5 Celebrity Kids Who Inherited Their Parents' Famous Style

Some celebrities have nailed their signature look so well that they're instantly recognizable anywhere they go, and luckily for their kids, they have passed down their unique fashion sense. For example, Goldie Hawn is the queen of ethereal, boho-chic dressing, and clearly, so is Kate Hudson. The two are practically twins with their long blond hair and toothy smiles, which is evident in a throwback photo Hawn shared on Instagram. The mother and daughter are both dressed in white tank tops and light blue jeans with their arms wrapped around each other. "Happy birthday, my darling daughter @katehudson!" Hawn wrote.


From red carpet looks to her street style, Hudson inherited her mom's sartorial sense. And, of course, it doesn't hurt to have famous parents whose closets they can raid. Zoe Kravitz admitted to ASOS magazine (via Daily Mail), "I used to be a little embarrassed by how [my mom] and my dad would dress, but now I steal their clothes all the time. My dad has taken my Cat Stevens T-shirt, but It's okay. I have his Black Flag one, and that's amazing." With two super cool parents, it's no wonder Kravitz inherited their fashion sense, and she's just one of many celebs who won the genetic lottery when it comes to style.

Suri Cruise mastered the art of laid-back street style like Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes is the master of putting outfits together effortlessly while still managing to look hip. Her IDGAF style has inadvertently started many trends, as her looks are easily re-creatable, and her daughter Suri Cruise has been pounding the NYC pavement looking just like her mom. In April 2024, the 18-year-old was seen in baggy jeans that Holmes favors, a camel-colored corset top, and a maroon striped sweater. Perched on her arm was a denim jacket the same color as her pants. She must have taken notes from Holmes on how to nail a denim-on-denim outfit.


Cruise got her love of fashion through her mom. In 2023, a source told the Daily Mail that the teen wanted to study fashion and had already applied to colleges. Although she favors laid-back streetwear, Cruise has an eye for luxe items. In March 2024, she stepped out in a cozy Maje jacket that originally cost $2,695. With two famous parents, she can totally afford to mix high and low pieces together.

Tracee Ellis Ross is just as glam as Diana Ross

No one can serve a look quite like pop-culture style icon Diana Ross, but her equally stylish daughter Tracee Ellis Ross has been following in her footsteps for years. The "Endless Love" singer is known for rocking feathers, sequins, and in-your-face fashion — you'll never see her in anything boring, and the same goes for Tracee, who often raids her mother's closet. In 2000, she wore Diana's gorgeous satin gold dress to the Revlon Fire and Ice Ball. "It was a bit small, but I didn't care. First of all, the dress is the most beautiful craftsmanship you've ever seen," the "Blackish" actor told Vanity Fair. Tracee wore another of Diana's dresses to the 2007 NAACP Awards, a black John Galliano gown this time. "As you guys can see, there's a theme that before my career got to a certain place, I did a lot of either designing my clothes or wearing things out of my mother's closet," she shared.


Tracee's unique style earned her the People's Choice Award for Fashion Icon in 2020. During her speech, she thanked her father for buying her a coveted pair of suede jeans when she was a teen and stated, "Obviously, I have to thank the icon herself, my mom, not only for her great parenting ... but also her example, her sense of style, her epic closet, and her glamour that introduced me to the power of fashion."

Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford are often twinning

With Cindy Crawford's genes, it's no wonder Kaia Gerber is proving to be one of the biggest supermodels around. She started modeling at just 16 years old, and since then, her street style has evolved into Crawford's minimalist aesthetic. Gerber is often seen in loose button-down shirts, oversized blazers, and comfy trousers while still looking put together as if styled for a J.Crew catalog. She wasn't always so relaxed with her off-duty model 'fits. "I put a lot of effort into it. Then, I realized I want to be comfortable. If you've seen me anytime in the last two years, I'm most likely wearing sweatpants because my priority is just somewhere else now," she revealed to Elle.


As for red carpet looks, Gerber likes to keep things simple yet elegant. In 2023, she walked the red carpet with her mom, each wearing an all-black outfit. Gerber opted for a short pleated skirt with a mock turtleneck top, while Crawford chose a fluttery ankle-length frock. The two can wear pretty much anything and look runway-ready at all times.

Kate Hudson learned to love fashion through her mom Goldie Hawn

Kate Hudson, who looks flawless makeup-free, can easily go from girl-next-door to red-carpet glamour, just like her movie star mom, Goldie Hawn. Hudson loves to wear ethereal, flowy dresses on the red carpet, similar to Hawn's style. The "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" star's fashion tastes are so much like her mother's that they're pretty much interchangeable. "One piece of clothing I always stole from [her] wardrobe — what didn't I steal? I still steal from her closet! As a matter of fact, I stole something from her closet last week, and she still doesn't know about it," Hudson revealed to E! News in 2022. "The best piece of fashion advice I got from my mom was to be comfortable. If you're not comfortable, you will not feel your best, nor have a fun time," she added.


Hudson is not afraid of experimenting with different looks and opted for a bright pink gown with a deep v-neck and huge pom-pom shoulders for the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in 2023. "It had these big shoulders and ... I loved the color, and I loved the shape. I thought it made a beautiful silhouette. I really loved that dress," she told People.

Zoe Kravitz's style is a mix of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz

When you're the daughter of a rock star and a free-spirited actor, you're style is bound to be an eclectic mix of '90s grunge and '70s hipster, which is exactly how you would describe Zoe Kravitz. Her father, Lenny Kravitz, is known for his love of sheer shirts — if he wears one at all, that is — which Zoe jokingly mentioned at his Walk of Fame Ceremony. "According to my dad, if it doesn't expose your nipples, it's not a shirt. And, sure, it used to embarrass me when you'd pick me up from school as a kid. But I've gotta say, at this point, I respect it. You really do pull it off," she told him.


While Zoe doesn't expose quite as much as Lenny, she's not afraid of showing some skin and wore a peekaboo cutout dress for "The Batman" premiere in 2022. The actor also bared it all at the 2021 Met Gala with a crystal mesh Saint Laurent dress worn with nothing but a matching thong, proving she's not afraid to take fashion risks, just like her famous parents.