Why A Dip Into Icy Water May Be Just What Your Mind And Body Needs

By now, you've probably heard many ways you can stimulate your mind and your body to have a more focused, energized day. One of the newest ways to revitalize yourself is simply turning to ice-cold water. Cold plunges, baths, and showers are the newest ways to try to wake up your mind and body, and they're becoming increasingly popular.


According to Health Fitness Revolution, cold plunges have actually been around for a long time, far before the modern era. In fact, cold plunging can be dated back to Ancient Roman and Greece when people used them as a means of healing, especially after big battles or training. With cold plunges being used for centuries with noteworthy results, it's easy to see why many continue to do so now.

Even though it may be challenging to partake in, there's no doubt that cold plunges can be very beneficial for the mind and body alike. Ultimately, there are multiple reasons why you should consider an ice-cold plunge, so let's dive into them.

Benefits of cold plunges and showers on your mental health

According to The Hive, trials have shown that just taking five minutes of a cold shower about two or three times a week can relieve symptoms of depression. The same can happen when sitting in cold water for a little while. This helps mental clarity and energy levels rise through an adrenaline rush. The neurotransmitters in charge of releasing adrenaline immediately react when the body is exposed to cold water.


Meanwhile, a study in theĀ North American Journal of Medical Sciences conducted on cold plunges revealed that those who choose to swim during the winter months tend to feel more energetic and happy than those who don't. These results show that cold swimming can help negate the symptoms of depression that many feel during the darker, winter months, which is now known as seasonal affective disorder. Through these studies, we can see how shocking the body with these cold plunges can help and even uplift your mood and energy levels. Any type of cold water can help you receive these benefits, whether you swim in cold water or simply take a cold shower.

Benefits of cold plunges and showers on your physical health

Naturally, there are many physical benefits you can get from cold plunges or showers, too. According to Healthline, a cold shower can aid in relieving muscle soreness, especially after workouts. This study was conducted on cyclists who participated in intense activities and were then put into cold water for 10 minutes. The results found that these cyclists had reduced levels of soreness afterward. The cold water helps constrict blood flow to the area, which, in turn, helps prevent inflammation and swelling.


Renu Therapy also notes that cold plunging can help improve blood circulation and boost the immune system. The shock of cold water on the body even helps produce more white blood cells. The more your body is forced to react to changing situations, the more white blood cells are needed to solve the problem. This gives an extra boost to the immune system. Furthermore, exposing your body to such low temperatures forces the body to work hard to pump the blood for it to support and surround vital organs. This extra boost in pumping blood helps improve your circulation as it continues to work hard to surround vital organs, providing your organs with nutrients from the blood.