Michele Shields

Photo of Michele Shields
Westfield, NY
Jamestown Community College, Saint Bonaventure University
Self-care, Relationship Advice, Professional Advice
  • Michele spent 2.5 years as the lone staff editor for YourDictionary.com.
  • Her creative short stories and poetry are published in three anthologies: "Here in This Time or Place" and "Here Again" by Write Now Writers Group and "Dead End" by Genres Authors Guild.
  • She's watched every season and spin-off (and rip-off) of Project Runway.


Michele has worked as a professional writer and editor for eight years. She switched careers from school counseling and children's program management to SEO content creation, bringing her empathy and advisory skills into each piece of writing. In a few short years, Michele worked her way from ghostwriter to blog/social media manager to staff writer and then staff editor. At LoveToKnow Media, she worked on a wide variety of lifestyle content, including topics like death and dying, relationships, counseling, family life, occupational advice and resources, literature, and education.


Michele earned an associate degree in social sciences, a bachelor's degree in psychology, and a master's degree in school counseling, all from small schools set in rural, western New York. Her education and work have always centered on helping others live their best lives.