How To Elevate Your Bralette Style

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They're sexy, they're stylish, they're bralettes! Unlike bras with structured wires or thick pads, bralettes offer more comfort and less restriction. Plus, they look so fashionable. Many well-known retailers and brands such as Target, Aerie, and Victoria's Secret sell bralettes. No matter your style preference, there are multiple options to choose from at various price points.

Proving how trendy the lingerie garment has become, more than two million posts popped up when we searched the hashtag #bralette on Instagram. Therefore, we recommend that every fashion enthusiast invests in at least one bralette.

Once you have your bralette, you'll need to know how to style it. The good news is that there are endless easy ways to wear one and look like a showstopper. And believe it or not, bralettes need not be hidden under your clothing or restricted to the bedroom. With the proper styling techniques, you can wear them in many different ways.

Wear it as a cropped top

If you're feeling bold and the weather is warm enough, why not flaunt your bralette by wearing it in place of a shirt? Sure, you'll show some skin, but what's wrong with that? Showing off your bralette in this way will exude a powerful, sexy vibe for your daytime or night-out activities.

Anyone feeling daring enough to try out this trend can find lots of inspiration on Instagram by searching the hashtag #braletteoutfit. A light-colored or pastel bralette will look excellent with a light jacket and playful printed pants. You can also try wearing a neutral bralette with a chunky cardigan and jeans for a fashionable fall look. Or, if you're feeling adventurous enough, wear your bralette without a jacket and with your favorite pair of trousers. Or pair a white bralette with a matching belt and denim shorts on a hot summer day for a cool-girl vibe. The options are endless so have fun exploring this sexy style!

Wear it under a blazer've all heard of business casual dressing, and now fashionistas are flaunting their bralettes with traditional office attire, and we adore this professionally-inspired yet provocative style. Yes, blazers have become trendy to wear even away from the office. From date-night ensembles and brunch looks to going-out styles, you can see plenty of #blazeroutfit inspiration popping up on Instagram.

While wearing bralettes with blazers probably seems like a strange combination at first, there are plenty of ways to wear them together, so don't be afraid to get creative and mix and match. If you like light colors, try wearing a basic white bralette with a long pastel-colored blazer and a floral skirt for a soft, feminine look. For a slightly edgier look with intense contrast, try pairing a lacy black bralette with black jeans and a pink blazer. To go for a more minimalistic look, try rocking a no-frills white bralette with high-waisted blue jeans and a sleek black blazer. Or, for an eye-catching statement look, try wearing pairing a white bralette with white shorts, sneakers, and a neon blazer.

While you might not wear these outfits to the workplace, they'll still be great options for weekend antics and after-work activities.

Rock a lacy look

As convenient as it can be to wear a plain bralette, we feel like there's nothing quite as sexy and romantic as lace bralettes. These garments exude a sense of daring sophistication that you can never go wrong with, whether you're trying to impress a hot date or boost your own confidence when checking yourself out in the mirror.

If you're searching for a new lace bralette to add to your wardrobe, the options are endless. The Aerie Candy Lace Padded Bralette features a lacy floral design and is available for under $30. It also comes in various different colors and has a perfect five-star rating. The Lace Bralette from H&M has a delicate, low-cut design with ultra-lacy details. You can buy it for less than $15. One happy reviewer wrote: "Love it! Super cute." Or, if you're looking for an even more affordable option, the Floral Lace Crisscross Bralette, with its sexy criss-cross design, is available at Shein for only $7, and it has an almost-perfect five-star rating with more than 1,000 reviews.

Flaunt it under a sheer top

Sheer tops are hot! If you feel uncomfortable wearing just a bra under your sheer shirt but want to show a bit more skin than you would with a cami, a bralette provides the perfect balance for you. You'll still be showing off a bit of your body, but you won't be exposing an excessive amount of skin.

When putting together your bralette and sheer top combination, you should think about your own unique style. If you want to go for a soft look, try a sheer white top over a pink bralette. If you're going for more rave- and festival-inspired vibes, a neon sheer top over a graphic floral bralette is perfect.

Hunting for a new sheer top to wear over your favorite bralette? The Mesh Crop Top from H&M is available for only around $6. This adorable short-sleeved sheer crop top features a lettuce detail at the sleeves and hemline. If you want an ultra-flattering long-sleeved option for cooler weather, consider the Love's A Mesh Bodysuit from Windsor. It sells for just under $20 and has a perfect five-star rating.

Go for an all-black look

Ready to level up your bralette style? As fun as it can be to experiment with neon, white, pastel, or colorful bralettes, black bralettes give off a classic, commanding appeal that no other look can compare to.

We recommend pairing your black bralette with an all-black outfit. A lacy black bralette under a black sheer top with a black skirt gives off gothic energy that is sure to attract attention. And flaunting a black bralette with black jeans can make you look effortlessly cool. Or, if you want to explore a darker spin on the balletcore fashion aesthetic, try pairing a delicate black bralette with a black tutu-inspired skirt.

If you're in the market for a black bralette, you'll find countless options available because they never go out of style. The Fits Everybody Triangle Bralette is available for $32 on the Skims website, where it averages 4.3 out of 5 stars with more than 900 reviews. Or, if you want a lacier option, the Auden Women's Lace Longline Bralette is available at Target for $15 and it averages 4.5 stars.