7 Huge Hair Benefits Of A Boar Bristle Brush

Since the time you were old enough to part, comb, and brush your hair by yourself, you've probably reached for the same brush every day. Even if you have a collection of four or five brushes to choose from, you play favorites, don't care who knows it, and are loath to change — that is, perhaps, until you're introduced to a brush that not only looks different but also feels different against your scalp.

Today may be one of those game-changing days — the day you learn about boar bristle brushes and decide to inspect them for yourself. As the name implies, boar bristle brushes are made from the hair of wild boars. And here's the ironic part: The bristles are tightly wound — difficult to separate with your finger — but still very soft and somewhat flexible. This sensation may be so new and surprising to you that you find yourself "strumming" the bristles.

Now, try to imagine the sensation against your head. LKC Studios heaps praise on boar bristle brushes by calling them "hands down the most gentle on your hair. This is the best hair brush for fragile, weak, or damaged hair." In fact, the brushes can spoil people with any hair type. Just count the ways.

Boar bristle brushes distribute hair oils and make hair shiny

One of the huge hair benefits of a boar bristle brush is its ability to distribute natural hair oils, making the hair look shiny and healthy. The soft, dense bristles of the hairbrush disperse oils found on the scalp along the length of the hair shaft. This process moisturizes the strands, which creates a glossy look. The added layer of oils also provides protection for the hair, preventing dryness and damage from UV rays, pollution, and heated styling tools.

Another bonus of using this type of brush is that while it spreads hair oils throughout the hair, it reduces an excess of sebum from building up on the scalp. Research published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology Symposium Proceedings stated that sebaceous gland activity contributes to scalp flaking and dandruff and is also linked to seborrheic dermatitis, which can cause itching, inflammation, and discomfort. So, removing sebum from the scalp can cut down on these scalp conditions.

Wondering how often to use a boar bristle hairbrush to evenly distribute scalp oils for shiny hair? Those with oily hair should stick to brushing with a boar bristle brush once daily to prevent the appearance of greasy locks. If you have dry or normal hair type, feel free to brush twice or more daily.

They add volume

A round brush made with boar bristles is a dream for those with fine or thin hair. Round boar bristle brushes add volume and fullness but are also gentle on delicate strands and don't cause damage to the hair follicle. This means you can get that big and bouncy hair you're after without stretching strands or causing breakage or hair damage. Because boar bristles are gentle on strands, they are also a beneficial option for adding volume to damaged hair.

Another reason to use a boar bristle brush when creating a voluminous look is its sticking power. Boar bristles tend to grip more tightly to strands than nylon or plastic bristles, making them an excellent choice for slicker hair types. When choosing your brush, smaller-diameter brushes are good for shorter styles, while larger brushes work best for medium to long hair. To use your round brush to create volume, concentrate on the roots of the hair, directing the heat from your blowdryer where the brush is placed while gently pulling the brush through to the roots of the hair.

The brushes help prevent frizziness and hair breakage

For a super smooth look, a boar bristle brush is an absolute must-have. The soft natural bristles reduce friction and static to prevent frizziness while smoothing and flattening the hair strand cuticle to keep the hair from breaking.

Several factors can't can make your hair look frizzy. Humidity can cause strands to absorb water and swell up. Dryness opens up the cuticle and makes strands more brittle. And over-processing with heated styling tools, using products that contain harsh ingredients, and hair bleaching can all lead to hair damage and frizziness. Curly hair also tends to look frizzy. Using a boar bristle brush will keep strands moisturized and conditioned while relaxing the cuticle for a healthy, refined look.

To tame frizz with a boar bristle hair brush, be sure to use it on completely dry hair, as wet strands are more prone to breakage. Then use a boar bristle paddle brush and blowdryer — making sure to direct heat downward to avoid roughing up the hair cuticle — to create a smooth, sleek look.

Boar bristle brushes clean your hair and scalp

Did you know that boar bristle brushes are also great for cleaning the hair and scalp? Because the bristles are soft yet sturdy, they easily remove dirt, dust, lint, and flakes from hair healthily. This is also an effective way to remove buildup from styling products. Regular use of a boar bristle brush will help to get rid of oiliness and loose strands, as well, and can clear clogged pores on the scalp.

