Why Skin Fasting May Be Exactly What Your Finicky Skin Needs

If you are an avid skincare lover, then you've probably heard of Soko Glam's 10–Step Korean Skincare Routine. It was a significant trend to use many products to target your skin issues simultaneously. However, just as trends come and go, the newest skincare craze is skin fasting. The complete opposite of the 10-step routine, skin fasting is the latest way to treat your skin without the need for many products.


Although skin trends are sometimes met with skepticism due to dangerous fads gaining popularity in the past, skin fasting could be a healthier option, with the idea behind it being to let your skin regulate itself (via Allure).

Whether you go head-first into skin fasting by taking part in it daily or slowly incorporating it into your monthly routine, the science behind this new trend is pretty promising. And even if skin fasting isn't for you, it can help you reexamine your current regimen.

What is skin fasting?

So, what is skin fasting?

Skin fasting is simply the concept of not using any type of skincare. It involves giving your skin a rest from using products and outside ingredients and just letting it perform its natural functions. Think of it as a detox for your skin.


Dermatologist Deanne Robinson tells Allure that the method of skin fasting is to let your skin return to its natural state of regulation without the help of products. Robinson explains that using products usually tells your skin how it should act and what it should do. Letting your skin relax from products allows it to reset its role of regulating itself without outside factors.

Made popular by Mirai Clinical, creator Koko Hayashi explains that skin fasting eliminates toxins and impurities by following an ancient belief by Hippocrates. This belief states that by fasting, we can heal ourselves. Hayashi also says that products weaken the skin barrier and make it more susceptible to issues because you are stripping its natural oils. With skin fasting, you are letting the natural oils rise to the surface, relieving itself from skin issues while providing natural protection against outside triggers such as pollution.


How to skin fast and who it's for

Although anyone can skin fast, Hayashi does explain how those with dry skin might see the major benefits. The reason is that the natural hydration occurring under the skin can come to the surface without the help of products. However, if you have dry skin, you should slowly start your skin fast. Hayashi recommends gradually removing your products rather than jumping into a fast head first. Those with extremely sensitive skin should refrain from skin fasting and stick to any prescribed products.


Even though you can skin fast in many ways, the most recommended method for those who attempt it is simply removing your nighttime routine. Dermatological nurse Natalie Aguilar tells Byrdie that by only leaving out your nighttime routine, you are still cleansing any dirt and oils that won't remove themselves. Choosing to only skin fast at night also lets you continue to use sunscreen during the day, protecting yourself from harmful UV rays.