The Trendy CBD Products That Are Actually Worth Trying

best cbd products

Whether you’ve tried the stuff or not, by now you’ve at least heard of CBD. The buzzy ingredient is popping up in everything from lotion to lollipops, and CBD aficionados sing its praises for fighting inflammation, promoting relaxation, boosting skin vitality, and more. CBD (aka cannabidiol) does, like marijuana, come from the hemp plant. The major difference? It does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound found in weed, so CBD won’t get you high (though legality still varies from state to state). And since there’s no shortage of CBD products out there, we decided to weed through (ha, get it?) to find our favorites. Check out nine of the best CBD products below, plus some unexpected ways to use them.

1 Sunday Scaries ($39 for 20 gummies;

No matter the day of the week, these gummies — each infused with 10mg of CBD — can help you stay calm and focused at the same time (they also contain vitamins B3 and D12). Plus, they taste delicious and are available in a vegan version.

Top Tip: Drank one too many cups of coffee? Pop one of these to quell the caffeine jitters.

2 Beboe Luxury CBD Pen Calming Blend ($75;

Perhaps the chicest vaporizer ever, this packs 500mg of naturally-cultivated, unadulterated CBD, plus calming essential oils. One puff instantly makes you feel as calm as you would after an hour-long yoga class.

Top Tip: For best results, warm the oil first by drawing on it three times, then draw and exhale for a full dose. As with any vape or vape oil, exercise caution.

3 Extract Labs Muscle Cream ($50;

Slather this all over achy muscles post-workout. An all-natural combo of CBD, plus arnica and menthol, bring sweet relief to sore spots.

Top Tip: Massage it on your lower belly during that time of the month to help with period cramps. We also like massaging it into our feet when we know we’re going to be wearing high heels as pre-emptive pain relief.

4 Kush Queen CBD Ignite Lubricant ($50;

Yep, CBD works in the bedroom, too. There’s 30mg in this (petrochemical-free, latex-compatible, non-staining, water-based) lube, meant to help increase blood flow and make sex that much more pleasurable.

Top Tip: Apply this 30 seconds to a minute before the main event, in order to give the CBD enough time to do it’s thing.

5 Saint Jane Microdose Lip Glosses ($28;

CBD oil is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, all good things for your skin — and lips. Here, it’s combined with sunflower seed and jojoba oils, giving these high-shine glosses (the first ever color line to use CBD, we should add) an ultra-creamy, not sticky, texture.

Top Tip: Because CBD increases blood flow, these are also a good way to help make your pout look ever-so-slightly fuller.

6 Sagely Dreamwell Roll-On ($29.99;

The calming properties of CBD make it choice to add to your bedtime routine. This roll-on uses not only CBD, but also a long list of other calming essential oils that'll help you chill out and fall asleep faster.

Top Tip: Swipe it along the bottom of your feet; they’re home to some of the largest pores on your body, so all of these oils can penetrate faster and more effectively.

7 Elixicure Lavender Pain Relief Wipes ($35 for 10 wipes;

Make these CBD-infused wipes a staple in your medicine cabinet. A quick swipe helps alleviate all kinds of aches and pains, from sprains, arthritis, bruises, you name it.

Top Tip: Next time a headache hits, wipe one along your temples and at the base of your skull, just above your neck, to ease the tension.

8 Cannuka CBD Healing Skin Balm ($58;

A power combo of CBD and manuka honey are responsible for all the skin benefits from this multitasker, including combating dryness, treating blemishes, and reducing redness. It comes as a solid, so warm it in between your palms before applying.

Top Tip: The consistency (and hydrating benefits) make it choice to use as face mask during a long flight. Or, use it to soothe irritation post-waxing or shaving

9 Willie’s Remedy CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil 600mg ($85;

That’s Willie as in Willie Nelson. And while he may be more often associated with the marijuana business, he’s branched out into CBD, too. This edible tincture is infused with CBD and organic fractionated coconut oil, an ideal carrier that boosts the absorption of the CBD.

Top Tip: Because it is oil-based, it’s ideal for blending into a homemade salad dressing or smoothie (Willie’s wife Annie does both).

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