What Are Angel Numbers And What Do They Represent?

Have you ever seen repeating numbers? Not just 11:11 but any repeating number. While it may feel like a coincidence, perhaps it has a greater meaning. These repeating numbers are called angel numbers, and they're actually pretty remarkable.


For those who aren't into astrology, crystals, tarot, or spirituality in general, let's break it down. Angel numbers actually fall under numerology, which is a study of numbers in your life, as well as their overall purpose (via The Law of Attraction), though some people often mistake them as being part of astrology. However, you can use both astrology and numerology to connect with yourself and your destiny.

In our experience, once you're introduced to them, you start to see them everywhere and we mean everywhere. Whether on clocks, license plates, receipts, or gas prices, seeing angel numbers is inevitable sometimes. Angel numbers have divine meanings, but every angel number is different. So, let's dive into what each number means and why you might be seeing them.


Why do I keep seeing them?

Once you hear about angel numbers, they almost become unavoidable, which isn't such a bad thing. With angel in the title, it's self-explanatory that these numbers are being shown to you by your angels or spirit guides. Maybe you're having doubts about your path or reassurance that things are going the way they should; that's what angel numbers are for.


"Seeing a repeating number is like your angel pointing to you and making you feel seen and heard," says aura reader, psychic medium, and spirit guide Megan Michaela Firester, who's more commonly known as Mystic Michaela (via Well + Good).

You might see several different angel numbers, but you may also see a particular angel number more than others — and that has a meaning of its own. Psychic medium Shawn Stone explains, "If the same numbers keep on appearing time and time again, then until this message is received the numbers will be repeated," (via Parade). That being said, when you see them, it's best not to avoid them but rather accept the message you're being given and remember that it has a higher purpose. 


111 meaning

First up is 111. You may see 1111 more, but for now, let's talk all things 111. So, what does it mean?  111 is known to be the number of manifestation, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening (via Tea & Rosemary). 


You've probably heard someone say, "Shut up! I'm manifesting,"  or, "I'm speaking it into existence," at some point, and that's because 2020 was the rise of manifestations and affirmations. The tarot and spiritual sides of TikTok probably play a major role in that, but it could also be due to the COVID-19 pandemic that had us all begging for something good to happen. That's essentially what manifesting is, willing a want or desire into existence (via Vox).

It's safe to say that we all have something we want to manifest, whether it's getting a text back from your crush or being offered a new job opportunity. If your angels or spirit guides show you 111, then know they've heard you and that your manifestation is on its way. Now, this doesn't mean that it'll happen five seconds after you see it but rather that it's coming — so just be patient. 


222 meaning

222 is an angel number that can have two different meanings. Pretty on brand, right?

Some numerologists see 222 as a message regarding relationships and twin flames. Depending on your knowledge of the ideology of twin flames, this can be seen as a good or bad thing. Twin flame relationships, often mistaken as soulmate relationships, are when two souls come together to make a whole. In fact, psychologist Reena Patel says, "A twin flame is someone that you have 'a deep soul connection' with, who essentially functions as your 'other half' or another incarnation of you" (via Woman's Day). Unlike soulmates, you only have one twin flame, so, if you're seeing 222 and are questioning a twin flame relationship, your angels are confirming that you've found your true twin flame (via Pure Twin Flames).


On the other hand, 222 can represent balance and can be seen when you're facing challenges or important decisions in your life. Your guides are assuring you that you're on the right path and should continue to build upon the situation you're in order to achieve fulfillment (via the Chicago Reader). Continue to persevere, and trust that you'll make it through. After all, you're not the only one rooting for you.

333 meaning

Remember how we said that angel numbers are your angels or spirit guides trying to talk to you? 333 is the epitome of that. 333 represents your angel/spirit guide's presence and support (via Sarah Scoop). They're letting you know they're there to support you in whatever you're dealing with or attempting to do. It should be seen as their highest form of communication.


You can also interpret 333 as the alignment of your mind, body, and spirit (via Ponly). When the mind, body, and spirit align you're allowing yourself to accept and forgive yourself for previous choices you've made in life, leading to personal growth and maturity. Naturally, when you grow and mature, you're able to release the old and welcome in the new. It's kind of like the saying, "When God closes a door, he opens a window."

