How To Measure Your Ring Size At Home

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Ensuring you have the right fit is important when shopping for jewelry, especially rings. Experts from Brooklyn-based fine jewelry store Catbird tell Real Simple that "your ring should fit your finger comfortably — snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with some resistance."


When you're shopping online and can't physically try jewelry on, knowing your ring size is extremely helpful. Many jewelers will measure your fingers for free if you visit a local jewelry store (via Eden Garden Jewelry). But if you can't get to a professional, there are ways to measure your ring size by yourself at home.

According to Real Simple, there are some best practices to keep in mind when measuring your ring size at home, including taking into account the size of your knuckles and taking multiple measurements to account for changes in your finger's size due to temperature. Having knowledge of a ring sizing chart is also a good idea. In the U.S., ring sizes are scaled by numbers and half numbers, ranging in size from three to 13.5 for adults. Your finger's width is measured in millimeters and then translated into the size. For example, 14 millimeters is a ring size three.


Use ribbon, string, or an existing ring

A simple way to measure your ring size involves using a ribbon or string. What you'll want to do is take the ribbon and wrap it around your finger so that it is snug, but not overly tight. Make sure to mark where both ends of the ribbon overlap. After you have it marked, remove the ribbon from your finger and lay it flat against a ruler to get its measurement in millimeters. Once you have determined the size in millimeters, compare it to a sizing chart online. According to Blue Nile's sizing chart, 16.5 millimeters would correspond to a size six ring. Different jewelry companies may provide their own sizing charts. While they are all similar, you may prefer to use the chart for the company you plan on purchasing your ring from, for the greatest accuracy.


If you already have existing rings that fit perfectly, you can also measure those rings in a similar way. Use the ribbon to measure the inside diameter of the ring and then lay it flat against a ruler to determine the length in millimeters. Then convert it to the appropriate ring size using a sizing chart of your choice (via Overstock).

Download free printable sizers

Many jewelry and ring companies like Helzberg Diamonds, Overstock, and Macy's offer free printable paper ring sizers that are labeled with finger measurements and corresponding ring sizes. Once you print and cut out the sizer, wrap it around your finger and pull the long end through the slit to create a snug fit. Whichever number lines up to where the slit is will be your ring size (via Macy's).


If you see yourself needing a longer-term or more permanent option than ribbon or a paper sizer, you can always consider buying a reusable ring sizer. They typically come in two versions: a small plastic measuring tape-like tool that functions similarly to a zip tie and a multiple-piece key ring tool that includes metal rings in every size.

An improperly sized ring can be uncomfortable to wear, and according to Helzberg Diamonds can be difficult or costly to resize, so take care to get accurate measurements before making your final ring purchases.