The No-Heat Secret to Blake Lively’s Beach Waves


Blake Lively has long been a source of major hair envy, but her effortless beach waves have been purely aspirational…until now. In an interview with, the face of L’Oreal Paris spilled some of her hair secrets, including how to snag her signature style without plugging in any hot tools.

“I like to air-dry,” Lively said. “Because tools are used on my hair enough through work, I really like to preserve the health of my hair [when I'm off].”

To create the coveted wild waves, start by pulling your hair into a ballerina bun before it's completely dry. “I leave it 3 percent wet so that it has a nice little hold,” she told the site. “And then I’ll sometimes put the tiniest bit of mousse in it, and then I put it up in a ballerina bun. [I]t gives it a little more bounce so it doesn’t dry flat. But my hair has a slight natural wave to it, so it will hold that.”

Another way to achieve the look is by braiding slightly damp locks before bed. Remember, the more braids you create, the more texture you’re going to get. Lively likes to ride the wave with the help of ocean water, no beach necessary. “My hair is always better in California than it is in New York, so I got a big water jug and I filled it with ocean, which is probably a really bad idea, but I would put it on my hair, and actually, it worked,” she explained. “It’s salt and it’s water and it makes your hair a little crunchier and holds it a little better.”

All of that salt water can easily take a toll on anyone’s hair, but Lively swears by a moisturizing tip she gleaned from her mom. “She’d always put [coconut] oil on her hair before shampooing it,” the actress shared. “She’d put oil from her ears down and just shampoo the head. The oil would naturally wash out in the shower because the shampoo trickles down, but you’re not drying out the hair.”

We, like all of the other fans of Lively’s locks, will be test-driving her tips this season!