20 Game-Changing Makeup Hacks That Every Girl Should Know

Makeup trends are always changing. Every single year, there are new tips and tricks being revealed to the world. Thanks to social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, beauty gurus are spreading makeup information like wildfire. There are informative tutorials constantly being posted, and a lot of the time, they include hacks that simplify the makeup application process. One of the things that holds people back from getting involved in the world of makeup is the fact that they don't know where to begin. Makeup can be quite daunting and intimidating if you don't know what exactly you're doing. 


Fortunately, there are several makeup hacks people can depend on that are totally useful and life-changing. In fact, even if you feel like you've mastered the basics, there are still next-level tricks out there to still learn about. Makeup.com further notes that even if you consider yourself to be a beauty expert, it's still never quite possible to run out of questions to ask. When it comes to keeping up with makeup hacks, everyone has a lot to learn! For example, what are the best ways to remove your makeup at the end of the night, where should you apply your concealer, and is it possible to make DIY lipgloss? Some of the following helpful makeup hacks will answer your questions.

Use organic cotton fiber cloths to remove makeup

One of the most important rules to follow when it comes to makeup is ensuring that you remove all of it before you go to bed at night. It's incredibly harmful to your face to fall asleep with your makeup on. This means that even if you've had a long night out drinking or you come home feeling incredibly tired from a long day, you still need to remove your makeup anyway. One of the smartest things you can do when removing your makeup is using cotton fiber cloths. Zero Waste Club says that switching to organic cotton fiber cloths to remove your makeup is a sustainable option since they are endlessly reusable.


What's more, TikToker @AlexiaZaradouka posted a video of herself using reusable, cotton, organic makeup wipes. In the video, she starts off with a full face of makeup. By the end of the video, her face is completely bare and clean from any and all makeup residue. This is important because falling asleep with makeup on can lead to acne as well as premature aging. If you don't give your skin time to breathe without a layer of makeup on, it will only cause damage. Using reusable makeup removers as a beauty hack will ultimately save you money and create less waste.

Apply concealer only to the inner and outer eye corners

Although you might be tempted to apply tons of concealer underneath your eyes to hide dark circles, this would be a major mistake. According to MasterClass, one important makeup hack centers on where you dab your under-eye concealer. You should only be putting concealer in the inner and outer corners of your eyes. Since the inner corners are typically the darkest area on your face, adding highlighter there will instantly brighten you up and help you look more lively. The skin underneath your eye is generally much thinner than the skin you'll see anywhere else around your face. Because of this, you shouldn't cake on too much concealer. All it will do is fill the deep lines that may have already formed beneath your eyes through the natural process of aging. 


TikToker @Catrice.Cosmetics posted a video with some advice about concealer application for her viewers to take note of. She says to apply a bit of concealer to the inner and outer corners of your eyes to achieve ideal results. In her video, she already has on eyeshadow, mascara, and blush. It's also obvious that she's shaped and filled in her eyebrows. The last step to her look is making sure that her under-eye concealer is as perfect as possible. She achieves this by adding concealer to the two places where it belongs: the inner and outer corners of her eyes.

Use a face serum to soothe sensitivity

Are you struggling with face sensitivity? The easiest way to combat this would be by applying the proper face serum to your skin. Face serum usage is one of the easiest hacks you can depend on to soothe any sensitivity you might be dealing with. Battling sensitive skin can be an incredibly frustrating issue, but it doesn't have to be a permanent issue that takes over your life. Healthline says that serums can come in handy for anyone who has an oily skin type or anyone with skin that's been deemed acne prone. Since serums generally contain healthy ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, and vitamin D, they work wonders to keep your skin looking healthy and feeling less sensitive. 


