Bright Running Gear to Get Into Shape With In Time For Swimsuit Season


Whether you plan on running away from bikini season or can't power through to summer days on the beach fast enough, there's an aspect of athleticism involved in both endeavors—so at least get it done in fashion. For those in the former category, perhaps exercise could win your affection if you just had some stylish sporty gear to tackle toned abs in. Bright bras and colorful kicks may just put that extra spring into your step when it comes to hitting the gym. For the rest of you fearless types eager to get into a swimsuit, reward your workout dedication with a new pair of retro running shorts or a professional looking top. They'll keep you cool and looking it too right through the start of summer.

1. Adidas Supernova Racing Bra, available at Adidas for $40
2. Adidas Aktiv Ventilator Short Sleeve Tee, available at Adidas for $40
3. Nike Element Half-Zip, available at Nike for $60
4. Nike Pro Core Printed 2.5″ Shorts, available at Nike for $30
5. Women's Nike Striped 2 Inch Road Race Running Shorts, available at or $30
6. Asics Gel-Invasion Running Shoes, available at Kohl's $58.99
7. New Balance '1400' Running Shoe, available at Nordstrom for $99.95