If you're seeing 222 and 333, you have the ultimate combination. Speaking of God, 333 could have religious aspects — aka the Holy Trinity, aka the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. When looking at it that way, this angel number means your prayers are being answered. It's also half of 666, a number often affiliated with darker undertones (via Psych News Daily), though 333 isn't inherently negative.


Whether it's based on religion or spirituality, just know you're in good hands.

444 meaning

Similar to 333, 444 is a message from your angels and spirit guides that they're watching over you; however, it's more in a manner of protection rather than showing support (via AP News).

Professional intuitive Tanya Carroll Richardson explains that 444 is an important message to listen to. When Richardson sees it with clients, she says, "It's an indication that angels want to play an even more active role in my client's life, want the client to ask for or recognize more angelic guidance, or simply want to comfort my client by reminding them that angels are near" (via MindBodyGreen).


It can also be tied to the elements, though more specifically the earth element. Earth is a natural and organic energy that has a strong, grounding force (via Life Family Fun). Thus, it makes you wonder if this energy is amplified for the earth signs  of the zodiac (Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn). What's more, Richardson also mentions to MindBodyGreen 444's ties to the earth element, saying it can represent that you may be an earth angel. "Earth angels are not actually divine angels, but they share many character traits with celestial angels, like loving to support humans in need, an ability to see the best in people, and natural optimism," Richardson explains.

You may not be a divine angel, but you have to admit that being some form of an angel is pretty cool.


555 meaning

If you're seeing 555, then you can expect a change to happen in your life sometime in the near future. 

Perhaps you've felt like you're in a rut or have been stuck. When you see 555, your angels are letting you know those feelings will fade and that things will slowly but surely begin to change (via The Secret of Tarot). Not only are things going to change, but it'll be a positive change that will bring you happiness and joy. 


"Angel number 5 means love, loyalty, health and wellness, spiritual growth, and positive change," says psychic therapist Vincent Genna (via Woman's Day). 555 could play a strong role in your love life. In fact, spiritual coach Linda Berry explains to Woman's Day, "When any variation of the number 5 shows up it indicates staying open and connected in the relationship, remembering to express love in actions as well as words." Sometimes we can forget to express love properly to our partners, so take this as your angels reminding you to do so. 

Change can also mean putting yourself out there, especially in your career and finances. You've got to put yourself out there and be open to taking risks that'll pay off in the long run, whether that means new job opportunities or finding new ways to accumulate abundance (via Ponly).


Just remember that change is a good thing and allow yourself to see it that way. 

666 meaning

When you think 666, you may think of the mark of the Beast. Yes, in a religious setting, that might make sense, but not all connotations of 666 have to be negative. After all, the number exists outside of religious contexts. In fact, oftentimes, your angels show you 666 to let you know it's time to reflect and refocus so you can get in touch with your higher self (via Psych News Daily). Honestly, that doesn't sound like such a bad thing.


However, if you are one to look at it from a religious perspective, then, yes, 666 is the worst number you could see. In the Bible, the book of Revelations uses 666 as an indicator of the Antichrist. What's more, many people interpret Roman Emperor Nero to be that Antichrist (via Crosswalk). If you know anything about Emperor Nero, then you could understand why 666 would be seen as such an awful number to see.

Luckily, everyone is allowed to interpret angel numbers differently, so if you don't want it to be a negative message then it doesn't have to be. 666 is essentially the Gemini of angel numbers. It has a bad reputation, but when you do your research, you come to realize it's not that bad after all.


777 meaning

Feeling lucky? This could be due to seeing the number 777. The number seven on its own plays a role in society that we're not even conscious of. Think about it for a second. How many continents are there? Seven. How many days in a week are there? Seven. It's a number that exists as far more than just a harbinger of luck, but professor Kevin Delvin doesn't know how it became the symbol of luck to begin with. 


"I have no idea, whatsoever, except that, you know, if we forget lucky numbers, there is a mathematical notion called a happy number," he says in an interview with NPR. What's a "happy number," you might ask? Well, when a number is happy, it means that it leads to 1 after a sequence of "steps wherein each step number is replaced by the sum of squares of its digit" (via Geeks for Geeks).

As for being lucky, 777 means good fortune and abundance are on their way (via Numerology Nation). In this crappy, sometimes Gotham-like world, who couldn't use a bit of luck and good fortune? If you start seeing 777, good things may be on the horizon for you.

888 meaning

Speaking of abundance, 888 is also a number that's affiliated with abundance. In fact, it's about money, honey. To quote the Wu-Tang Clan, "Dolla dolla bills, y'all."