TikToker @SkinWithDrSarah posted a video breaking down why adding a serum to your skincare routine will heavily benefit you. She says, "Think of serums as adding a boost to the skin with whatever actives you're [already] using in your routine." Since serums typically feel faint on your skin, you don't have to worry about them feeling greasy or heavy. The reason this is the case is that serums typically absorb into the pores of your face quickly. If you think adding liquid serums to your face will feel the same way as adding something thick like sunscreen or lotion, you don't have to worry about that. It's lightweight and hydrating, which means it serves as the perfect beauty hack.

Test your mascaras lifespan for safe usage

Testing the lifespan of your mascara is another important beauty hack every makeup lover should pay attention to. Mayo Clinic Health System notes that there are several risks that come from using expired makeup, including old mascara. If you use makeup that's already reached its expiration date, your skin and eyes may possibly negatively react to the outdated ingredients. This could lead to irritation, redness, breakouts, and infections. Mold growth is another potential problem that can happen inside an expired tube of mascara. Since mascara is generally black in color, it might be difficult to spot discoloration. 


Good Housekeeping says that if your mascara is starting to smell like vinegar, even if faintly, it's time to throw it away. If it doesn't pass the smell test, that means it's too old. If your mascara doesn't smell like vinegar, but it also doesn't smell the way it did when you first purchased it, that's another sign that it's time to toss it out. So, how long is mascara actually safe to use? It turns out that you can safely use a tube of mascara for about three months. Anything beyond that will lead to an increased risk of bacteria growth. No one wants to deal with eye infections! This means that after about three months of time, it's important to swap out old tubes of mascara with brand new ones.


Try 30-second eye massages to lighten dark circles

One of the most common problems people deal with is dark circles under the eyes. Fortunately, there's a beauty hack that can help with this problem. According to Derm Net, dark circles under the eyes are caused by increased pigmentation and the loss of fatty tissue around the eye. They also revealed muscle loss, puffy eyelids, translucent skin, and shadowing due to the anatomic shape of the orbit can contribute to this issue. Healthline adds that there is a quick 30-second eye massage you can do that will lighten those dark circles right up. If you use gentle tapping motions with your middle and index fingers, you can tap out a circle shape around your eye.


The tapping process will bring a good amount of blood flow to the area. You have to be careful not to tug or drag on the skin though, as that will possibly make your situation worse. When you're moving your fingers along your eyebrows, you must massage in an outward direction. When you're going along the top of your cheekbones, you must massage in an inward direction. Tapping massage treatments are something you can do on your own at any time of the day. You don't need to hire a professional to do this, and it's something you can easily handle in the morning when you wake up or in bed before you fall asleep. If you really practice this hack, you'll eventually get to skip out on using under-eye concealer.


Slim your nose with this contour hack

The cosmetic surgery business is a booming industry in this day and age. Now, one of the most common procedures people get is a nose job. The good news is that there's a simple hack everyone can follow to slim the size of their nose without having to pay thousands of dollars for such a serious medical procedure. L'Oreal Paris says that contouring can make a huge difference if you use the right tools and know how to properly blend. They suggest prepping your face with moisturizer and primer before choosing your contour. Next, you'll paint a dark line on both sides of your nose to create a look of definition. After that, you'll blend the lines in before finishing things off with the perfect luminous highlighter. The purpose of highlighter is to add more dimension to your facial features. 


TikToker @AnaHitaxo posted a video tutorial about how she adds the perfect amount of contour on her nose to slim it down. In her video, she starts off by tapping two vertical dark lines on the front of her nose and one horizontal dark line on top of the tip of her nose. After that, she adds lighter-colored concealer to the outer edges of her nose close to her cheeks. Next, she adds powder bronzer to set her cream. It reveals definition that wasn't previously there. Lastly, she adds highlighter to the tip and bridge of her nose. She advises only using a small bit of highlighter to avoid looking completely metallic.