Although a boar bristle hairbrush isn't going to freshen unwashed hair completely, it can revive second or third-day hair, often without the need for dry shampoo, especially for those with dry or normal hair types. When brushing your hair, start at the ends of your hair to avoid pulling and tugging on any tangles. Work your way up, from ends to roots, before brushing the lengths of the strands.

And remember to keep your hairbrush clean so that it's most effective in cleaning your hair. Do this by removing lint and hair from the brush with a comb. Then make a mixture using a mild liquid soap or shampoo and warm water in a bowl to wash your brush. Rinse thoroughly, pat dry with a clean towel, and let your brush air dry completely before the next use. When cleaning your brush with a wooden handle, be sure not to soak it in water. 

They stimulate the scalp and promote hair growth

Can something as simple and natural as brushing your hair truly boost hair growth? Yes! It's another of the huge hair benefits of a boar bristle brush. According to research published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, scalp massages improve hair thickness and promote "increased blood flow to the hair follicles," which promotes hair growth and thickness. 

Here's how to use a boar bristle hairbrush for scalp massage and healthy hair growth. Begin by working through the hair from ends to roots to ensure your mane is tangle-free. Then, brush your hair in sections from roots all the way to the bottom of strands in slow, fluid motions. Be sure to apply light pressure to your brush to ensure your scalp receives a proper massage, adjusting pressure as desired. Go over each section several times.

For best results, perform a boar bristle hairbrush scalp massage three to four times each week. It's an ideal way to relieve stress, it feels great, and will make your hair look full and healthy too.

Boar bristle brushes will help you create a smooth style

Whether wearing your hair down or creating an updo, boar bristle hair brushes leave locks super smooth and soft. Even if you aren't trying to prevent frizz, this hair tool is a handy addition to your haircare kit — think well-controlled long waves, a sleek bob or lob, or a polished updo.

Again, always use this brush type on completely dry hair. For longer hairstyles, begin by detangling your locks with a wide-toothed comb or pick, then brush hair in sections with a paddle or slightly curved boar bristle brush from roots to ends in gentle motions. This will help make your hair look smooth and silky. Avoid over-brushing, as this can make hair look oily or flat.

Applying a smoothing product, like a lightweight hair serum or cream, will keep strands in place. For a chin-length or longer bob, opt for a small to medium brush and, using a blowdryer, work the heat through sections of hair from roots to ends until the hair is smooth and styled. And when styling an updo, use your paddle brush or curved boar bristle brush to smooth hair back and prevent flyaways before securing and applying hairspray.

Boar bristle brushes are suited for all hair types

Because boar bristles brushes are gentle on strands, they are well-suited for all hair types. The key is choosing the right boar bristle hairbrush for your hair. If you have fine hair, it's best to go with a brush that has softer bristles to prevent pulling on delicate strands and breakage.

Those with medium to thicker hair can opt for medium to stiff bristles to ensure the bristles get through all layers of hair. Can you use a boar bristle brush on curls? Absolutely! For curly hair, select a brush that is curved to enhance and contour curls.

Consider what you want from your brush when choosing a boar bristle hairbrush. If you mainly want to perform a scalp massage with your brush, you'll want one with dense bristles to provide the best coverage. The same goes for brushes that best distribute scalp oils and clean the scalp and hair. With daily use, some people have reported seeing results in their hair's overall shine and health in as little as two weeks! Remember, consistency is key — so use this specific hairbrush daily for best results. 

Are boar bristle brushes worth the price?

You'll have to decide for yourself how a boar bristle brush performs as a styling tool. But considering the fantastic hair health benefits it provides, plus the stunning sleek looks it can create, we don't see why it's not at least worth a shot. And an ancillary but welcome side benefit? A boar bristle brush won't get stuck or tangled in your hair like brushes with nylon or plastic bristles are prone to do. Even if a boar bristle brush collides with a mass of product or a clump of wet tangles, all you have to do is give it a gentle tug, and it will escape — no harm done.

Now you may be wondering how much it will cost you to escape from a store with a new boar bristle brush. As you might expect, these brushes often cost more than synthetic ones, but how much you're willing to spend depends on your preferences. Even a cursory check online will reveal a wide range in prices from under $10 to hundreds of dollars. But it's fair to say that you should be able to find a solid boar bristle brush for about $20 or $30. So, look at it this way: If you settle for a less-pricey brush, put the one you're pining for on your birthday or holiday wish list. It should be worth waiting for.