Is There A Bigger Benefit To Ingesting Your Skincare Instead Of Applying It?

In the realm of skincare, minimalism is hardly conceivable. There is never enough topical skincare when it comes to keeping our skin healthy and glowy. Sunscreen? As old as the hills. Cleanser? It's a must-have. Toner and serum? They are just the base ingredients. Even if we cover our faces in every formula that is on our vanity desks, we would still feel as though something is missing. And the question being raised by many is: are topical skincare products the best we can get, or is there a more holistic treatment?

According to Glendean Rehvan, skincare director at In-Trend Ltd., topical treatments can only address 20% of your skin issues (via Dazed). If you want a complexion that glows from the inside out, you need to get rid of deep-rooted issues and find a more rounded approach for your entire body. And that's why ingestible skincare has been rising massively in popularity. Ingestible skincare products, per Foxtale, are those that you can consume to nourish your skin and your hair from within. If these vitamin supplements and collagen gummies can give your skin what it needs internally, is there a greater advantage to ingesting your skincare instead of applying it? Experts are here to unravel facts from fiction.

The way ingestible skincare works

The most obvious difference between ingesting your skincare instead of applying it is that the former lets the ingredients be taken into the bloodstream. The product that's likely to offer you the most optimum results, as cosmetologist Jenn Randazzo tells Coveteur, is the one that you can conveniently incorporate into your everyday routine. For instance, ingestible skincare might be a good option if you are more inclined to mix your coffee with supplement powder than dab a serum all over your face daily. The same can be said for collagen peptides, which are broken down into small pieces so they can be taken by mouth easily. You can take oral supplements in drink mixes or straight from the packs.

Echoing the sentiment, herbalist Mona Dan tells Well + Good that ingestible skincare alone can tackle many skincare issues that you have. She explains that substances like herbs or adaptogens can penetrate your bloodstream and nourish your blood. Once your blood is well taken care of and your body is well-balanced, proper cells will be produced to rejuvenate your skin. What's more, a 2018 study in the Chinese Medical Journal suggests that some adaptogens, including Asian ginseng and Siberian ginseng, can minimize stress-induced damage to the mind and the body, helping you cope with internal and external stressors more effectively.

Ingestibles are not superior to topicals

Compared to topical treatments, ingestible skincare will take longer to show results, per skin therapist Fiona Tuck (via Spa + Clinic). That said, ingestible skincare products feed your skin from within, make up for depleted nutrients, and give you elastic skin in the long run. "Nourishing the cells with nutrients will give them the fuel to function at their optimum," Tuck explains. 

While nutricosmetics allow for increased nutritional absorption, no definitive conclusion has been reached as to whether these products are superior to topicals. Certain ingredients, like vitamin C, work better when applied topically. Oral supplements should be seen as a supplement to external serums and moisturizers rather than a replacement for them. To achieve optimal results from your skincare routine, consider pairing topical and oral treatments. Combined with a well-rounded diet and proper fitness routine, there's no reason why you won't have healthy skin in the long haul.

Whether you prefer ingesting your skincare or applying it, healthy skin necessitates a consistent beauty routine. While beauty supplements are typically safe, allergic reactions can occur. Therefore, take care to consult your dermatologist before incorporating any pills to your routine and consume ingestibles according to the prescribed dosage.