Narrow down your eyebrow shape and style

Narrowing down the right eyebrow shape and style is arguably one of the most important makeup hacks everyone should follow. The main reason why is that the shape of your eyebrows truly changes the way your entire face looks. If your eyebrows don't sit on your face in the right place, it can totally downgrade your appearance. Eyebrowz says that everyone should figure out their face shape first before attempting to narrow down which brow shape and style to go with. Some people have oval-shaped faces, while other people have round-shaped faces. Some people have heart-shaped faces, while others have square-shaped faces. Some people have diamond-shaped faces, while others have long-shaped faces. Depending on the shape of your face, your eyebrows should definitely measure up. 


Good Housekeeping says that there are a handful of eyebrow shapes that typically flatter every single face shape imaginable. They suggest going for eyebrows that are arched toward the tail, similar to Angelina Jolie or Demi Lovato. They also suggest going for barely-there arches the way Adele and Jennifer Aniston have theirs. Rounded eyebrows are another option, similar to Gwyneth Paltrow and Drew Barrymore. You might also consider extra long-tailed brows, short and thick brows, S-shape browse, tapered brows, straight brows, highly arched brows, or brows that simply arch in the middle.

Observe your makeup in different lighting before completion

Observing your makeup in different lighting is one of the most brilliant makeup hacks to keep up with. The truth of the matter is that your makeup might look way different in natural lighting compared to the bathroom lighting inside your home. Before you deem your makeup look complete, you should take a mirror with you to your front porch or backyard to see how the sun is reflecting on your face. If you notice that some parts of your makeup don't look as amazing as they should, you know where to do some touching up once you go back inside your home with your full-sized mirror. 


Happy Starts at Home says that there are a few different things you should consider when observing your makeup in different lighting. You should think about the amount of light shining on you, the color of the light, and the direction of the light. If there's not enough light in the first place, you won't be able to really observe your final results. If the light is too bright, that won't do you any favors either. Incandescent lighting is known for being a bit yellowish while fluorescent lighting can occasionally be a bit harsh. Knowing which lighting to trust is incredibly important. Furthermore, TikToker @LottieStarrs reveals just how different she looks in two different areas with varying lighting. In one corner of her home, her makeup looks flawless. In another corner of her home, her face is covered in shadows with a few facial bumps. Observing your makeup in different lighting is incredibly important before you finish your look.


Look down when using your lash curler

Have you ever wondered why your lashes don't look as curly as you intended after you've just clamped them with a lash curler? It's probably because you didn't follow one of the most common lash curler makeup hacks ever. You're supposed to look down when clamping your lash curler in order to achieve the best possible results. Master Class says that you should gently press the curler onto your eyes by placing it over the base to start. Gently pulse a few times with a bit of added pressure for five to 10 seconds — and don't forget to look down while you're doing it. 


TikToker @BeginnersGuideToMakeup posted a quick tutorial on how to use an eyelash curler for her viewers. In the video, she's looking down as she clamps the tool over her lashes and attempts to curl them upward. There are so many people who have naturally long lashes that stick out straight because they don't have a natural curl to them. Lash curlers exist for this very reason! Once you've curled your natural lashes upward, it gives off a lovely appearance that sometimes resembles faux lashes. Getting your lashes professionally done on a regular basis can cost hundreds of dollars, which means that mastering the use of a lash curler is one of the best makeup hacks to get into. Looking down while using your lash curler will instantly create a more curled look.


Apply blush by smudging it on your cheeks

If you thought you had to have a blush brush on deck at all times in order to apply the right amount of blush to your cheeks, you'd be totally wrong. It turns out that all you need to do is smudge a little bit on your cheeks with your fingers. Makeup.com says that if you're ever using a gel-like blush, using your fingers is completely fine. In fact, fingers even lead to a more diffused and natural look. 


Beauty influencer @RachelOCoolMUA posted a TikTok video breaking down the steps she follows when she's blending blush on her own face. One of the first things she does is dab the creams and liquids on with her ring finger. She explains that the oils that naturally come to the surface of your fingers help work makeup into your skin properly. The most important tip to follow with this hack is to make sure that your hands are washed and cleaned before getting started.

