Which Sign Is A Capricorn Most Compatible With?

Romance is very important for Capricorn, but you might not know it by how some people describe this stubborn earth sign. On the surface, most people see Capricorn as a workaholic with no patience for the frills and fluff of life. They mean business. However, behind their tough, cool exterior lies the heart of a romantic looking for that forever kind of love. "Capricorns are slow to make friends and lovers and slower still to give them up. When these people decide upon friendship or a love relationship, they give it all they have without reservation," writes Theodor Laurence in "The Foundation Book of Astrology."


It takes more than a few nice dates to catch a Capricorn's eye. After all, they're looking for something truly one–of–a–kind in their love life. In fact, in her book "Love Signs," astrologer Linda Goodman explains that Capricorns don't measure love through performative emotion or excessive displays of affection. Rather, she describes how Capricorns see love as a "quiet and undemanding" partnership between people. In short, Capricorns need partners who understand the work it takes to build a quiet life with someone.

And while it's true that any two zodiac signs can have a happy and long-lasting relationship, there are some signs that simply pair better together. Here's which ones work well with Capricorn.


Capricorn and Taurus relationship compatibility

One of the most obvious pairings for Capricorn is the fellow earth sign Taurus. As the sign ruled by romantic and alluring Venus, Taurus has a natural affinity for all things sappy and passionate. If that weren't enough, these two have explosive chemistry once things become exclusive. "This combination can be the ultimate power couple," astrologer Clarisse Monahan tells Bustle. "Capricorn can provide real stability and security for Taurus, which they will enjoy, and Taurus can help Capricorn to open up more to intimacy." 


On the flip side, there can be some slight tension between these two hard-headed signs every so often. And they both tend to dig their heels in when they think they're in the right. However, if these two can each learn to put their egos aside, there's a great possibility for a deeply nourishing and romantic relationship (via PureWow). Overall, these are two signs that age into their relationship nicely and have what it takes to go the distance.

Capricorn and Cancer relationship compatibility

According to LiveAbout, romantic and sensual Cancer is the zodiac sign that's best equipped to soften Capricorn's guarded hearts. Their imaginative and thoughtful approach to dating allows cautious Capricorn to take things at their pace and ease into showing their softer side. And once this guarded earth sign is able to express their emotions, the bond between these star–crossed lovers is sure to grow even deeper than before. Like with many sister-sign relationships, Cancer and Capricorn can seem like polar opposites at first. However, these two have a lot in common. 


As an earth sign, Capricorn likes to approach relationships like a business investment. They know that it costs money to build the life of your dreams with the person you love. However, a Cancer may be able to help this pragmatic earth sign nurture and cultivate their romantic side, explains Vogue astrologer Alice Bell. With time and patience, these two can find structure in their partnership and work as a unit to achieve their wildest dreams.

Capricorn and Scorpio relationship compatibility

Although Scorpio might seem a bit intense for the guarded Capricorn at first, the energy that these two share blend together seamlessly once they relax in each other's company. The key to a relationship between these two signs is their views on loyalty within a relationship. Although these two each undoubtedly have a flirty side, they are completely loyal once the boundaries of a relationship have been defined (via SarahScoop). As a committed pair, these two know how to keep things hot and heavy. 


Capricorn is used to being the provider of the zodiac, so they'll love to be on the receiving end of Scorpio's madly obsessive style of love. One thing to be mindful of is the overachieving mindset both of these signs have. While it's excellent for the financial prospects as a couple, it can lead to an overbooked schedule where you two rarely see each other (via AstroStyle). In order to keep the spark between you two alive, make a point to schedule regular date nights where you can keep the flames of love alive and indulge in your romantic side.