Trust Us, Every Bride-To-Be Needs An Earlymoon


This post was originally published on Bridal Pulse.

Before you run off looking for the most romantic honeymoon spots, you should probably take a step back with your soon-to-be-spouse and plan an earlymoon. What even is an earlymoon, you ask? It’s literally a pre-wedding mini honeymoon to rid yourself of some unnecessary wedding stresses. Think we’re kidding? Absolutely not — wedding stress is a major issue, with a shocking 71 percent of newlyweds reporting that planning their weddings was more stressful than finding a job or buying a home.

The solution? A long weekend away, obviously. This gives couples a chance to unwind and enjoy each other's company before their big day. And, in this case, we’re excited about the beaches of the Bahamas.


Photo: c/o Grand Lucayan

Lighthouse Pointe at Grand Lucayan is currently offering a “Fling Before The Ring” package that’ll give you and your beloved a romantic three-night stay at a steep discount when you use code “FLING” to book between now and December 20, 2018, with travel through the end of this year. The package includes a private sunset sail for two (just think of the Instagram opps!), a toes-in-the-sand beachfront dinner for two, a Swedish couples massage, and an indulgent Sunday brunch with champagne for a last stolen moment at this gorgeous oceanfront resort.

There’s a required three-night minimum stay to access the discounted rates, but honestly, do you want to be there less than three days anyway? Unlikely. A little R&R may be the best way prevent relationship conflict when planning your wedding. Plus, you’ve set the date, stayed within your budget, and have been on a strict wedding diet. You deserve this.