What To Know About Virgo Season 2022

With a magically passionate Leo season coming to a close, Virgo season is here to get us grounded and organized. It's no surprise that Virgo, the sign of fine-tuning organization and generosity in the astrological calendar, comes after Leo, a time of wild adventure. Now that we've had our summer fun, the universe wants us to get ready to reap our harvest. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the fast-moving planet of thinking and communication (via Astrology Zodiac Signs). If you know an over-thinking Virgo in your life, now you know why. This energy comes at a time when we need to be revisiting and expanding the dreams and goals that Leo season bestowed to us.

Think back to what you were manifesting in late July and early August because Virgo season will ask you to get down to the details. Set your intentions this cosmic virgin season for structural success, clarity of mind, and dreams come true because all of it is headed your way. However, there is one caveat: we will be experiencing another retrograde during this time. But have no fear! Because Mercury rules Virgo, there is even more emphasis on revisiting the details of our desires. The universe is gifting us a time of reflection, calibration, and polishing.

Buckle up for groundbreaking clarity and revelations

A few days after the sun enters Virgo on August 22, Uranus will go retrograde. Get ready to hear a lot of fear-based talk regarding this transit in the media, but do not give in to the paranoia. Uranus is a planet of surprises, revolutions, and revelations. With it going retrograde during Virgo season, we can expect to have some internal lightbulb moments and shocks. We may question our liberation and freedom as Virgo energy will have us analyze our reality, dreams, and manifestations. A few days later, on August 27, we will have a new moon in Virgo around 4 a.m. EST (via Chani Nicholas). This energy invites moments of clarity, grounding, and decision-making. Set powerful intentions on this day for organizational success, detailed manifestations, and new visions that Uranus may be bringing you.

Fueling this cosmic energy will be a True Node semi-sextile with Chiron just two days after while we are still setting our new moon intentions (via Café Astrology). The universe is clearly beckoning everyone to do the healing required to make their dreams real. These few days have the potential to be emotionally groundbreaking with powerful new insights and clarity around your divine purpose.

Celebrate how far you've come

On September 5, Venus goes into Virgo, continuing the theme of careful consideration and responsibility in our love life, relationships, and money. When Venus is in Virgo, it's a good time for being practical and sensible about money. Careful analysis should be used during this time when it comes to spending money and jumping into relationships.

Come September 9, the day we've been dreading finally arrives. Mercury starts its retrograde at 11 a.m. EST, but we will likely feel it the weeks prior. Instead of sinking into fear about all the things that can go wrong, consider it a time of reworking, editing, and polishing up old ideas. Profound breakthroughs can happen during Mercury retrograde and are not discussed enough in astrology. The day after retrograde begins, we'll experience a beautiful full moon in Pisces at 6 a.m. EST on September 10. Pisces is the dreamer, the energy of fantasy, and ethereal beauty. Allow yourself a few days to release all the lessons Virgo season has brought you thus far. 

At this point in the year, we have all experienced incredible changes and revelations. Take time on this day to fully revel in the transforming beauty you have become. Release what no longer serves you and have gratitude for the lessons because there is indeed more to come as Virgo pushes us to be our best selves. The highest and best are on their way to you now.