10 Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil For Skin

grapeseed oil benefits for skin

Grapeseed oil benefits for skin: hydrating, healing, wrinkle-smoothing, and more.

Are you looking for the holy grail of skincare oils? Well, look no further. Grapeseed oil is by far one of the best out there, and the benefits you will reap when using it are well worth it. Extracted from wine grapes, this oil is as light as a feather, glides across your skin when applied, and soaks into the dermis. Plus, it has so many benefits, from glow-boosting to anti-aging, that you probably won’t need half of what you have been previously using when added to your skincare routine. Here is a list of the top grapeseed oil benefits for skin.

Helps clear up acne

Unlike other natural oils, grapeseed oil is non-comdogenic, and due to high levels of linoleic acid, this powerful oil can keep your pores from getting clogged. It also has anti-microbial as well as anti-inflammatory properties, which make this oil an integral part of your daily skincare routine. 

Free radical protection

Want extra protection from environmental stressors like the sun and pollution? This is the oil for you. It contains vitamin C and vitamin E, which can not only prevent all the nastiness in the air from harming your skin but can also undo some of the previous damage. 

Moisturizes the skin

If you have combination skin, you will significantly benefit from using this oil. Due to the linolenic acid, it can soak deep into your dermis, providing you with smooth and soft skin without a greasy feel. Due to the increase in moisture, this will slow the overproduction of oil and balance out your skin. 

grapeseed oil benefits for skin

Inflammation reduction

For people who have eczema or rosacea, grapeseed oil is a wonderful addition to your skincare routine. Not only does linolenic acid have anti-inflammatory properties, but the phytosterols contribute to the skin’s ability to fight off flare-up inducing inflammation. 

Lessens fine lines and wrinkles

This oil contains a bounty of fatty acids and polyphenols known to slow down the dreaded aging process. It can also reverse some of the damage that has already been done to the skin. 

Helps the skin’s elasticity

Due to the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of grapeseed oil, it is not a surprise that it helps the skin regain some of its elasticity. The moisturizing benefits alone will give your skin a supple youthfulness. 

Protects against sun damage

When it comes to aging, UV radiation is a huge culprit. By placing grapeseed oil on your skin daily, you are providing a protective barrier that’s chockfull of antioxidants. Not only that, but studies have shown that this oil can reverse UV damage. 

grapeseed oil benefits for skin

Encourages skin regeneration

Have scars or even stretch marks? When applied, grapeseed oil can heal the skin at a much faster rate than any other oil out there. 

Great for messages

Mix with essential oil, and you have yourself a relaxing and nourishing massage oil for your skin. It spreads effortlessly and soaks deep into the skin, providing all the relief your muscles need. 

Gently exfoliates

You can mix this fantastic oil with sugar or baking soda and apply it all over your body. This will leave you with the smoothest skin you have ever felt, and you will be able to see the benefits visibly. 

Now that you know all of the skin benefits of grapeseed oil, you can start to add it to your daily routine. To get started, it’s recommended that you first try adding a couple of drops to your daily moisturizer once a day. Try Brooklyn Botany Grapeseed Oil for Skin, Hair, and Face ($14; amazon.com).

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