How To Achieve The Trendy Wet Makeup Look

A makeup trend taking off doesn't mean you have to try it, but you'll probably want to with this one. The wet makeup look is all about achieving a healthy glow with dewy skin and mega shine. Think Korean-inspired glass skin meets the clean girl aesthetic. The wet makeup look takes regular dewy makeup and brings it up a notch by layering hydrating skincare, facial oils, and glossy makeup products.


The key difference between the wet makeup look and a simple dewy finish is that the wet makeup look creates a natural luminescence to your skin that's created by moisture-rich products as opposed to only relying on a radiant foundation. In fact, the wet makeup look is essentially the older sibling of the dewy look (via L'oréal Paris).

This look is perfect for the summer months when you want to look like you just stepped out of a pool looking radiant and absolutely fabulous. The great part about this makeup look is that it's rooted in healthy skin and hydrating skincare, so it's basically self-care. To achieve this popular inner glow look, pull out your notebook because we've got the perfect tips for you. 


Be generous with your illuminating products

The key to a luminous base for your foundation is using the right moisturizer and primer for your skin (via Milk Makeup). The important thing to remember for the wet makeup look is that you want to aim for a dewy finish, not a greasy finish — and there's a fine line between the two. To avoid an oily appearance, you need to account for one thing: your skin type.


If you have oily to combination skin, the wet makeup look can end up looking greasy. To avoid a greasy finish and still achieve a dewy look, minimize the amount of heavy moisturizer you apply to oily T-zones and problem areas.

For drier skin types, use a moisturizer with nourishing ingredients to lock in moisture and prevent flaking. Another key step for a healthy-looking base is to layer your moisturizer with a face oil to lock in moisture, per Fleur & Bee. Face oils like jojoba or argan oil are perfect for combination to dry skin.

You can also use an illuminating primer to keep your makeup in place while also giving your skin an extra boost of moisture.

Choose a dewy-finish foundation

If you want the luminous wet makeup look and not just a regular dewy look, you need to choose the right foundation. Avoid mattifying formulas like powders or matte foundations for this look and instead opt for liquid or cream foundations to create a natural glow. A perfect example of a radiant liquid foundation is Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation. The medium coverage is a great buildable coverage so you can choose how natural you want your skin to look.


The best way to apply your foundation for a dewy glow is to use a damp beauty blender. A great tip is to use a hydrating setting spray in between layers of application, including before and after foundation (via the Daily Mail). The hydration from the setting spray combined with the damp beauty blender creates a smooth finish to your skin that looks and feels nourished. Applying the setting spray in layers also helps keep your makeup in place so you don't have to rely on large amounts of setting powder which can cause cakiness.

Apply your finishing touches

Now, here's where the real fun starts. This is where you can get creative with your favorite makeup products to achieve your perfect wet makeup look using products you most likely already own.

For this wet makeup look, make sure you choose a blush that gives a natural flush to your skin. A liquid formula blush is perfect for this look, but you can also use a cream blush for the same effect. Top it off with your favorite bronzer and aim for a sun-kissed look. You can also step it up a notch and use a shiny eyeshadow or gloss (via L'Officiel).


The wet makeup look isn't complete without highlighter. For the highlighter, you want to accentuate areas where the sun naturally hits, and that includes the highest part of your cheekbones and the arch of your eyebrows. Don't forget to highlight your cupid's bow and the tip of your nose. Apply a high-shine lip gloss to complete the look, and you're done!