How To Arrange Fresh Flowers From Your Farmer’s Market

how to arrange fresh flowers

There’s something about fresh flowers that makes any home seem more inviting. But there’s no need to spend a fortune on store-bought bouquets. Natalie Ho of My Little Secrets shows us how simple it is to make beautiful floral arrangements using seasonal flowers from your farmer’s market.

Add interest to your arrangements by selecting flowers in different colors, sizes, and textures. Big, billowing blooms like peonies accented with whimsical white flowers, like garden roses, gypsophila, and lily of the valley, give off a cottage-garden feeling that's perfect for summer. Discover how to create this one-of-a-kind display.

You'll need…

  • Mason jar (or vase of choice)
  • Florist shears
  • 1 or 2 types of showstopping flowers
  • 2 types of understated flowers (look for delicate white blooms)
  • 2 forms of greenery
  • Water
  • Flower food
how to arrange fresh flowers

To start, fill a jar with cold water and a sprinkling of flower food. If you don't have a preservation solution, a few drops of bleach will keep the flowers fresh longer.

how to arrange fresh flowers

Next, place the stems beside the jar to measure the flowers to desired height. It's important to do this seated, so you can view the height at eye-level rather than from above. Then, using your florist shears, cut the stem at an angle.

Remove any leaves that will sit below the water level in the vase. Remember, try not to touch the petals when working with the flowers as they are very delicate.

how to arrange fresh flowers

When it comes to arranging, start by adding the showstopping flowers first, then layering in the smaller variety. Work in a circle to create symmetry. Finally, fill in sparse spots and “rim” the vase with greenery.

how to arrange fresh flowers