuffling. "It's a good time to let go of keeping up the Joneses and find new ways of valuing ourselves without acquiring the stuff that causes us to deplete the Earth of its resources," astrologer Celeste Brooks tells Shondaland


While there will be many seemingly sudden and abrupt changes thanks to this transit, try to see this event as a new path forward. This transit could also lead to exciting realizations about how you want to show up for others in your community and tap into your inner volunteer (via Goop). New beginnings are arriving with August 2022's cosmic energy, so get ready to embrace the change.