Use copper peptides before applying foundation

One of the most brilliant beauty hacks to keep up with before applying foundation to your face is using copper peptides on a regular basis. Usually, people go straight into their makeup routine by starting with a layer of wet foundation dusted off with dry foundation. It turns out that copper peptides should be utilized first before anything else. Healthline explains that copper peptides help anyone who struggling with fine lines, enlarged pores, and age spots. 


They are beyond beneficial in helping promote the overall growth of connective tissue in your skin. Since copper peptides can work deep below the epidermis, they help create more natural elastin. TikToker @BeautyJunkyMonkey posted a video raving about copper peptides on her feed. She says that copper peptides should be added in drop form over your lips and around your eyes. Since copper peptides help with plumping your skin, it is almost as powerful as retinol.

Only tweeze your eyebrows after a shower

If you feel like it's about time to pluck your eyebrows, you should know about this beauty hack before moving forward. Plucking your eyebrows can be one of the most painful experiences people deal with when trying to achieve beautiful results. There's an easy trick to consider that makes tweezing your eyebrows so much less painful though. All you have to do is make sure that your eyebrows are wet before you start plucking. 


Makeup & Beauty says it's vital to start tweezing right after you get out of the shower. When you're fresh out of the shower, your hair follicles and pores are wide open. The wider your follicles are, the easier it will be to tweeze unwanted hair away. Good Housekeeping says that it's important to tweeze after a steamy shower, the same way that you would want to shave your legs after a shower scrub down. Hair is easier to remove. If you don't have time to take a full shower, they suggest holding a damp washcloth over your brows for a couple of minutes before you start the tweezing process.

Clean your beauty blender after every single use

Cleaning your beauty blender after every single use is one of the most vital makeup hacks people should pay attention to. The longer you go without properly cleaning your blenders, the more chance you're creating for yourself to deal with unwanted acne and skin troubles. Dirty makeup sponges and blenders are breeding grounds for grime and bacteria. Medical News Today says there are already tons of bacteria present in between 70% to 90% of all products. 


That being said, it's important to make sure the items you're pressing against your face are as hygienic as possible. TikToker @KendraTheMom shared a video tutorial explaining how she washes her beauty blenders in under five minutes when it's time to clean them. She starts off with some clean water and dish soap. She also adds some liquid makeup remover to the mix. She tosses the beauty blenders into a plastic container and lets them sit in hot water for one to two minutes. Along the way, she adds cold water to squish out any excess makeup.

Create your own DIY lip gloss at home

If you learn how to make your own DIY lipgloss at home, you'll end up saving tons of money. DIY lipgloss knowledge is an incredible makeup hack to know about. One of the benefits that comes from creating your own DIY lipgloss is that you get to have the final say when it comes to fragrances, flavors, and colors. The ball is totally in your court, and you get to moisturize your lips in a healthy manner as you do so.


Savvy Homemade says DIY lipgloss can be made cosmetically safe with lip-friendly essential oils. Essential oils come in a long list of scents, which means if you want orange-flavored lip gloss or lavender-flavored lip gloss, you'll be able to pull that off. TikToker @Rose.Freiderike shows in a video about her DIY lip gloss just how easy it was to make. All it took was some Vaseline and pink eyeshadow.

Nail the barely there eyeliner trend

If you don't want it to look like you're trying too hard, another amazing beauty hack to try is nailing the "barely there" eyeliner trend. Thick, black lines of eyeliner have been trendy for several years past, but now it might be time to tone it down a little bit. Makeup All Women Talk says that if you want it to look like makeup is barely on your face, you have to really pull back from using too much eyeliner — if you intend to use any eyeliner at all. 


John & Ginger adds that you can switch up the classic winged liner look by opting for a softer brown color rather than dark black. Dark black eyeliner is always going to look striking and obvious. If you choose a brown pencil instead, it will look like nothing more than a slight enhancement to your natural beauty. Instead of applying it as thick as you normally would, you'd apply it in the most subtle way.

