8 Sex-Positive Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Feel Fearless In Bed

sex-positive instagram accounts

The stigma surrounding female sexuality is still alive and well, often silencing the conversations that are necessary in promoting pleasure, education, and health. Online, however, nothing is off limits. In the fight for sexual expression, there are educators, influencers, creatives, and brands leading the charge on social media. Whether you are looking for sex education, product reviews, or just a daily dose of sexy photos, there is something for everyone.

Follow these NSFW-scrolling, sex-positive Instagram accounts to feel fearless in bed. After all, you deserve nothing less.


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Sexual liberation 101: If sexual liberation is trying to make you be someone you’re not, it’s not sexual liberation. True sexual liberation—one that honors where you’re at while encouraging you to be curious about who you want to be—will give you room to explore and express yourself in ways that feel light and gentle. That’s how I teach it and that’s what I want for you. If you are someone who wants to liberate their sexuality but hasn’t known where to start, join me in my new course, Sexual Liberation 101. In Sexual Liberation 101, you’ll learn everything you need to get started on your sexual liberation journey in a safe environment where you can explore who you are (or want to be) as a sexually liberated person—on your own terms. This isn’t about tips or tricks. With Sexual Liberation 101, you’ll bring focus, awareness, and healing to who you want to be sexually—authentically and gently. And by the end of this course, you’ll officially be on your sexual liberation journey. ➖ ✨To join, click the link in my bio or go to bit.ly/sexualliberation101✨ ➖ I had so much fun making this for you and I’m excited to watch you step into sexual freedom.

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Through her podcast Sexually Liberated Women and blog, sex educator and doula Ev’Yan Whitney is committed to helping women safely explore their sexuality with vulnerability and on their own terms. She’s also the creator of the #SensualSelfieChallenge. “True sexual liberation — one that honors where you’re at while encouraging you to be curious about who you want to be — will give you room to explore and express yourself in ways that feel light and gentle. That’s how I teach it and that’s what I want for you,” she writes in one post.



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Did you miss yesterday’s live stream on Patreon? ? We discussed fellatio! I showed a couple techniques, demonstrated circular breathing (which helps with deep throating), discussed how to accept your gag (and use it to your advantage), and more! – A few folks had additional questions so we made sure to answer them in that safe space! No judgement zone ☺️ Dick suckers unite ? We also talked about unpacking our obsession with our partner’s orgasm. It’s okay if your partner doesn’t achieve orgasm every time via oral sex (or at all). That is NOT a reflection of your value or the success/pleasure of the encounter. – I also demonstrated how to put a condom on with your mouth! As you can see, I was very pleased with myself ?? Safe(r) sex is important, even for oral! – If you missed it, join now as a Third Base or Climax patron where you can access all old live streams ? PLUS hella other amazing stuff! – Go to: patreon.com/raquelsavage – #RaquelSavage #Patreon #LiveStream #Oral #WCW

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As her Instagram name suggests, this Miami-based, board-certified sex coach is savage when it comes to taking on the stigma surrounding female sexuality. Raquel uses her platforms, including the #TheSavageLife podcast, educational videos, sex coaching classes, and more, to start a healthy dialogue on everything from the female orgasm and fellatio to conditions like PCOS to sex toys and fetishes. Seriously, nothing is off limits. “Everything I do with my socials is to promote further understanding and opportunities for growth and healing (and also a fair amount of trappin never hurt). Y’all know I keep it real, but also wanna keep it healthy,” she explained in a post.



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Who needs a spanking? ? Photo ? @nataliamantini Hair @waltonsworld

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Karley Sciortino is on a mission to take back the word slut while encouraging women to explore sex without shame. She’s the founder of the website Slutever, author of Vogue’s “Breathless” column, host of the Viceland show, Slutever, and author of a book by the same name. Through an inherently feminine lens, Sciortino explores everything from sexual pleasure to sexual fluidity to sex education to the changing nature of sex work culture. It’s equally entertaining and educational — “sex ed for sluts,” she quips.



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#FemalePleasureMatters ?

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Erika Lust is a “sex-positive” producer of feminist porn. Not only does she create female-friendly erotica, which is good stuff btw, but she also works to expose the sexist censorship of female sexual freedom on social media. Her Instagram account is full of sexy yet realistic shots from her shoots, inspiring stories, and a couple of carefully-curated memes. “Let’s masturbate and talk about it, recommend adult films or amazing toys to friends, make time in our schedule for self pleasure, and teach young girls that sexual exploration is a completely normal, fun and healthy thing to do,” she writes in one post, with the hashtag #FemalePleasureMatters.

Check out our video behind-the-scenes video with Erika here.



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What’s missing? Via @Watts.on ? by @hazel.mead

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Okay, @love.watts isn’t as much an influencer as it is a digital art gallery, with a lot of recent posts being erotic in nature. Started by Aureta Thomollari and Jordan “Watts” Watson, the account highlights illustrations, paintings, sculptures, videos, and more that touch on real life social politics, like feminism and sexuality, among other concepts you’ll likely find thought-provoking. “Is it interesting? Does it have a point of view? Does it reflect our current culture?  I always ask myself these questions when evaluating different pieces, but there isn’t any one aspect that I look for,” Watts told Flaunt of the project.



If you are a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally who supports equal civil rights, then you should follow SH:24. Not only does the account celebrate sexual freedom in an aesthetically pleasing feed, but it also offers expert-approved sexual health and reproductive advice in partnership with the UK’s biggest health website. “Take your pleasure seriously,” one post reads. “Sexual health is more than just STIs and contraception!”



Consider this your go-to for all things sex toys. The online magazine offers a safe space for inclusive conversations about accessing pleasure while the erotic shop allows you to shop for toys without shame. Come for the real-life product reviews, leave with a good laugh (the memes are hilariously on point!). “We believe in the radical possibilities of pleasure and that we are better when we, ahem, come together,” the site reads.



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?Soft and hard

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Looking for new sex positions to try? This is the place. The handle is French for “guilty looks,” and though the illustrations leave a lot to the imagination — think line drawings of couples hooking up with private parts erased — there is still plenty to go off of. It’s sophisticated yet steamy, so scroll with caution. Bonus: You can purchase your favorite prints for backup in the bedroom.

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