Including Probiotics In Your Diet Yields These Great Benefits

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Incorporating live bacteria into your food might be the answer to your bloating problems. Believe it or not, live culture and bacteria are essential to a restoratively balanced system. The gut, specifically, relies on a microbial ecosystem of live cultures that play a major role in managing several extended parts of your body's health (via Nature's Best).

This community of healthy bacteria and yeasts is known as probiotics, and they already exist within your body to regulate your immune system and more (via the Cleveland Clinic). This ecosystem consists of trillions of beneficial microbes whose purpose is to kick the bad bacteria's butts. Probiotics essentially act as bacteria superheroes to keep the body balanced, in check, and functioning at its best. Because they exist throughout our food and nature, you don't necessarily have to take them in pill form to keep your body regulated. Because of their fermented nature, foods that incorporate probiotics include kimchi, sauerkraut, yogurt, and kombucha. However you decide to integrate the restorative bacteria into your diet is up to you, but the benefits are worth it.

It supports your digestive system and bloating

Because of its pH value, researchers have found that probiotics have the ability to help the body move stool faster, helping to manage constipation and diarrhea (via Healthline). It should be noted, however, that if you're just starting to take probiotics, you may notice bloating or gas. This is because the live cultures are working hard to fight against harmful bacteria that need detoxing. So, start your dosage or intake slowly and be patient with any bloating, as it will regulate over time and is a sign that the probiotics are doing their job.

It supports the cardiovascular system and metabolic health

Those who suffer from high cholesterol will be happy to know that probiotics actually eat cholesterol that lives in the gut and liver (via research published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research). While doing so, they also reduce inflammation in the body and risks of heart disease (via BioCare). Research has also proven that probiotics can positively affect your metabolism. Because of its positive impact on gut health, it can improve metabolic function, reduce the risk of diabetes, and even help with weight loss (via Life Infused).

It balances and improves the immune system

If you feel yourself coming down with a cold, taking probiotics could quickly shorten any time spent suffering. According to Essential Health, British researchers found that probiotics reduce respiratory infections due to their immune-boosting properties. Research published in Current Opinion in Gastroenterology also found that they increase immune responses by regulating immune cells, meaning they hold enormous potential for healing auto-immune diseases, viral infections, and more.

For moms wanting to boost their little one's immunity, probiotics are safe for kids and can be taken in gummy form. For example, Culturelle's Kids Probiotics are great for kids because they're gummies and make for easy chewing and digestion.

It protects and supports women's health

Not only do probiotics offer immense benefits to your gut lining but they can also remedy imbalances in the uterus lining. Because of their massive opposition to bad bacteria, gynecologists are encouraging their patients to up their probiotic usage. According to Atlanta Women's Obstetrics & Gynecology, taking probiotics has been shown to prevent and treat UTIs and infections because of their ability to balance pH levels. It's thusly recommended that your probiotic supplements contain at least one billion CFUs or culture-forming colonies. This may seem like a lot, but it is easy to find when buying over-the-counter probiotics.

A better digestive system leads to better mental health

Because gut health is directly linked to the brain and nervous system, experts are starting to believe that an unhealthy digestive system can be responsible for anxiety and depression. The gut-brain axis is the connection between your gastrointestinal tract, brain, and spinal cord, and researchers say that the balance of different bacteria here can directly affect your mental health (via Healthline). When the microbiomes in the stomach get off balance, it directly damages the intestine lining, causing "leaky gut syndrome." Scientists at the Potomac Psychiatry State that a "leaky gut" leads to a "leaky brain" where stress, anxiety, and depression levels can fester.

In essence, your gut health is optimal for your overall well-being, and probiotics are an incredible balancer for restoring homeostasis health. Your mood, immunity, heart health, and more could get a massive upgrade when including this super fighter in your diet.