Achieve the trendy wet makeup look

In recent years, there's been a lot of conversations about pulling off the perfect dewy makeup look. Knowing how to rock a trendy wet makeup face is easier than you might think. Milk Makeup says that all you have to do is start out with hydrating primer, a lightweight skin tent, and a bronze base. From there, Milk suggests adding tons of blush along with a final layer of highlighter. 


As long as you follow these steps, you'll look dewy with a face that looks wet in a radiant way. Fleur & Bee says you should know the difference between face oil and moisturizer when applying makeup and going for a wet look. You want your skin to feel hydrated and moisturized, of course, but you don't want it to look like you're sweating. There are countless face oils and moisturizers you can rely on before adding foundation to your skin.

Try snail mucin before applying foundation

Using snail mucin is considered a beauty hack that not too many people are aware of. A lot of people might instantly be grossed out thinking about dealing with snail slime on their faces. However, according to Healthline, snail mucin has already become one of the most popular cosmetic products outside of the U.S. Healthline further adds that Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates would prescribe crushed snails with sour milk to anyone who needed help with clearing up their skin inflammation. In other words, the use of snails in the skincare and beauty industries has been going on for centuries. 


WebMD adds that rubbing snail slime on your skin will actually cause it to improve. Not only does it reduce acne scars, but it helps with smoothing wrinkles and healing damaged skin at a faster rate. Products sold with snail mucin include moisturizers, gel masks, serums, and face creams. The only people who should be worried about using snail slime on their faces are those who have a snail allergy.

Utilize face taping before applying foundation

Next time you're about to apply your foundation to your skin, think about utilizing face taping methods before you do. Taping your face is usually something you'd think about doing before you fall asleep at night. Kinesiology Sports Tape says that face tape is a non-invasive lifting method used for anti-aging purposes. Face tape can lower your chances of facial swelling and wrinkles which means it's something many people might grow curious about as they begin to get older. 


Taping your face in the right areas can help lift up your eyelids, lift up your neck skin, and reduce your double chin. TikToker @YogaFace posted a video to show her viewers where she places face tape to smooth out her wrinkles. The first piece of tape goes between her eyebrows in a vertical direction over her forehead. Then, the second two pieces go next to her eyes leading into her hairline. The purpose of using face tape is to maintain a youthful appearance by reducing crow's feet wrinkles and stress lines from a furrowed brow.

CC Cream provided an instant facial skin glow

Using CC cream is one beauty hack too many people are missing out on. Most people know all about BB cream since it's a highly popular face product to use, but that doesn't mean CC cream should be totally neglected. In fact, as explained by Naked Poppy, CC cream is all about color correcting, while BB cream is used as a beauty balm.


CC cream is the perfect thing to use if you're trying to heal imperfections such as dark spots and uneven skin tones. Adding CC cream to your beauty regimen before applying foundation can be a total game changer. Healthline says that CC cream is even considered an alternative to other important skin care products people should be using on a daily basis such as sunscreen. The outlet explains that CC cream can be used as a combination of sunscreen, foundation, and moisturizer in a packaged deal.

Exfoliate your lips before applying lipstick

No one wants to feel like their lips look dry, chapped, or lumpy under their lipstick. When your lips are peeling, it takes away from an elegant appearance. One of the easiest ways to combat this issue would be by exfoliating your lips before applying any lipstick or lip stain. The right use of lip exfoliation will smooth your lips out and cause the color of your lipstick to turn out flawlessly. 


Makeup says the benefit of using lip scrubs is to help moisturize your pout. TikToker @IAmAnywNova shared a video breaking down how she personally chooses to exfoliate her lips. In the video, she uses a long brush with gentle bristles paired with oil before wiping her lips off with a clean makeup wipe. After that, she applies clear lipgloss over her lips to add a glowing, hydrating effect. If your lips are incredibly chapped and cracked to begin with, you'll have to be careful not to scrub too hard to avoid hurting yourself.