Early-2000s Makeup Is Trending Again, Thanks To Viral Social Media Challenge

early 2000s

From butterfly clips to body glitter to French manicures, the looks that characterized early-2000s style were, well, unforgettable. And, like it or not, those trends we thought were all the rage in middle school are back, sweeping both social media and the runways. Now, users of the TikTok app are taking things to the next level and transforming themselves into full-on “2000s babes.”

In case you're unfamiliar, TikTok is sort of like Vine meets Musical.ly, allowing users to create short videos set to music. Currently, 2000s fashion is trending on the app, with girls giving themselves early oughts makeovers — frosted blue eye shadow, barely-there brows, Britney Spears music, and all.

The trending videos are set to Spears' ionic “Oops!…I did It Again” (a timeless bop from the year 2000) and show people swiping on glittery makeup, brown lip liner, high-shine lip gloss, and hoop earrings, among other essentials from the era. People are definitely having fun with the idea, and watching them will no doubt make you nostalgic for your younger years.

Case in point: The tutorials are exploding on the app, with some users receiving thousands of likes and shares. One user, @chaseevers_ particularly nailed the challenge with turquoise eye shadow and blue tinted sunglasses. Her video has over 558,000 likes and tons of comments calling out how accurate her transformation is. “You literally look exactly like a MySpace girl,” one user wrote. “This gives me major vibes from “13 going on 30” am I the only one,” said another.

Keep scrolling for more of a trip down memory lane.

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