Shana Aborn

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New York, NY
College Of William And Mary, CUNY Queens College
Relationships, Parenting, Soap Operas
  • Shana often writes about the Duggars for The List. Her fascination with the family began when they were first profiled in Parents magazine, the article that helped launch "19 Kids & Counting." She fact-checked the story with Michelle Duggar, not realizing the course the family's lives would soon take.
  • The topics she has covered in her hundreds of articles span a wide range from human interest to entertainment, parenting to pets, women's health to astrology.
  • She has interviewed many people over the years, including cancer surgeons, psychics, parents of sextuplets, three Olympic athletes, a Grammy winner, a Tony winner, Martha Stewart, Rudy Giuliani, Julia Child, and (her favorite) Cary Elwes.


Shana has worked as a professional writer and editor for more than three decades, specializing in topics related to women's interests. In addition to holding senior staff positions at Ladies' Home Journal, MAMM, and Woman's World, she has written for Redbook, Woman's Day, Parents, Scary Mommy, Babble, Romper, and many other outlets. In 2014, she began her second career as a preschool teacher and is currently the Education Director of a 3-K/Pre-K center. In 2000, Shana published her first book, "30 Days to a More Spiritual Life" (Doubleday). She also contributed to the book "The Imperfect Mom."


Shana has a B.A. in English from the College of William & Mary, where she also ventured into journalism through her work with the college newspaper. Her writing skills helped earn her a place in the first cohort of the New York City Pre-K Teacher Training fellowship, through which she earned her M.A. in early childhood education from CUNY Queens College.

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