TikTok Hacks That Will Make You A Lip Liner Fan

It's destined to become only a matter of time, so maybe it's smart to surrender now. If you're not a lip liner fan, you probably will be. Only two things need to happen first: you have to be willing to experiment with pencil liners, which can be sharpened to a fine point, and crayon liners, which are thicker, like a crayon. Then you have to be willing to try different application techniques. If you're used to wearing makeup, you already know how much fun this can be. Besides, mistakes are always temporary; you can always start over again.


Even the pros will tell you, at least confidentially, that some of their best discoveries happened entirely by accident. That's right: a wayward pencil can go a little too far in one direction and it turns out to be the best look of all. In the end, and with practice, you're bound to embrace lip pencil for what it does best: create definition or volume (via MasterClass). 

Since it always helps to have some bona fide tips, these five TikTok hacks can get you started. With any luck, you'll encounter some happy accidents along the way.

Rihanna sings a different tune

There's something about the panache of celebrities that makes many people look twice. And if you've been looking twice at Rihanna, you might be convinced that she knows something you don't know. 

Chances are, she does. Instead of overlining, she underlines her lips to get them to look bigger. And it's only a two-step procedure. As @mualesandro shared in a TikTok video, she first lines the cupid's bow. Then, she lines the sides. Even before the lips are filled with color, they look "poutier." Is she a makeup genius? Many people seem to think so, and we see why.


Juicy lips can be yours

There are times when nothing feels better than finding someone who speaks your language — in this case, your makeup language.

And if you're trying to make your lips look juicy, you ought to be relieved that @jasminedaraphet knows exactly what you mean. In a TikTok video, she demonstrates how to accomplish this look. But first, you'll need two pencils: one in deep brown to line your lips and a lighter one that can pass for the natural shade of your lips. This is the pencil that you should, fittingly, use to fill your lips. 


Now your lips will pop. They'll stand out. And they'll look juicy.

Get a non-surgical lip lift

You might be skeptical of a non-surgical lip lift. But if it's endorsed by @makeupbymario, it might get your attention. He's the makeup artist responsible for Kim Kardashian's distinctive look, after all.


He's not a fan of overlining both lips entirely. Instead, he prefers a lighter touch by lining the top lip at the cupid's bow and the center of the bottom lip, as he shows in a TikTok video. Then, he overlines inward toward the corners of the mouth. With the outlining done, only lipstick or lip gloss awaits, but probably in Kim's favorite color.

Press concealer into action

Like many people, you may have doubted your eyes when you saw concealer included in a lip lining tutorial. But your eyes weren't deceiving you. Just ask @herijuana.doll. Concealer acts like a foundation, holding color in place and reducing feathering.


As she shows in a TikTok video, start with a straightforward application technique by lining your lips with your favorite pencil or crayon. Smudge the color with your finger before adding lip gloss or lipstick. Then, dab on some of your usual concealer in the middle of your lips and line your lips again. Blend the colors and be prepared for what might be one of your most natural lip looks.

Use two concealing shades

There's more than one way to use concealer on your lips, so remember one of the golden rules: experiment and have fun doing it, like @kyranikole2. On TikTok, she shows how to press lip liner into double duty (working as lipstick, too). First, get two brown concealers. One should be darker than the other, and the creamier they are, the easier they will be to work with.


Outline your lips with the darker liner. Then, use the lighter shade to dot/blot the inner part of your lips. Then comes the fun part: using a brush to blend the concealers together. You may love the look just as it is, but for a little shimmer, add a slick of high-shine gloss. You'll shine right along with it.