How To Properly Pack Necklaces And Avoid A Tangled Mess

You already know what some of your wise-guy friends are going to say: "You should be glad you even remembered to pack necklaces that coordinate with every outfit. Now, you're going to complain that they're tangled, too?" Well, actually, yes. No matter the mode of transportation — plane, train, or automobile — unpacking jewelry after a trip can feel sort of like you opened someone else's Christmas gift by accident: you're surprised and left wondering how such a thing could have happened.

In fact, it can be startling to see just how tangled even one necklace can become; two or three intertwined can give you the feeling of working with a sliding block puzzle: move one piece two places to the right and then move another piece three pieces to the left. It's hard to tell if you're making progress. Unsurprisingly, the key to properly packing necklaces to avoid such an ordeal is to pack them separately (via Nomad Paradise)But surprisingly, some clever items can help you bring organization and even a home-away-from-home grin to your face in the process.

Compartments offer advantages

Pressing some conventional items into action first may give you the confidence you need to look through your suitcase for secret hiding places. Peace of mind is why some people refuse to use anything but a travel jewelry box or a jewelry roll organizer when they're on the go. The latter is basically a flexible jewelry holder that rolls up and then closes shut with a snap or tie (via Nomad Paradise). Though the compartments are obviously intended for certain types of jewelry — square compartments for rings, round sections for bracelets — you wouldn't be the first person to bring a fresh perspective to what should go inside these organizers. Just remember the guiding principle: pack your necklaces individually and separately. If any tangling occurs, it should be minor.

Other storage methods borrow from the same basic ideas. For example, a pill case organizer offers the advantages of separation as well as a cap on top of every compartment. The only possible drawback? The individual compartments may be too small for your necklaces. And you shouldn't cram them inside. If your necklaces need room to spread out, consider using a hard eyeglass case (via Homelight). Or if you prefer to lay necklaces flat before wrapping them in a washcloth, consider latching them to a three-ring carabiner. Used by rock climbers and window cleaners, the shackle will hold your necklaces in place, securely.

Packing resourcefulness helps

If you're wondering what professional movers suggest to keep necklaces from getting tangled, you might be surprised by how resourceful they are. In addition to wrapping a necklace in a washcloth or around a sponge, they tout using plastic wrap and bubble wrap (via The latter especially excels at protecting delicate necklaces. Just be sure to fold up the ends like you're wrapping a gift and secure the edges with tape. The package will take up some room in your suitcase, but it should be worth it if you're traveling with a valuable piece of jewelry.

Plastic bags with a zip close offer the advantage of separation and security. Plus, they come in various sizes, so even if they're slightly larger than a necklace needs, you can roll up the bag and keep it closed with a rubber band. But if you really want to brim with a sense of confidence while you travel, loop a chain or otherwise thin necklace through a straw and fasten the clasp on the other end. Surrounded by the snug walls of a straw, the necklace is lodged into place (via Practical Perfection). If you love the idea but can't quite execute it with a wide necklace, reach for a worthy substitute: a toilet paper roll. Just be sure to place the cardboard rolls on top of your packed belongings so that they don't get crushed.