What You Need To Know About Leo Season 2022

After diving deep into Cancer's emotional and creative waters, Leo season is here to remind you of the royal abundance you deserve this summer. Leo, the fire sign that symbolizes nobility, boldness, and main character energy, starts on Friday, July 22, this year, and will last until August 22 (via Elle). Ruled by the sun, it's no surprise that Leo reigns during the peak of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, reminding us of our vitality, youthfulness, and vibrancy. This energy wants you to put yourself out there, be seen by others, and value yourself without any doubt or apprehension.


Leo season, when handled mindfully, can be an incredible time to practice vulnerability, authenticity, and overall star energy. That blog you've been wanting to make or TikTok account you want to build: Leo season says go for it! This astrological time of year is all about planting those first unashamed seeds that you can reap the harvest of come fall. Here are some key dates to mark on your calendar this lion season.

The Leo new moon

Astrologer Chani Nicholas dates July 28 as Leo's new moon, wrapping up July and prepping us for the month of August. New moons represent a new 30-day cycle and a time for setting intentions, creating short-term goals, and starting fresh. Under Leo's theme of warm-heartedness, openness, and courage, this is a prime time to manifest abundance linked to the power of yourself and kind-heartedness. Despite its reputation of being conceited, people forget that Leo is also a sign of generosity, devotion, and strong leadership. How can you expand these areas of your life from a non-egotistical perspective?


To really get the most out of this moon, write down affirmations that inspire new ways of vulnerability, strength, and confidence. A general rule of thumb is that moon magic has a three-day window. So, for new moons, you have the day before, the day of, and the following day to set intentions. This also goes for full moons where there is a release of built-up energy rather than a new beginning, as is the case with new moons.

Venus moves into Leo

Venus, the planet of love, adoration, and material possessions, enters Leo on August 11 (via StyleCaster). The universe is just dying for us to get out there and show the world what we're made of. This aspect wants you to get out of your comfort zone, flirt with a stranger, or make a grand appearance at a few parties. With this energy lingering in the air, fortune favors the bold. Challenge yourself to really own what makes you uniquely beautiful, then put that on blast to the outer world. This is not a time to play small or feel insecure. Love yourself hard on this day and see what comes from it.


Enhancing all of the sizzling energy on August 11 is an Aquarius full moon. Any intentions you set during the Leo New moon weeks earlier will now be brought to the forefront for examination. Dubbed the Sturgeon Moon, it will also be the last supermoon of the year (via the Almanac). Connected to Aquarius' energy of community, friends, and humanitarianism, this is a good time to reflect on your circle of influence and how you have grown within them. Where and when is it okay to say goodbye to outdated relationships, and what connections do you value deeply and want to grow?