Are Magnetic Eyeliners Safe?

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Whether for subtle, clean-girl glam or a full face of makeup, getting your false lashes to stick to your lash line is a universal struggle. There's the challenge of making sure your lash glue is tacky enough to let your lash stick and the final phase of adjusting your lash so it sits right on your lash line. For beginners and experienced makeup lovers alike, lash glue is tricky to use. Lash glue can also trigger health problems like allergies, poisoning, and irritation (via the Missouri Poison Center). 

Then came the magnetic eyeliner, a product that has taken the beauty world by storm. To some, it may feel like beauty has taken it too far, especially with the name "magnetic" being on a product that goes around your eyes. However, magnetic eyeliner is one of the beauty community's favorite finds as it removes lash glue from the equation and is easy to apply to your lash line. But how exactly do magnets in a beauty product work? And are magnetic lashes safe?

How does magnetic eyeliner work?

Magnetic eyeliners contain magnetic compounds and come together with magnetic lashes. These lashes adhere to the eyeliner using small magnets that lie along the length of the lash strip as the magnetic compounds in the eyeliner and lash strip have opposite charges — hello, first-year physics we may have previously forgotten. This eliminates the need for lash glue on your lash line and the false lash. For some, the word "magnetic" on a beauty product may seem odd. However, the actual magnets that are doing the magic are chemicals you've used all your life. They are called iron oxides, and you can find them in your eyeshadows, sunscreens, and almost every cosmetic product you own. And don't worry: they are FDA-approved (via Healthline).

In comparison to lash glue, which contains skin-irritating ingredients that can trigger allergies like latex and cyanoacrylate, magnetic eyeliner doesn't irritate the eye area as much. With magnetic eyeliner, you can also apply lashes without needing to pull them around — a privilege lash glue does not offer (via Glamnetic). If you are nervous about whether your magnetic liner is safe to use, don't toss it away, as renowned surgeon Dr. Rupa Wong says it is. Glam Game Beauty also confirmed magnetic eyeliner is generally waterproof, smudge-proof, and sweat-proof. Still, while magnetic eyeliner is a convenient, science-backed alternative to the stress of lash glue, there are a few risks you need to be on the lookout for.

What are the potential risks with magnetic eyeliner?

Allergies to iron oxides are rare but they still happen. Dr. Diane Hilal-Campo, M.D., says it's best to carry out a patch test with your magnetic eyeliner and observe for at least 24 hours (via Byrdie). You can carry out this patch test on the inside of your elbow to prove you're not allergic to any compound in the liner before applying it to your lash line. Bacterial contamination is another risk with magnetic eyeliners. Healthline encourages using clean hands during application and replacing your bottle of magnetic liner every three months. It's also important to not share your eye makeup, your magnetic eyeliner and falsies included. The eye is sensitive, so avoid cosmetic contamination, even if it means not sharing them with your close friends and family.

Over time, false lashes can weigh down on your natural lashes and can cause bald spots between them. This can also happen when you remove them roughly or apply them too close to your natural lashes (via Dr. Rupa Wong's website). To prevent this, apply the eyeliner only on your upper lash line and reduce the frequency of application. If you need a little help on how safely remove your magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes, here is a comprehensive guide to doing so.

How to apply and remove magnetic eyeliner and lashes

The first thing to know is your upper lash line, which is right above the roots of your natural lashes. Applying only on your upper lash line keeps the falsies away from your natural eyelashes and prevents damage that could happen to them during removal. With a clean applicator, apply one to two coats of the magnetic eyeliner and keep your eyes lowered for a few minutes, as you would with a regular eyeliner. Once dry, plop the magnetic lash onto your lash line and adjust if necessary (via MoxieLash).

Removing your magnetic eye look is as quick and easy as applying it. With clean hands, gently pull the lash away from the upper lash line, going from the outer to the inner corner. Velour Beauty recommends cleaning the lashes with an oil-free cleanser like the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water to remove buildup on the lash strip and magnets. Cleaning your magnetic lashes after use lets them last much longer and reduces your chances of getting an eye infection. After cleaning, let them dry on a clean surface. For the eyeliner, gently swipe across your lash line with a cotton pad and a cleansing balm like the Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm. Repeat this step until the eyeliner melts completely and wash off with the rest of your makeup.