Unique Treatments That Will Up Your Facial Game

Some would think getting a facial treatment at a spa only involves your typical facial. However, because of technological growth in the skincare sector, different facial treatments have been created to meet different needs. 


The allure of facial treatments stems from being viewed as a luxurious way to revamp your skin without all the hard work. These treatments typically involve tools and ingredients you can't usually find in your skincare drawer at home. According to Wildflower Massages and Aesthetics, a general facial is recommended four times a year, once at the beginning of each new season. The reason is to get rid of dead skin cells and give your face a good base to start the new season.

Even though a general facial can be replicated to a certain extent at home, there are many more facial treatments you should take a look at before deciding which one is best for you. These aren't your typical facial treatments, but they may elevate you to an entirely new level of skincare.


Vampire facials

Made popular by Kim Kardashian back in 2013, vampire facials are one of those treatments that aren't for everyone. According to Columbia Skin Clinic, a vampire facial begins with your blood being drawn. Then, it's placed in a centrifuge. Once here, the platelets from the blood separate from the red blood cells. Unless you opt for a combination of skin procedures, your dermatologist will inject the platelets into your face in the same manner as getting fillers. This facial begins at around $1,000 per procedure and should only be done once a month at most.


Vampire facials are supposed to provide an even complexion to the skin while rushing the turnover of healthy skin cells. Dermatologist Ava Shamban tells Allure that the risks are minimal as the only side effect might be bruising after injections and getting your blood drawn. However, Shamban warns that those who have suffered from blood clots or other blood-related issues should not attempt this procedure.

Snail facials

If blood injections aren't exactly your thing, perhaps a snail facial is better for you.

According to The Guardian, snail facials aren't such a farfetched concept in the skincare world. Besides snail slime being a staple ingredient in K-beauty, snails have been utilized on the skin for centuries. Reports of snails being used for health and skin benefits date all the way back to Ancient Greece. Now, modern snail facials can be conducted in two ways: applying extracted snail mucus to the face or utilizing actual snails.


Regardless of which route you choose, snail facials consist of mucus, also called snail mucin, being spread across the face. This mucin contains proteins, antioxidants, and natural hyaluronic acid. The result is hydrated skin free of dead skin cells. The slime left by snails is also thought to have anti-aging properties that can help the skin look plumper. The slime facial is perfect for any skin type and is safe for anyone (via The Beautyholic).

Fire and ice facials

If the idea of having a tiny animal squirm around your face isn't quite your thing, you can try something a bit less exotic like the fire and ice facial.

Despite its name, this facial doesn't involve using actual fire or ice elements on your face. According to YouthHaus, fire and ice facials consist of two rejuvenating masks that replicate heating and cooling sensations. The first step is to cleanse and steam the face before putting on the iS Clinical Intensive Resurfacing Masque that spreads heat along the skin. This step exfoliates and lifts away dead skin. Afterward, a iS Clinical Intensive Rejuvenating Mask is applied, which contains ingredients with cooling and natural properties. This mask rehydrates and moisturizes the face after the heating mask.


According to Pur Skin Clinic, the fire and ice facial promotes cell regeneration, reduces the appearance of blemishes and acne, and treats skin issues like hyperpigmentation and rosacea. This facial is also quick, only taking around 45 minutes from start to finish.

Nano facials

Perhaps you're looking for something to target a few wrinkles or randomly placed sunspots. In this case, you should consider a nano facial.

Nano facials are treatments that go beneath the surface layer of your skin to target specific skin needs using nanotechnology. This nanotechnology goes deep into a cellular layer to care for target issues (via Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics).


This type of facial is non-invasive and requires no needles in the process. The idea is to stimulate blood circulation, brighten the skin, and reduce scarring. Nano facials can help the skin absorb the nutrients in skincare better by the usage of micro pins that are smaller than the size of a human strand of hair. These pins bypass the dead layers of the skin to get beneath the surface. Nano facials don't require any recovery time and can be done on any skin type. A nano facial can help severe acne, acne scars, puffy and sagging eyes, and many more conditions. It is perfect for those who have a specific skin issue in mind but don't want intensive treatment.

Microneedling facial treatment

Although microneedling may sound like a facial treatment far out of your comfort zone, it's a revitalizing treatment that can bring many benefits to one's skin.

According to Lively Wellness & Aesthetics, microneedling is a treatment that uses microneedles on a handheld device that creates small punctures in the skin. After being punctured, the skin will automatically rejuvenate with healthy skin cells and produce more collagen.


While it may sound scary, microneedling is minimally invasive and doesn't produce pain. This facial treatment also produces results immediately and will continue to improve the skin over time. You can also opt for microneedling at home; however, when done by a professional, you can opt for more precise tools. Besides working to improve the skin, micro-needling can also stimulate the hair follicles, helping with hair growth. Although not a long-term solution, microneedling helps improve the appearance of wrinkles and can help your skin appear a lot healthier.