Follow These Layering Tips For Unlimited Outfit Building

Building clothing layers isn't just for staying warm anymore. Whether you are looking to maximize a capsule wardrobe, stay warm in the winter, or add a touch of fashion to a basic look, layering is the way to go. Layered clothing is simply a description of multiple garments and accessories worn on top of each other (via Apparel Search). The art of layering in fashion doesn't necessarily provide warmth, as it can involve stacking thin layers, thick layers, or even accessories, but it's often used to to keep warm, too.


Layering prepares you for anything and everything according to Andrea Jagaric, president of Aerie Design (via InStyle). Shed a layer or put one on to make the perfect outfit for the occasion. Not to mention, layering correctly can provide you with hundreds of mix and match options leaving little room to worry about outfit repeating. Ultimately, layering can be fashionable, functional, or both. No matter why you are layering, there are tips and tricks to ensure you look and feel your best. In fact, these hacks for layering will leave you with unlimited outfit ideas, comfort, and Insta-worthy looks.

Great basics are essential

Just a few great basics can make for a hundred fashion-forward outfits. Consider the basics you gravitate towards on the daily, whether it be mom jeans or a denim jacket. Ensure that you have one high-quality item of each basic closet staple. This basic can be a staple piece used to layer the more fashion-focused pieces in your wardrobe, creating a smaller capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is an amazing way to look great and practice sustainability (via Compare Ethics).


For example, a plain white tee can be worn in many different ways. Layer a white t-shirt under a slip dress during summer, pair it with a denim jacket in autumn, and wear it over a long sleeve tee during winter. A great basic will give you countless layered look options year-round and prevent you from buying new clothes every season.

Experiment with patterns and textures

While over-layering with many clashing patterns or textures is definitely a possible fashion faux pas, it doesn't have to be. If you love it, don't be afraid to wear it! Think outside of the box. Consider pairing basics with a layer in a fun pattern. If looking to layer with textures, consider layering two textures on top of each other (via MasterClass). Some fun combos to try include leather with knits, feathers with fuzzy, and even boucle on boucle.


We love seeing the twists celebrities and influencers put on trends such as layering, too. For example, one popular texture layering trend involves sweatshirts and leather jackets. Simply layer a plain tee with a hooded sweatshirt, and then throw on an oversized leather jacket for a comfy chic look sure to drop jaws.

Blazers can be your best friend

Blazers are not just for business. They are an essential piece for layering, even during warmer months when worn correctly. During the summer, street-style icons like Hailey Bieber have been seen rocking the blazer, tank, and denim look (via Le Chic Street). During winter, celebs and 9-to-5 girls alike are seen wearing their blazers with wool sweaters and scarves. Blazers are the ultimate chic way to layer in winter as they provide warmth and an insulating layer, while also being light enough to throw another jacket on top.


Three is the magic number

Like with many things, three is the magic number for layers. There is a simple formula for layering: start with a lightweight base, add the main layer, and then add the top coat (via M Dash). This can be adjusted to make room for layering with accessories or tweaked to involve lighter weight layers, but in general, this formula is pretty foolproof.


A common example of the rule of three in layering is a white tee, a denim jacket, and a camel coat. You can strip the layers down if you get hot or build them up for ultimate warmth. Some adjustments may be made for warmer summer days, such as switching the tee for a tank, the jacket for an overshirt, or the coat for a light jacket.

Well-fitting lingerie is key

Every amazing, layered outfit should start with great underwear. Celebrity stylist Micaela Erlanger explained to Byrdie that "lingerie is your foundation" for great layering. You want to ensure that your lingerie fits the body correctly to prevent your clothes from fitting odd. Choosing the correct color of lingerie is important as well, as you do not want your black bra to show through your sheer white button-up.


Ultimately, you should make sure that your closet is filled with underwear that can be worn with a variety of your looks. Lingerie that fits your body and personal style is the key to success when building a layered look, and it ensures that you will feel comfortable and confident in your outfit.