Struggling financially? Well, your angels are trying to tell you that you won't be struggling much longer (via Hidden Numerology). This financial abundance could also be tied to your good deeds, aka it's a sign of an upcoming reward and/or good karma. 


It isn't all about money, though. 888 is also known for symbolizing knowledge and wisdom. When you see the angel number 888, it might be because you have some wisdom or knowledge to share with others. You could've gained this wisdom or knowledge from your angels or spirit guides. Why? Because it's a message they need to convey to someone else who might not see the signs they've already given (via Willow Soul). Look at it as your angels or spirit guides working through you. 

If they're working through you, this could lead back to those good deeds that lead to financial abundance, so it all ties together, just as all good things do.

999 meaning

This angel number is bringing you into a new chapter of life.

Now, this might be a cycle you don't want to end or you aren't ready to move away from, but 999 could care less about what you want. Instead, your angels are telling you to get moving (via Yummy Mummy Kitchen). "Nine in numerology represents both a completion and beginning — the end of one cycle that ushers in the next, and the catharsis that comes with letting go," says astrologer Jordane Maree (via MindBodyGreen). So, if one nine means the completion of one cycle, you have to wonder if 999 intensifies that experience.


It's not only the completion of cycles but also the completion of love and relationships. If you're in a relationship and you keep seeing 999 everywhere, your angels might be telling you to let that person and relationship go (via Sun Signs). Breakups are never easy, but sometimes they serve a greater purpose, so they need to happen.

999 and 555 is a powerful combination because, by completing a cycle, you're opening yourself to the change that 555 has to offer. The same can be said about 999 and 333 as it allows your angels and spirit guides to support you after the endings and entrances into new beginnings.

1111 meaning

1111 might be the most popular angel number. It's also the one with which the most people are familiar. Of course, 111 deals with the power of manifestation, and 1111 simply amplifies that energy — an energy you should try to tap into whenever and wherever possible. After all, half the game with numerology may reside in being aware of it and taking advantage of it.


"1111 may be harnessed with consistency and meditation, ultimately leading to greater concentration, multi-sensory awareness, intense creativity, and eventual manifestation," says spiritual author Lady Tracey Bond (via Woman's Day).

Think of yourself as Eleven from "Stranger Things," harnessing what your mind is capable of. We're not saying you'll acquire telekinetic powers, but you will be able to emanate master manifestation energy. It's probably why most people make a wish when they see 1111. Wishes are a form of manifestation, and we definitely recommend that you also make a wish anytime you see 1111.

Ultimately, this is also an angel number that displays the synchronizing and alignment of your mind, body, and soul. When aligned, you're able to achieve a divine and cosmic connection. You're truly in your highest spiritual form (via Psych News Daily).


1212 meaning

This is another familiar angel number. Unlike the other angel numbers, 1212 combines the power of one and two into a single angel number, making it that much more powerful. 1212 is the culmination of the power of manifestation you find with the number one and the balance and harmony found in the number two (via Mind Your Body Soul).


1212 also ties into the two's relationship as twin flames. Your angels and spirit guides are trying to tell you that you and your twin flame are getting close, but there's still growth and evolution that needs to be done (via Ponly). You and your twin flame need to be able to release old thoughts and habits in order to strengthen the pairing. Remember that a twin flame is the other half of your soul, which means they mirror you and trigger the challenges within yourself that you must face.

With 1212, your angels might be trying to remind you to remain positive within all your endeavors, something that isn't always the easiest to do (via Sun Signs). Just keep that manifestation aspect in mind and you'll be just fine.


000 meaning

Finally, there's 000. This one might be an angel number you don't see that often, but it still exists. It actually has the strongest connection to the angelic realm (via Sarah Scoop). You're finally becoming spiritually aware, and your angels are giving you new knowledge that will connect you to them.


On the other hand, 000 could be seen as the number of perfection and safety (via Numerology Nation). This may be due to the fact that you're supposed to be embracing and strengthening your relationship with divine forces, specifically with God or whoever you see as the highest power in the universe.

It is thought to mean that whichever highest power you believe in is pleased with how you're living your life and the choices you're making (via Sun Signs). You're beginning to find comfort in their infinite and constant presence in your life. In a way, 000 can be seen as a number that sets you free. You no longer have to worry about your infinite purpose because you've finally found it and should be able to find peace in that.