The 15 Best Gifts For Your First Valentine’s Day Together

first valentine’s day together

Until now, February 14 held little significance in your book. It was just another day, like all the others, but one where you tried your best to ignore Facebook and Instagram, for fear of being reminded of your single status. This year, though, you’re in a whole new ballpark — a relationship. You've got a fun date night planned and picked out the perfect outfit days in advance. Now, there's only one thing left to do: Get a gift.

Spending Valentine’s Day with your new partner is something to be excited about, but those thrills can quickly turn to panic the minute you realize you have no idea what to get him or her. After all, the relationship is still in its infancy, and there’s a fine line between finding a memorable gift and going totally overboard for your first Valentine's Day together. You want to say the right thing — but not too much. Take the stress out of gift-giving by checking out this list of totally unique, totally appropriate gifts that your special someone will #heart.

first valentine's day together

1 Jaipur Hamlin Gobi Throw Blanket ($166;

This fuzzy blanket — available in pale pink or white — looks just as luxe as it feels. Bonus points if you recommend a night of Netflix and chilling — with the commitment, of course.

first valentine's day together

2 Paella Making Pack ($80;

The kitchen is the hearth of the home — and if you’re foodies, then it’s also the heart of your relationship. Your main squeeze has a way in the kitchen, and you’re impressed by how much you’re learning from their impressive palette. Now, you can show him or her just how much fun it is to tango by the stove with them. Or perhaps, flamenco dance, since with this box, includes everything you need to make a romantic Spanish-inspired dinner for two. It comes complete with a paella pan, a large wooden spoon, and dry ingredients. Who knows, it might even convince you to go on your first international trip as a couple…

first valentine's day together

3 Healing Eucalyptus Blend Candle ($59;

There are growing pains in any new relationship — especially ones as passionate as yours. But the beauty of being together, is that word just there: together. When you pair this luxury candle with a new couplehood that just sparked (get it?), you’re telling your number one that you’ll get through it all. Ideal alongside an at-home meal and perhaps a matching set of slippers, the pure essential oils, soy wax, and 24k carat gold flakes, brings inner peace and serenity. Light it up, baby.

first valentine's day together

4 Desk Upgrade ($48;

If his desk at work looks anything like his at home, then it needs some love. This gift box by Mason & Market comes with an embossed notebook, chic (but guy-approved) candle, coffee chocolates, fine tip pens, and personalized card from yours truly. Rumor has it that it’ll make his late nights at the office a little more bearable … especially because it’ll remind him of you.

5 Magnificent Roses Preserved Pink Roses ($150;

While classic, the trouble with flowers is that they only last for a week tops, which isn’t necessarily the best symbol for your budding relationship. What if you could make one single bouquet last as long as you’d like to be with her? There isn’t a flower for that — yet — but there is a bloom that comes close. When you gift her this box of one or two dozen red, lavender, or pink preserved roses,they will last at least six months. Talk about ‘wow’ factor!

first valentine's day together

6 Ooni Portable Wood Pellet Pizza Oven ($291;

Sad but true: Pizza is the official third wheel of your relationship. Rather than settling for greasy, over-prized pizza, splurge on a pizza oven so your partner can pies from scratch. (You both win!) And if he or she is limited on counter space, this oven, which also cooks meat, vegetables, and seafood, is compact and can easily be tucked away when not in use.

first valentine's day together

7 X & O Earrings ($115;

You haven’t said those three important words yet, but you’re ready. And because Valentine’s Day inspires us all to be a little reckless with our hearts, why not gift her jewels that get to the point? These 14-karat yellow gold earrings are the best way to ensure that she’ll get a hug and kiss from you every single day. Whether she prefers to dainty jewels or statement pieces, she’ll love the sweet message of these beauties.

first valentine's day together

8 Little Hope Philodendron ($109;

As you get older, relationships inevitably get serious faster. If you’re ready to move in together, a sweet plant is a nice way to open the conversation on a special day. This air-purifying philodendron named “Little Hope” (fitting, no?) is hard to kill, which makes it a great way to test out his or her green thumb — or if you’re ready to take on a bigger responsibility like a cat or dog.

first valentine's day together

9 Fine Marvel Complete Bundle ($110;

Get his beard in tip-top shape just in time for your big night of romance with this kit, which includes a shave stand, shave brush, after shave, and shaving soap. And hey, you even get to choose the fragrance because your opinion is the only one that matters … obviously.

first valentine's day together

10 The Starter Kit Stainless Steel cCookware ($234;

There becomes a point in every relationship where you stop going out to the latest French restaurant or the oldest Italian joint, and you start spending much of your time whipping up something at home. Followed by your latest Netflix, obsession of course. Since you’ve been cooking at her place, treat her to a new set of stainless steel pots and pans, including a frying pan, a two-quart saucepan, and five-quart stock pan. Bonus: They’re oven and dishwasher safe.

first valentine's day together

11 Perrier-Jouët Blason Rosé ($64;

You both think Valentine’s Day is a little, well, overrated. But since you’ll spend February 14 together no matter what, you’ve decided to splurge and order your favorite (and pricey) takeout while cuddling in pajamas together. Why not surprise your S.O. with some bubbly? We like this bottle of bubbly sweetened with subtle notes of ginger, mandarin orange, and honey. The best part? It’s really a gift for two.

first valentine's day together

12 Krewe Taylor Sunglasses ($215;

It’s still too soon for diamonds, but you want to give her something timeless that she will treasure every single day. The solution? Gift her a pair of gorgeous shades! Choose from three different frame colors that best suit her style. And hey, these are still fancy: Each pair has 24K gold hardware. (Also available in men's styles.)

first valentine's day together

13 Love Affair Yoga Mat ($99;

The only thing that she loves more than you is yoga. (Sorry.) And the only thing she ever begs you to do is join her in class. You’ve resisted for long enough, considering you’re the one benefitting from her limber flexibility. As a nod that says ‘I support you, babe,’ gift her this gorgeous pink and gold foil yoga mat, along with the confirmation number for the couples workshop you booked for you two. Even if you can’t do much more than downward dog, she’ll feel special and loved — hence the name of the mat itself.

first valentine's day together

14 Bella 1.5L Ceramic Electric Kettle ($50;

You never thought you’d end up with a dude who digs tea, but here we are. And in the morning? He’s into his classic French press, and turns a nose up to your Keurig. You care about him no matter what, and you want to encourage him to indulge in his rituals at your place. Upgrade his old kettle with this ceramic beauty. He’ll like the sophistication — and that you’re finally giving into his taste.

15 It Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Romantics Palette ($42;

Whatever she wants for herself, she makes a list and she buys it. While you appreciate her independence, paying attention to her wish list and surprising her with an item from it will definitely make her day. That means this 14-shade eye shadow palette with colors like “Devotion,” “Adore,” and “Romance” the perfect gift for any makeup lover (read: her).